Ring Stick Up Cam Review – A Completely Wireless Security Camera

Ring Stick Up Cam Review – A Completely Wireless Security Camera

Hey! What’s up guys. Chris Majestic here with
Majestechs and this is the Ring Stick Up Cam. So if you haven’t heard of Ring, it’s a company
that makes an HD Video Doorbell. It was really successful last year. I did do a review on
it. I’ll link it up in the corner here. This is very similar to the doorbell. However,
it’s what they call a Stick Up Cam so you can put it wherever you want. So you’re still
going to get features like two-way audio communication, night vision, HD video, and a rechargeable
battery. So the battery on the Ring Doorbell lasts about 3 to 6 months depending on use
so I would imagine similar battery life with this. They claim that it can last up to a
year just like the Ring Doorbell but we know that’s not going to happen. So the Stick Up
Cam is priced at $199. Alright, let’s go ahead and get this thing unboxed here.
Slide this out. Alight so it looks very similar to the Ring
Doorbell. It feels like it has a metal design here. This is your pairing button. Micro USB
port here. Mounting screws. Just like the doorbell you’re going to get a screwdriver.
Here’s your bubble leveler/mount. The other part of it is here. We’ve got a drill bit
here and this is going to be your charging cable so again, it has a built-in battery.
So that’s going to be your charging cable there and you’re going to have your instructions
here. So this is going to be an 80 degree field
of view unlike the 180 degree field of view like the Ring HD Video Doorbell. This is going
to be weather resistant as well so that should be helpful. It comes with a quick-release
mount so that whenever you need to charge it you can easily pop it off of the wall or
pop it off of the ceiling. You have 3 different places you can mount to the camera and then
you have 2 pivot points. So you can mount it on a ceiling, on a wall, or even on a floor
if you would like. Once you get it to the pivot point where you want you can just tighten
the screw to keep it in place. So in the Ring app if you tap on the
Stick Up Cam. You’ll see the battery level here. If you tap on it, it shows you the actual
percentage level of the battery. You can turn motion alerts on or off. You can go to recent
activity and see activity that’s specific to the Stick Up Cam. You can adjust your motion settings just like you can with the Ring Doorbell and you can adjust your alerts just like the doorbell
as well. So whenever the camera senses motion you’re
going to get a popup on your phone or your tablet that says accept or decline. If you
decide to accept the call or you just leave it up on your screen and don’t do anything,
it will record out to the cloud for about 15 minutes. If you decide to decline the call
it will go away and it will still record about 40 seconds.
So it seems like they fixed the motion issue. As I said before, the Ring Doorbell had an
issue with motion and I believe the issue may have been resolved because the Stick Up
Cam has a more narrow field of view. So it’s probably easier for motion detection and the
motion detection is very accurate. After testing it, even if there’s motion on the very end
of the frame, it will pick it up and start recording right away.
So the cloud recording service is an additional $3 a month or $30 a year just like it is with
the doorbell. Unfortunately, you don’t get any discounts if you have multiple Ring devices
so if you wanted to have both of these devices you would end up paying $60 a year or $6 a
month. And just like the Ring Doorbell they will cover this for theft. So if someone steals
your Stick Up Cam for whatever reason, you just file a police report, give it to Ring,
and they will replace it for you. One of the biggest issues I have with this camera, and
I had the same issues with the Ring doorbell, is that there is no video on demand option.
So if you want to just view the camera from your phone, your computer, or wherever, you
can’t just hit a button and look at the camera. There has to be motion in order for you to
see anything from it. I honestly feel like this is a huge drawback. Ring has addressed
this concern with it’s customers and they seem like they may be willing to add it in
the future. However, I feel like this is a huge issue.
So hopefully you found this video helpful. If you did, please make sure you hit that
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41 Replies to “Ring Stick Up Cam Review – A Completely Wireless Security Camera”

  1. who the hell pays 200 dollars for a 720p camera thats wireless that won't let you view it when you want? You're better off buying a IP camera for the same price with 1080p and far more advanced options and better picture not to mention its free to save the video right on hard drive. Ridiculous what people fall for. The need to fix the 5 second delay on the door bell camera to 100 percent of the time its picking up motion after the person is leaving.

  2. Great channel Chris. This stick up cam looks cool. I have the ring doorbell just waiting for me to install too.

  3. I think the reason the motion detection seems so much faster is because it detects motion at 180 degrees, but only "sees" 80 degrees. Unlike the Ring Doorbell (180 motion and 180 viewing), motion is detected before someone enters the viewing cone. Therefore you don't notice the delay.

    Also, unlike the doorbell which is mounted chest-height and aimed horizontally, thus falsely picking up cars and trucks on the street, the Stick Up Cam is typically mounted higher and aimed downwards towards the ground.

  4. I purchased my stick up cam few days ago and got it all hooked up. For some reason the motion sensor takes a bit to kick in, I thought it would kick in right away after it senses any motion but it doesn't ( at least mine). In the video above it seems to kick in even when it senses his feet come into the picture but on mine takes a least 10-15 secs to sense me in the backyard. Any thoughts on why? Thanks

  5. Love my doorbell and was about to get this camera but now that I know I have to pay full price for both cloud not worth it

  6. Very helpful review. The stickup cam will not be available in the UK until June. Unfortunately in the UK we have the most useless internet infrastructure companies imaginable. Thus, we cannot get decent broadband in this are for love nor money. You should be warned that the ring doorbell really needs 1mbs upload speed to work reliably. Around here we get about .5 to .7 so the video is jerky and incomplete. This is NOT an issue for Ring who make a brilliant product. But those thinking about buying this gear should bear this in mind.

  7. Thank you for letting me know about the lack of video on demand. I was just about to go and purchase 5 of these things but I need the video on demand. I think I will just get another set of Arlo cameras.

  8. Well, they have released yet another BS claim to VOD, and told me within the month for hardwired doorbell cams. I told them I would believe their BS when I see it, they have been spreading this crap for months now.

  9. Silly, ridiculous question…I know all wi-fi's have different ranges but what would the approximate, ball park estimate of how far you can place the Ring stick up cam from where my wi-fi is located?

  10. excellent video review. you answered exactly what I wanted to know. if I can't just view the camera without the motion, I'll wait until they come out with one that does.

  11. Nice review. I have 5 Arlo cams around my house but was looking to possibly replace them with the Ring stick-up cams. The big issue with Arlo is that the lag between motion detection and actual recording is slow and unacceptable. Its a bummer though that each Stick-up cam requires a separate subscription. This would mean $30 x 6 (including my Ring doorbell) = $180/year!!!

  12. Only issue I have with the product is… that I did not think of it. It works like it says it should. Great video. Be safe.

  13. Which is better Ring Stick Up Cam or the Nest NEW outdoor Camera or the Next indoor camera. Which had better sensor / cost of ownership before I invest in either product? THANKS

  14. I have a ring doorbell pro that's connected to power and I do get the live footage feature. didn't realize that was non existent in this battery powered device

  15. someone please tell me what is wrong with my stick up cam. my cam is connected to 2.4 ghz wifi. then i switch my phone to my 5ghz wifi or phone data. the motion sensor doesn't pick up anything. it picks it up once after adding device to app and removing and adding and removing it. The cam is being charged now. its literally in front of my face. i'm moving back and forth. all motion sensitivity is set to HIGH. But this thing doesn't pick up anything. i even go back to my 2.4 ghz wifi when i'm at home and still doesn't work. I just got this thing today at bestbuy for blackfriday in Canada. I do notice that box only camce with French instructions and no English. Perhaps this is open box product and was never labelled in bestbuy? i checked the settings once more and it says its connected to my 2.4 ghz. Even just now i double checked that when i open the app and dance around the camera. the camera pops up on my screen. but when I have my app close completely. the notification doesn't show anything at all. my notification setting for this specific app is all "ON". the hell is this…. i even hear the camera make a little noise when it picks up something when i have the app open. and then my phone shows the live view. someone tell me whats going on?

  16. I am having issues with my ring stick up camera. I have done everything right, so I don't get it. At first I set it up using my wifi, I am in an apartment and the router is upstairs, the camera is on the front door. Live mode will not load on my phone, but will load on my tablet and on my shared user's phone, however, I am able to view the few seconds of "live view" after the fact on my phone. This morning it showed I had some motion alerts but the videos are black. So I figured it is my wifi, so I bought a belkin wifi extender and I have set up the ring stick up cam again, connecting it to the wifi extender. I still cannot access live view on my phone, but can see the video after the fact, and the motions are still showing up as black video. I do not get it, what am I doing wrong?

    Currently my signal in the ring app is reported as "Good (RSSI-47) so I am not understanding why I am having this difficulty

    Does anyone have any input on this?

  17. A tech specialist is supposed to call tomorrow, but I think this thing needs some serious work. First ones bad out of box tech had me exchange it. Second one live view barely ever works even though on wifi I'm pulling 225mbps Download/15mbps upload and on mobile 55mbps/10mbps and good signal to cam.

    Motion sensor is ridiculously unreliable, picks up cars 30ft to the side street but wont pick up anyone walking towards it most the time and if it does only picks them up when they're within 5 feet of it. I'll give them one more shot though.

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