Ring Stick Up Cam – Create a Ring of security around your home!

Ring Stick Up Cam – Create a Ring of security around your home!

All right this is SSLFamilyDad with
Simple Suburban Living and today we’re going to talk all about the Ring video
doorbell and Stick up cam alright this video is sponsored by
Ring and all the products that you’re going to see here we are provided to me
for free to try out demonstrate set up and share with you guys what I think if
you follow with our channel you’ll know that a few months ago we got our own
Ring Video Doorbell installed here at our home and we absolutely love this
thing this is not just any regular old Doorbell this has high definition video
two-way audio communication night vision motion-sensing it’s super easy to
install it just goes right with your existing doorbell wiring and this thing
is absolutely great to have in your home it provides an extra layer of security
around your home by being able to watch your home from anywhere you are you can
do this thing from any tablet or smart phone your smart device through the Ring
app no matter where you are in the world
talk back and forth with people who show up on your porch and with a three dollar
a month video of cloud subscription through Ring it also uploads all the motion-sensing
video data up to the clouds you can view it later and I show to the authorities
if say somebody that snoop around your home that you don’t want there or you
don’t have a burglar or something like that this is a deterrent criminals come
around here and they see this thing they’re not going to mess with your home they know that as soon as they walk up
there already they’ve already been recorded so but today we’ve got a new
product to share with you call the Ring Stick Up Cam now this is another product from Ring
that helps create a ring of security around your home see what I did there ring of security
get it so what is the Stick Up Cam the Stick Up
Cam is very similar to the Ring Video Doorbell but helps provide that full
ring of security around your home by allowing you to get video and an audio
on another area of your home so let’s say in our case we could we have
attached here to the end of our garage we can see down our driveway of all the
way out into the old in front of us and we can actually
watch our kids play outside we can see people pulling up into the
driveway and get a notification every time a car pulls into the driveway we can see people pulling away get
license plates and all that kind of stuff if we needed to but not only that not only does this
provide high definition night vision video as well as motion
detection that again is fully customizable so you can set your
motion zones to wherever you want if I only want to detect motion in this
specific area I can do that very easily by setting the
the motion sensing zones right on the app no matter where you are no matter where
you put this thing you can configure it exactly how you want you unlike other cameras out there under
other security cameras i’ve used other webcams and other network cameras and
things like that first your so called security these things are
now you have two way communication so if somebody comes down your driveway and
somebody is out here you can actually talk back to them they can talk back to
you it has built-in microphone and audio which is super awesome “Hi SSLFamily Mom – Hi Daddy” there’s a couple ways to charge this
thing okay so we’re free installation all you need to do is mount it and go it’s got a built-in lithium ion battery
that lasts a very very long time there’s actually a 12-foot long USB cable you
can get for this that you can plug into any outlet on your outside of your home you know you can tuck it down you’re
siding plug it in and outside outdoor outlet and it will be powered all the
time very easy installation to run any any complicated waiting or anything like
that now the other way which is super cool as
they also have an optional solar panel for this camera alright so when I started looking into
this camera and I saw that you can charge this thing with the solar panel I
was super excited about it i love solar technology and i love the idea of just
being able to set it and forget and leave this thing up here and i have any
crazy wires running around so the little solar panel right there i just have a
face of a South south-facing side of our home one short little wire over to the camera
and you’re good to go this thing only needs a few hours of sunlight a day to
keep the camera charged at all times you’ll ever need to take it out never
need to charge it nobody to run any long wires with live you enabled on your
Stick Up Cam there are three different ways to optimize the battery performance
of your camera one, if it’s plugged into a USB power
source we can select that right from here from the app that allows it to be at full power
optimization at all times we have a solar power solution we can
select that option from the app here and automatically optimizes your camera for
that type of charging solution and there are two options here for battery we’re just running our camera off a
battery power only we have a way to optimize it for performance or to
conserve power this is just for the live view settings
and you can disable this feature as well to conserve battery power if you want to
last even longer the Stick Up Cam and the solar panel are
super easy to install everything that you need comes in the ring package
including a screwdriver the masonry bit if you have a brick that you want to
mount this in two screws drywall anchors levels and mounting brackets and super
simple instructions to get this thing set up so installing this on your home is it is
something that absolutely anybody can do another optional accessory that they
have for the Ring Video Doorbell and Stick Up Cam system is the Ring Chime now if you don’t have a doorbell system
already set up in your home or if you just want to have an extra time or
customizable chime in your home instead of your standard doorbell that you have built
in you can purchase this small little chime now this is cool because this
again is a wireless device that works anywhere you can get wireless on your
property so not only can use this time in your
home you can plug it in your garage or barn out buildings or anywhere else that
you might be so that when someone shows up at your door and ring the doorbell you get the chime out there as well this
is completely customizable from the app you can turn the volume up and down as
well as you customize chimes and just absolutely cool addition to the Ring
video system so with the addition of the Ring Video Doorbell and the Ring
Stick Up Cam on my home I now have a ring of security around our home to help
keep us secure safe and see anybody who shows up at our house at any time these things are just absolutely so easy
to install and so easy to set up the only thing that you need is a smart
device or smartphone or a tablet and you download the app on your phone you go
through a couple steps with the device you press the button on the back of the
device go to set up on the app you walk through just a couple
simple steps and you’re good to go it will connect your home wireless network
install it on your home wherever you want to do it has set up the solar panel
or run your USB cable for the Stick Up Cam and you now have a complete
security solution Ring has also partnered with the American Family
Insurance and all kinds of other smart home devices and providers like ADT
WiMo others so that as people walk up to your home in the Ring Video Doorbell
or the Stick Up Cam detects motion you can have it turn on lights and do
other things you know to identify that somebody’s home or whatever you want it
to do so very very cool products and the App is ever expanding and ever
growing and ever improving and so i highly encourage you guys to check one
of these two products out or both of these products this is just one of those products that
i love to share with people anybody who comes over and has a you know come up to our doorstep and and rang the doorbell has just been fascinated with the whole
video doorbell system this is one of those products and I just
absolutely love helps to create you know more secure environment for your family
and it’s just super fun to use it’s nice to be able to watch your home
from anywhere that you are if you’re on vacation or if you’re out and about see who’s coming to your house you know
see what packages are delivered see when you know people are coming in
your driveway and just always be able to just keep an eye on your home is just as
satisfying kind of comforting feeling and that’s what really what Ring is all
about is providing that extra layer of security for your home with the Stick Up
Cam and the solar panel I mean it just got even better we’ve had
the doorbell here for a while but this is just so cool we’ve had it for a few days
and and it’s just already been a joy to use and and been a lot of fun so i will
put links in the description as always to all the products that I talked about
today they’ll be amazon links as well as Ring may offer any type of discounts or
anything like that on these products for you the viewers of the SSL Family Dad
channel and so i will put any information on that as well in the
description if there’s any kind of coupons or discounts that the you guys
can enjoy I would encourage you guys to check
these things out there super fun I don’t put my name on just anything if
if it’s not something that I agree with or use myself in my home I’m not going to talk about it so
hopefully you guys found this video informational or entertaining in the least and I love
for you guys that had over the Ring and check that stuff out as always guys thanks for watching have
a good one yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

26 Replies to “Ring Stick Up Cam – Create a Ring of security around your home!”

  1. I really like the door bell a lot. I watched this other video yesterday a thought you might get something out of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YY7e0ImOxH8

  2. I mean if you are at work, they call you on your cell, than you can interact will the person at the front door. Do that test

  3. i Have brother who put up several wireless cameras.. And he happen to have someone who was mad at him and guess what they figured out how to see remotely and shut off his security system remotely. also see him in his house and was able to break in when he wasn't there so I'd be careful with those

  4. Thank you for this review. This answered a question I had. I do have another question. How long is the cable that runs from the solar panel to the stick up cam? Is it 12 ft. as well?

  5. Hi there! Love the video. I just purchased one and had to call support to enable Live View on the stick up cam. I am however unable to locate the Live View Settings where you specify if it's usb power, solar power, etc. I also bought a solar panel so want to make sure it is utilizing that. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

  6. Nice review. We're did you buy the 12 ft usb cable? I just bought my ring stick cam and it just came with a short orange cable.

  7. How come your angle view video is not even close to the actual video footage on my ring door bell? Is there a setting to get rid of the shallow video black circle background to make it full screen like the one in your video? Thanks

  8. How were able to get most of the items for free. I've purchased the RIng Doorbell Pro, 2 Stick Up Cams and the Chime and everything works amazingly. I thinking about buying the solar panels to get the stick up cams but I would love is to have another one or more Stickup Cams for the sides of the homes

  9. solar panel is there a way to split the wires to have it connect to two stick up cam instead of one? I have 10 stick up cams that would run me 500 dollars for 10 solar panels seem crazy

  10. Love it. We kept seeing cigarette butts in our plants outside our apartment door and ash on the walls so decided to catch the culprit. Used a free app on my phone and an old phone. Old phone was connected to a usb battery supply and was placed in a pot plant outside my door. This phone was also connected to my wifi setup. It was motion sensitive and various other features similar to what you described. I was at work and would get email alerts of my phone camera snapping my neighbor sitting in front of my door smoking cigarettes. cost me nothing. One day I hope to have a ring setup but don't really need it now since we relocated.

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