Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Review

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Review

Gabe: I’ve always wanted my own moment in
the spotlight. I think, honestly, that we all do. I have to say that I didn’t expect
it to come from a security camera. Hey, I’m Gabe at Security Baron. Today, we’re reviewing
the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery. [background music] Gabe: In today’s review of the Ring Spotlight
Cam Battery, I’m going to be putting it to the Security Baron necessary features test
before diving headfirst into this mobile app, the Ring app, to make sure you have all the
information you need to make the right decision. If you’d like to see a list of our favorite
home security cameras, google Security Baron best home security cameras. If you have a
question about today’s review, leave us a comment, and I’ll get back to you. [background music] Gabe: Let’s put the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery
to the Security Baron necessary features test. Here, at Security Baron, we think that every
home security camera should have stellar video, two-way audio, night vision, local and cloud
storage, smart platform integration, artificial intelligence, convenience, and value. [background music] Gabe: Stellar video is a Security Baron necessary
feature, and the Ring Spotlight Cam does pretty well when it comes to that. It has 1080p high-definition
video, and it has that 140-degree field of view. At Security Baron, we like to see at
least 120-degree field of view, so that 20 degrees more gives you that much wider of
a perspective. On top of that, you can use your fingers to
pinch and digital zoom. When it comes to stellar video and the Security Baron necessary features
test, we give the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery full marks. Two-way audio is a Security Baron necessary
feature. It essentially means that you can talk to and hear from whatever’s going on
in the vicinity of your camera. You’re not just having this experience where you can
see what’s happening, but can’t interact with it. Fortunately for us, the Ring Spotlight Cam
Battery does come with two-way audio, so you can talk to those raccoons making all that
racket in your driveway. We have to give it full marks. Night vision is a Security Baron necessary
feature because you want to be able to see what’s going on in the evening time. That’s
when people are slinking and sneaking around. Fortunately, it has pretty impressive night
vision. Let’s begin with the basic. It has four infrared LED lights that allow you to
catch what’s going on in night vision black and white. It even gets more clear when they basically
turn on the spotlight, where this thing gets its name from. Of course, everyone knows on
the block that your lights are on. It definitely allows you to see exactly what’s happening,
and you can just turn it on with the tap of your finger. When it comes to Night Vision 4, the Ring
Spotlight can be it with the spotlight on or off. We have to give it full marks. Local and cloud storage is a Security Baron
necessary feature. You want that local storage so you can see what’s going on without having
to go into the cloud or download anything. You want that cloud storage just in case something
happens to your local storage and you want to view things when you’re not at home. Unfortunately, the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery
does not have local storage, but it does have a cloud storage option. You can get the Ring
Protect Basic Plan, $3 a month or $30 a year. With that you’re going to be able to actually
view your clips, even save your clips in terms of your event history and generally have a
more robust experience with your Ring Spotlight Cam Battery. When it comes to local and cloud storage for
the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery, we have to give it half marks. [background music] Gabe: Hold on. I hope you are enjoying today’s
review of the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery. To be kept up to date on the newest in-home
security cameras, smart home security, cyber security, smart bulbs, subscribe to our channel,
Security Baron. We’re dropping new content weekly. Let’s get back to the video. [background music] Gabe: Smart platform integration is really
important to us here at Security Baron. We made it a necessary feature when it comes
to our home security cameras. The Ring Spotlight Cam Battery fortunately does integrate with
the Amazon Virtual Assistant. You don’t have to worry about not being able
to do some pretty fun and useful things like going into your Amazon Fire TV just using
your voice or watching the live view with your voice that you’ve put onto your Echo
show. All of those are possible actions to do, controlling
it with Amazon Virtual Assistant. It doesn’t work with some of the other virtual assistants
out there, but no one is perfect. When it comes to the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery and
smart platform integration, we’re going to give it full marks. A Security Baron necessary feature is artificial
intelligence. Artificial intelligence helps you to moderate your home security camera
experience by providing you with fewer notifications. Usually, it incorporates a technology like
person detection or facial-recognition technology. Unfortunately, the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery
has neither of these. It has no artificial intelligence features. For that, we have to
give it zero marks. Convenience is a Security Baron necessary
feature that reflects how easy it is to setup and maintain the device. The Ring Spotlight
Cam is very convenient, which is great. It’s an outside cam and you just want to get things
going. With the Ring cam, you take out your smartphone,
make sure your WiFi is turned on and you can have it setup in a matter of minutes. It is pretty straightforward. They walk you
through the entire process. There is even a video. When it comes to physically installing
it, the first thing you’re going to make sure is you have your batteries set up. You can
have one battery in one side or the other and then you put another battery, one to last
even longer outside. When it comes to maintaining this device,
it’s really easy because it’s going to last 6 to 12 months just on one battery. So, once
you have that ready to go, your battery fully charged, you take your mounting plate and
drill it where you’d like it to see. You can of course move it around and boom, you’re
done. Nothing to think about. When it comes to the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery
and the Security Baron necessary features test for convenience, we have to give it full
marks. The final Security Baron necessary feature we’re going to look at today is value
and we honestly think that Ring Spotlight Cam battery delivers. It comes in retail at a $199 and that Ring
Spotlight battery is going to provide you with IP55 weather rating. So, we’re talking
of basically waterproof and dust tight. It can handle temperature from -5 to 120 degrees
and it just generally is a solid camera overall. It even has a 110-decibel siren on top of
all of its other features like the fact that it has a big old spotlight on it. So overall, we’re pretty big fans of the Ring
Spotlight Cam and give it full marks for value. [background music] Gabe: Now that you’ve run the Ring Spotlight
Cam Battery to the Security Baron necessary features test, let’s check out this mobile
application, the Ring Always Home App. Now the Ring Always Home App is where you’re going
to be doing most of your interfacing with the actual camera. Of course, you can control it with your voice,
but anything you want to do in terms of settings or setting something up, it’s going to be
done right there in the mobile app. People generally seem to like the mobile app, but
it doesn’t have the best ratings that we’ve seen. In the Google Play Store for Android users,
it has 3.3 out of 5-star rating. In the Apple App Store, it has 3.2 out of 5-star rating.
I would just say adequate. Let’s go ahead and check it out on my iPhone
7 Plus. So, here I am checking out the Ring app on my iPhone 7 Plus. Now you know in the
dashboard, it tells you where I am. It tells you about what’s going on in the neighborhood,
your history, the cameras that are setup and lets you go ahead and setup a new device. Let’s go ahead and look at the device itself.
We’ll call this one SP room and if I want to just check out a live view what’s going
on at this moment, I just tap on live view. It’s pretty straightforward, pretty obvious.
Here I am, see a live view. Ola, and let’s go ahead and get out of here. Now I’m out and I can go ahead and look at
some of the other icons right there. You’ve got two battery icons, you note that only
one is lit up because the other battery is optional, you’ve to buy that separately for
the spotlight cam. You’ll see that I have a pretty decent battery right now, I charged
it up a bit this morning and you’ll see that you have the [inaudible 8:50] turn on the
lights and the motion alerts. Let’s go ahead and just turn on the motion
alerts. Now, they’re snooze, but now they are on. Now, if you event history, device
health, motion snooze, motion settings, let’s go ahead and check out the motion snooze first
so as to not get too many alerts in the process of looking at this. We hit that for two hours. Now without having
to setup a routine or schedule, I’m able to just setup or bypass any motion alerts because
I know I’m here in the room. If you want to set that up for the long term, you can do
so. It’s called Motion Schedule. If you’ll see here, I have one already made
called the Premier League Rule. To make the Premier League Rule, I know I’m at home between
6:00 AM and 2:00 PM every Saturday and Sunday morning to early afternoon to watch soccer
and that is what I use and make sure that I don’t get any motion alerts during that
period distracting me from what’s most important. If you look below that, you have motion frequency.
This allows you to actually change how frequently you get motion notifications. Right now, I
have it at standard, which is about standard battery life. If I get frequent motion alerts,
of course, that decreases the battery life. If I just go to light motion alerts, I’ll
get the maximum battery life possible for the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery. One interesting element is the motioned zones.
They do in a different moment. I would not call these activity zones, something you may
have seen with other cameras. With motion zones, with the Ring Spotlight Cameras, more
of what is the cone in which it will see things. You see here, this is the minimum, very skinny
cones only going to capture a few things and then you can even make that maximum so you
capture everything. Let’s go ahead and keep that about in the middle, maybe a little bit
more towards the max direction and hit save. What you’ll see in event history is just the
events that have taken place today. If I wanted to go ahead and look at a video from another
time, I can do so. Viola, now you see me there in the dark. Just go ahead and go back now.
You’ve seen this video. Here in the event history, you see all the other videos that
have taken place today in the last few days. You can, of course, change your light settings
where you turn the lights on with the motion, which could be used to deter any potential
intruders like in your driveway or just like a raccoon or something like that that doesn’t
want that bright light shining in his face and it is bright. You can turn that off and
then you have video settings. Video settings, you can see that it’s all
in HDR but that does decrease your battery life. You can change that high dynamic range
and you can even turn off live view which will also increase your battery life. This
is our look at the Ring Spotlight Cam and all that it has to offer in the Ring gap. Here I am checking out the Ring Spotlight
Cam’s daytime vision and it’s pretty solid. It’s at 1080p clear vision. I can grab my
phone, pinch in, get a little bit better view. I can look at the TV over there and give it
a little globe test. We got here, “What is pointed towards you?”
Looks like Sudamerica, little Africa, little North America. It’s not bad. Even a little
Western Europe. I’m a pretty big fan of that 140-degree field of view. You can see the
camera is about five feet away from me and capturing basically everything that’s going
on in here. That’s how I look at the Ring Spotlight Cam’s pretty impressive daytime
vision. Here I am checking out the night vision on
the Ring Spotlight Cam. I don’t know why I always want to be quiet when I’m checking
out night vision but that’s just the case. Maybe it’s just the way I was raised. I don’t
know I’m afraid to talk in the dark but you see it’s pretty solid. Now, this is the Ring
Spotlight Cam with just a little bit of the infrared lights going off. There’s about four of them in the Spotlight
Cam Battery and you can see things pretty well. We give a little globe test, a little
zoom-in action. You can see that pretty well. You got toggle right here. You’ve got all
of Africa well in frame. We like that. We like that at Security Baron. One thing about this particular camera is
that you can actually turn on the lights. Let’s go ahead and check out what that means.
Well, look at that. We’re still in night vision but we’ve turned on the lights and this might
even be better than daytime vision, super bright. There are no other lights in this
room. This is exactly what you’re getting. I’ve not turned on. I’ve not put another infrared
in here. This is just what you’re getting from the spotlight on the Spotlight Battery
Cam. It really does provide this much light. You can see so well. You’re going to capture
any raccoon trying to open up your trash can. That’s our look at the night time vision without
the light and with the light with the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery. [background music] Gabe: Let’s review how the Ring Spotlight
Cam Battery performs on Security Baron necessary features test. Stellar video, full marks.
The Ring Spotlight Cam Battery has an impressive 1080p high-definition video and 140-degree
field of view. Two-way audio, full marks. The Ring Spotlight Cam Battery allows you
to speak and be heard by whoever is in the vicinity of your Ring Spotlight Cam. Night vision, full marks. The Ring Spotlight
Cam Battery has four infrared LEDs to give you that traditional night vision look but
it also has a spotlight to give you color night vision. Local and cloud storage, half
marks. The Ring Spotlight Camera Battery does not have local storage but it does have cloud
storage as long as you’re willing to pay three dollars a month. Smart platform integration, full marks. The
Ring Spotlight Cam Battery integrates well with the Amazon Virtual Assistant. Artificial
intelligence, zero marks. The Ring Spotlight Cam Battery does not bring anything like person
detection or facial recognition technology to the table. Convenience, full marks. It’s really easy
to setup the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery and maintain it over time. Value, full marks.
The Ring Spotlight Cam Battery retails at $199 but we think it’s a pretty good value
considering its robust feature set. [background music] Gabe: OK, I’ve taken you through the necessary
features test and shown you some elements of the mobile app for the Ring Spotlight Cam
Battery but you want to know, “Gabe, is this the right camera for me?” I’ll say this, if
you would like a durable, convenient, indoor-outdoor wireless camera that’s going to fit right
into your Amazon ecosystem maybe you have to look no further. However, if you’re someone who really wants
those artificial intelligence elements, be it person detection or facial-recognition
technology or free cloud storage, you’re going to want to look somewhere else. Overall, I enjoyed my experience with the
Ring Spotlight Cam Battery. I think it’s a solid contender for your outdoor camera. [background music] Gabe: So, that concludes our review of the
Ring Spotlight Cam Battery. If you appreciate today’s video, give us a like and hit the
subscribe button. As always, this is the Gabe at Security Baron. [snaps fingers] Be secure.

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