Ring Indoor Cam Review

Gabe Turner: Hey, folks. This is Gabe with
Security Baron. Ring keeps on rolling out these devices. Now they’ve given us a cam
for under $60. Let’s go ahead and check out the Ring Indoor Cam. [background music] Gabe: In today’s review of the Ring Indoor
Cam, we’re going to hit you with some pros and cons before running it through the Security
Baron necessary features test. Then diving into this mobile application, the Ring Always
Home app to make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decision. You would like to see a list of our favorite
home security cams, google, “Security Baron best home security cameras.” You have a question
about today’s review, leave us a comment, and I’ll get back to you. Let’s kick off today’s review of the Ring
Indoor Cam. We’re going over some pros and cons, beginning with the pros. Now, off the bat, I want to say I like the
video quality on this small device. It’s got 1080p coming in nice and clear. It’s got a
104 degree field of view so it’s capturing a lot. I can go do some digital zoom and feel
like I’m just right there beside whatever object or person I’m paying attention to. That goes as well for the night vision, which
I think picks up people really well and gives you that nice feeling like, “Oh, I can see
what’s happening even when it’s dark.” When it comes to integrating with Amazon, I can
integrate it with my Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Echo Dot, and that means I can just throw
the video using just my voice directly to my Amazon Echo Show and see exactly what’s
happening. That’s a useful element of the Ring Indoor
Cam and its integration with Amazon. Finally, it is affordable. It’s $60 and it’s another
petite camera that’s bringing all of what you can expect from some of the other cameras
and the Ring Ecosystem, in just a little tiny package. I think that the fact that they’ve
added this camera to round out their system is useful. Even by itself, if you have nothing else,
the Ring Indoor Cam is a great value. Now, when it comes to the cons, you don’t get local
storage with your Ring Indoor Cam. You don’t have the ability to sit down and look things
directly to it. You’re going to have to go ahead and pay for the Ring Protect Plan. You
can download, share, save clips to your heart’s content that come from your Ring Indoor Cam. Additionally, there’s not any true artificial
intelligence. You don’t get facial recognition, so that means you’re going to have to dial
in your motion settings on the Ring Indoor Cam to cut down on the sheer number of notifications
you can get throughout the day. [background music] Gabe: Now that we’ve gone through some pros
and cons with the Ring Indoor Cam, let’s put it through the Security Baron necessary features
test. Here at Security Baron, we think that every
home security camera should have stellar video quality, two-way audio, night vision, local
and cloud storage, smart-platform integration, artificial intelligence, convenience, and
value. Stellar video quality is a Security Baron
necessary feature. We want to see at least 1080p and a 120-degree field of view. Fortunately,
the Ring Indoor Cam comes through solidly in both regards. It has 1080p high-definition
video and a 140-degree field of view. You add that with a digital zoom and you got
yourself a nice little shot of whatever’s taking place in the room. You can see me,
you can capture my features — all of that really clearly with the Ring Indoor Cam. For
that, we give it full marks. Hold on. I hope you’re enjoying today’s review
of the Ring Indoor Cam. If you want to be kept up to date on the newest in home security
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at Security Baron. We’re dropping new content weekly. All right, let’s get back to the video. [music] Gabe: Two-way audio is a Security Baron necessary
feature, because you want to be able to hear what’s happening other side of the camera
and maybe shoo away a potential intruder. Fortunately, the Ring Indoor Cam is equipped
with a mic and speaker that have noise cancelation technology. Gabe: [apparently using speaker] Check out
that two-way audio. Gabe: [resuming normal speech] You’re able
to have a clear conversation with whoever’s on the other side, and for that, we give the
Ring Indoor Cam and two-way audio full marks. Night vision is a Security Baron necessary
feature, because a lot of what’s going to take place that you want to know is happening
is going to happen in the dark. Fortunately, the Ring Indoor Cam has really solid night
vision. It captures things on the edges quite well, things far and close quite well, which
is not always the same, and generally speaking — we did our globe test — you’re able to
see things really well. It does combine with something called color
night vision, so if there is some ambient light in a low-light situation, it can actually
add some color there, which is a pretty cool feature. Overall, when looking at the Security Baron
necessary features test and night vision, we have to give the Ring Indoor Cam full marks. Local and cloud storage is a Security Baron
necessary feature. Some people like to have their footage just locally stored, while others
want to have their footage up in the cloud so they can access it from just about anywhere. Unfortunately, the Ring Indoor Cam does not
have a local storage option, but it does have Ring storage in terms of the Ring protected
plan. It’s going to be three dollars a month, and it’s pretty generous. It gives you 60
days of cloud storage, and the ability to view, record, share clips to your heart’s
content. When it comes to local and cloud storage on
the Ring Indoor Cam, we’re going to have to give it half marks. Smart platform integration is a Security Baron
necessary feature. Considering that Ring is an Amazon company, it is only natural that
it has amazing integration with Amazon’s virtual assistant. What does that mean? It means that you can
use your voice to control various elements of the cam. If I want to see the footage on
my Amazon Echo Show, I can simply ask it. If I want to check on things with my Amazon
Echo Dot, I can use my voice by asking it. Overall, it’s a really nice smart platform
integration between Amazon and Ring. For that, we give it full marks. Artificial Intelligence is a Security Baron
necessary feature. Artificial intelligence basically means that you get the direct notification
to what your device has seen. It can be something like person detection, package detection,
animal detection, or even facial recognition technology that tells you exactly who it is
in your home. Now, while the Ring Indoor Cam does allow
you to dial back motion settings to the point where you can basically be alerted when people
are around through a standard motion alert, it doesn’t give you that real next step of
depth when it comes to your artificial intelligence notifications. For that, we had to give it
zero marks for artificial intelligence. Convenience is a Security Baron necessary
feature because you want the installation and maintenance of your device to be easy
and convenient. Fortunately, that’s the case with the Ring Indoor Cam. In terms of the digital setup, pretty straightforward.
Use the mobile app, the Ring Always Home app, your WiFi, and the device itself to make sure
that it’s all set up. You’re going to be walked through the entire
process right there in the app. It’s very straightforward. I promise you it can be done
in five minutes. Now when it comes to the physical setup, reverse
plug and play. We’re going to have this plugged in. The port is a little bit deep because
they make sure you go pretty far back. Then, from there, you can of course just place
it like this. You can swivel it around because you have mounting hardware on the bottom.
You also have it on the back. You can actually decide where you’d like to
place this by taking out this little rubber piece. You’ll note here you have a place to
screw something in. You can screw right to the rear here. Anywhere in your home, you
can place it. Overall, the installation both in a digital
and physical sense, no matter where you would like to place your Ring Indoor Cam, it’s pretty
straightforward and convenient. Over time, it seems pretty easy to maintain. Of course, this is a really new device. It
doesn’t seem to have any potential pitfalls that we can see. Overall, when it comes to
convenience and the Ring Indoor Cam, we have to give it full marks. Value is a Security Baron necessary feature
because you want to have a nice device, but you don’t want to feel as if you’re paying
too much for it. The Ring Indoor Cam does it just right. It’s coming in at $60, but
you’re getting a lot of value in terms of the video quality. It’s impressive, 1080p
high definition video, 140-degree field of view. When you look at the Amazon integration and
the fact that it’s part of this Ring ecosystem, it brings even more value to it. It really
allows you to take advantage of other elements of the Ring system and have the ability to
control the entire thing with just your voice. When it comes to value and the Security Baron’s
necessary features test, got to give the Ring Indoor Cam full marks. [music] Gabe: Now that we’ve run the Ring Indoor Cam
through the Security Baron necessary features test, let’s check out its mobile application,
the Ring Always Home app. Now this where you’re going to be interfacing with the device, live
streaming footage, checking out notification, things of that nature. You want it to be a
nice intuitive pleasant experience. People seem to be having a decent experience
with the Ring. It has a three out of five star rating in the Apple App Store and a 3.2
out of 5 star rating in the Google Play store. Let’s go ahead and check it out on my iPhone. Here I am checking out the Ring Indoor Cam’s
mobile application, the Ring Always Home app. I’ve named this Ring Indoor Cam, the Ring
Hallway. Let’s go into the hallway. Now you see that I have various elements turned on. I want to turn off my motion alerts right
now because what that basically means is that, every time it does sense motion, it’s going
to start recording it. Let’s go ahead and turn that off for the moment, so I don’t have
a ton of alerts throughout the process of making this review. Now let’s jump into that live view. If I go
into live view, you’ll see right on the first page, you can see me. Hi, how you doing? You
can see that I can actually set off the alarm. I can share what I’m seeing with other people.
I can go into a full screen view which allows me to turn on the two-way audio. I can get out of that by tapping on that red
button. Note that there is always a little bit of a delay between the moment you tap
it and the moment actually ends. Let’s go back and jump into our event history. The event history, you see, has a number of
live views because one thing that the Ring does is that it always turns a live view into
an event in your history log. I’m now looking at all my activity. If I wanted
to watch that live view for a moment ago, for example, I can see here the video itself,
and I can click on the bottom right-hand corner. I can decide to share that video. I can download
it directly to this device so I don’t have to be in the app to watch it, or just a number
other things like posting to Facebook or something like that. If you tap at the bottom left-hand corner,
you can just delete that video forever. If you note beyond that in event history, I can
also look at my motion detection. If I decided to have it always record motion, I can go
that live views. I can, of course, favorite any videos that I like. If I want to favorite
something, I will be able to watch it in that far right tab. If I go to my Device Settings, you’ll see
here you have a lot of options, Motion Settings, Video Settings, Alert Settings. Let’s jump into those Motion Settings because
that’s how you’re going to take down the sheer number of notifications you’re going to get
throughout the day. For example, I now have it on People Only because frankly, I don’t
care about getting the motions for a dog, a cat, or like the trees blowing or anything
of that nature. I just want to know when there are people
there, but if I wanted to change that, I could. I could go to All Motion altogether, and that’s
all going to be in your Motion Sensitivity tab. Another impressive element is that you
can just set up your own Motion Zone. I have one Motion Zone setup. Let’s add another.
Once I click out of this, that Motion Zone is saved. It’s going to pay attention to the motion
in the two zones that I’ve created. Beyond that, you have the Motion Schedule so you
can decide when you want it to disable motion alerts. Let’s say, I know I’m at home watching
soccer, in the space between 6:00 AM and 2:00 PM, every Saturday and Sunday. I’ve saved it and now it’s never going to
go off or think that someone’s at home between 6:00 and 2:00 because that’s just me watching
soccer in that space. Overall, you have a lot of options for best…cutting down the
sheer number of notifications one can get throughout the day if you aren’t careful with
your motion alerts. Of course, you can go to Video Settings, add
color night vision, rotate your video, decide if you want your infrared LEDs to be on or
off, and even decide if you want audio streaming and recording to be on or off because remember,
some states, there are a lot of rules regarding the ability to actually record other people. Be sure to keep that in mind. Overall, pretty
impressed with how intuitive and easy it is to work through the Ring-Always Home app with
my Ring Indoor Camera. Here I am checking out the Ring Indoor Cam
as day vision. It’s pretty solid. You can tell that I can capture most of this room
with that 140-degree field of view. It’s got nice 1080p high-definition video. If we do a little globe test, you’ll note
that if we go and do some zooming, you can see well. We got the East Africa here, South
Africa. You can see the Indian subcontinent, just a really nice view that we’re getting
here with the Ring Indoor Cam as video quality. Here we are checking out the night vision
on the Ring Indoor Cam. You can see that it’s catching me well. I’m
about six feet away. It sees me well with the infrared LED. You can capture the plant
in one corner well and the lamp in the other corner well. It’s doing a solid job. We give
it a globe test. We can still zoom in closely and see United States Mexico, Florida, South
America. It’s all looking good on the night vision on the Ring Indoor Cam. [background music] Gabe: Let’s recap how the Ring Indoor Cam
performed on the Security Baron necessary features test. Video quality, full marks.
The Ring Indoor Cam has an impressive 1080p high-definition video with the 140-degree
field of view. Two-way audio, full marks. The Ring Indoor
Cam comes equipped with the mic and speaker and noise cancellation technology to make
sure you have a nice clear conversation. Night Vision, full marks. The Ring Indoor
Cam has color night vision and infrared LEDs to make sure that you’re capturing everything
that’s taking place in both low light and darkness. Local and Cloud Storage, half marks. Unfortunately,
the Ring Indoor Cam does not have a local storage but with the Cloud Storage Plan Ring
Protect Basic Plan at three dollars a month to get 60 days of Cloud Storage and the ability
to manage your clips. Smart Platform Integration, full marks. The
Ring Indoor Cam does integrate well with the Amazon virtual assistant giving you a lot
of power over your device using your voice. Artificial Intelligence, zero marks. The Ring
Indoor Cam does not have the elements of artificial intelligence that we’ve come to expect like
package detection, facial recognition, or true person detection. Convenience, full marks. It’s easy to install
your Ring Indoor Cam both in the digital and physical sense. When it comes to the maintenance
of the device, it seems like it’s up for the challenge of being used every day. Value,
full marks. For $60, you’re getting a really useful home security camera to add to your
Ring Alarm Ecosystem. [background music] Gabe: All right. We’ve come a long way with
our Ring Indoor Camera, but your saying, “Gabe, Gabe, Gabe, Gabe, Gabe, is it the right indoor
home security camera for me?” Listen, I think you’re getting superb video quality — 1080p
high-definition video, 140-degree field of view, digital zoom, all in this little tiny
petite, almost microscopic device. I think that’s excellent. On top of that, you’re getting this wonderful
integration with the Amazon Ecosystem, so I can just use my voice and throw this video
to things like my Amazon Echo Show. Finally, the price, it’s just $60. For that $60, I’m
getting another element to add to my Ring Alarm Ecosystem and all of its own features
that are impressive in their own right. I do want to point out that of course, it
does not have that local storage option, nor does it have artificial intelligence. Generally
speaking, if you’re looking for a small camera to add to your home’s interior to help provide
for you and your family’s safety, I got to say, a solid contender is the Ring Indoor
Cam. [background music] Gabe: That concludes our view of the Ring
Indoor Cam. If you appreciate today’s video, give us a like and hit the Subscribe button.
As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure.

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