Ring Floodlight Cam outdoor security camera review | TechHive

Ring Floodlight Cam outdoor security camera review | TechHive

has five models in its outdoor home
security camera range and I’ve been looking at the floodlight cam the
biggest and beefiest of the lot so across rings range the central camera
module looks pretty much identical on all of rings devices the big difference
comes in how they’re powered and the illumination that they provide at
nighttime here on the floodlight camera it connects up to your house wiring has
to be connected to your wall and the illumination comes to these two large
floodlights where the other cameras in the range of spotlight cameras just have
little LED lights down the side of the camera box that means that this provides
a lot more illumination in nighttime it looks a lot like a traditional home
security blight system and that’s probably not a coincidence because
that’s exactly what its intended to replace if you’ve got one at the moment
just take it off the wall this one will mount straight into the same junction
box if not you’re gonna need a junction box on your wall or in your wall and
you’re gonna have to run power to it that’s because there’s no battery option
with this light but assuming everything set up on the wall installation was
pretty easy you’ll also need a good Wi-Fi signal
where you’re putting it in because there is no Ethernet socket on this light but
most homes have a pretty decent Wi-Fi connection around their edge so when we
got it going what was it like similar to rings or other products we got a great
picture during daylight nice colorful sharp images and at nighttime there’s a
couple of small infrared LEDs at the top of the camera and they provide
illumination for a night vision mode you don’t see quite as much with the night
vision but it gives you a chance to see what’s going on outside your house when
it’s dark now if motion is detected that’s where those two big LED flood
lights come in they switch on and they illuminate the area with 1800 lumens of
light that’s about 4 to 5 times more light than rings spotlight cameras which
are the other cameras in its series there is no dimming control on the
system which is fine for a security light but if you’re hoping it’ll do
double duty say to illuminate an outdoor entertaining area then you’re probably
going to have to come up with something else the infrared sensor on the bottom
has a detection range of 270 degrees that’s a very wide range when anything
happens in that range in its detective those lights will come on but the camera
on it only has a range of a hundred and forty degrees so stuffs going on at the
edges the lights will come on and that might be enough to scare anyone away if
they’re lurking in the bushes around your house but you’re not necessarily
going to see them unless they come into that central area and when the lights do
come on the camera stays in night vision mode no you don’t get a color image of
what’s going on in front of it to cut down on false positives you have motion
detection zones you can draw these on the app and keep detection to just the
areas that you’ve defined that’s useful if you’ve got something moving out in
your garden that’s always triggering the camera in terms of range we measured it
to at least 12 meters about 40 feet from the camera system and sometimes it was
detecting things a little bit further too so you’ve got a decent detection
range around your house if someone does come into that range and you see them
there’s a two-way talk feature in the app you can press a button and you can
say something it comes out of the camera and you can listen to what they’re
saying – and if that doesn’t scare someone away there’s also a hundred and
ten decibel alarm on the unit as well the camera costs two hundred and fifty
dollars but that is not the end of your spending oh no a lot of these home
security systems these days try to lock you into a contract for storage of
things ring is no different if you want to review any recorded video you’re
gonna have to pay three dollars a month or thirty dollars a year per camera
there’s a slight discount if you have a lot of these cameras ten dollars a month
or a hundred dollars a year for an unlimited number which is basically then
if you have four or more it’s cheaper to do it that way but if you just have this
one then using it over five years the camera and the subscription you’re
talking about a total investment of four hundred and fifty dollars you don’t have
to have the subscription but if you don’t have the subscription it’s not
going to record anything and you’re not going to be able to go and review things
the lights will still come on trigger on motion you’ll still be able to watch
live but that’s it so consider that when you’re looking at prices tech I’ve rated
the camera at three and a half out of five we think it’s a great addition if
you already have a ring home security system it integrates straight into the
app and you can see it alongside other ring outdoor security cameras and the
video doorbell if you don’t have ring systems at the moment then there are
some other cameras that are worth considering the Maximus floodlight cam
has a couple of large LED panels similar to this one but gives you a color image
at nighttime and the Notaro presence has a big LED light panel and records images
onto an internal SD card there are no cloud subscription cost with that you
can find reviews for those you can run through reviews for this on techyv.com

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  1. I love mine it's keeping us cars and dogs safe from,neighbors who are from hell till we move its going with us too

  2. Can the power be turned off by switching the wall switch without damaging the unit? Say when you don't want to have the camera on?

  3. Electricians charge thousands of dollars. They don't install or work for free. And, that two by four, electrical junction box, and orange extension cord didn't just magically appear when you received that camera drop kicked by a UPS driver onto your front porch, and even then, how many people want two by fours with exposed junction boxes, and extension cords tacked to the outsides of their homes? Ring has a doorbell installer they mention (actually a subcontractor), and they can attach your Ring doorbell camera, or flood light camera/s (you will need more than just one, unless your burglars are blind and can't see the exposed walls, fences, gates, and windows with no cameras) to a wall no higher than nine feet, and it won't work unless you pay an electrician to make it work and have it actually wired in permanently, so it cannot just be unplugged by anybody passing by, and not just have an electrical outlet exposed to the elements that also costs big bucks to have installed by a licensed (VERY important), and VERY expensive electrician.

  4. Hi. How many pixels is the camera? When will Ring offer an improved model that allows us to disable the IR when the floodlight is triggered? Thanks

  5. Without an annual fee, you can’t watch any videos, just watch live,… even the canary gives you 24 hours of free video without a monthly or annual fee. That’s crap

  6. "The infrared stays on when the floodlight comes on"? Why? Then you still have black and white image??

  7. I installed this and it only records and is active when the light switch is in the on posoition. When i turn my lights off the camera doesnt work. Wish i would have known tha before i would have just bougtht the camera and powered that sepearately.

  8. Its almost impossible to reach ring on their 800 #, I think they make the lights with a very low wi fi receiving so u need to buy the extender, as i have 3 at different locations all within 30 feet of wi fi and needed extender for all, other than that a great security device

  9. Here's the real review: it will not accept 5ghz frequency and there is no buffering therefore the final video is NOT 1080 and never will be. Technically the camera is capable of that, but is slowed down by the 2.4ghz. You cannot see facial features or license plates and with no buffering the worst result is that there will be 1-3 second gaps in the video. Just hope the burglar doesn't show his face to the camera during one of the gaps. Every Ring Floodlight camera does it, especially if you have ANYTHING else on the wifi – the video guy here just didn't let his play long enough – and yes i used an extender and yes i have top of the line internet and wifi in my home. Also the lights on mine stayed on all the time and I could not get that to be any different. Then finally, the $3 a month was the final nail and i returned the product. Ring does a huge fail by not making these 5ghz like their doorbell models and all of the non-paid tech guys agree.

  10. If the camera loses wifi, it does not even try to store and upload your video….poor design…..in this day and age of cheap memory, the camera should at least record the video locally and try to upload to the cloud when it can. Basic stuff RING…..

  11. Would the camera connect to an NVR that accepts wireless signals? I have an LTS NVR system which already has a wireless camera recording on it.

  12. Can you set up the light to be on from dusk to dawn like a regular floodlight? Or a least is there a schedule timer to turn the lights on/off automatically?

  13. Concern is that when the kids play out in the summer months am I going yo get a notification everytime they enter the zone I have set up? Or can we auto set it between certain hours to enable the zone? Don't really fancy having to enable and disable everytime I leave the house?.. Surely there must be a work around for this?

  14. You lost me at subscription…. you pay for a unit, why can you not simply connect it to your home network and record to your computer's hard drive. Useless cash grab.

  15. The most you all got to remember is in order to this function well you need to pay a surprise subscription to the ring or and if not a course your vidio will NOT work , let me repeat that so you think was a typo your video will NOT work because you need to pay a small amount of subscribe and neither of the YouTube video will tell you

  16. Now , the ring video NO va a funcionar si no hay un pago mensual y esto no es mencionado on ninguno de los YouTube video review

  17. Why show video of all the examples you talked about but not the night vision/floodlight video?? Is it because it’s night vision and flood lighting is that bad you only wanted to show the positives?

  18. Hi…where did you get the junction box from and whats the box size needed for the camera to mount properly? Any info greatly appreciated 👍

  19. I like my ring however they falsely advertise showing that it opens instantaneously. it does not once the motion detector activates then it takes up to 15-45 seconds to activate the video to view. after its recorded it does not take that long to activate and open. the latest ad i saw today shows a person coming out of the bushies only to see the woman tell him stop and push the alarm, it doesn't work that fast or even close. . however it does work like it shows it's just that is so slow and not instantaneous like the ads show.

  20. That thing looks like a low cost R2D2. Does anyone get that? Or is it just me…a perfect storm where form and function crashed.

  21. Hi, great review. Question, where did you get that metal backplate from? I’ve just bought a ring floodlight but the backplate cracked upon installation

  22. Here's the nuts and the bolts……Ring is not the best solution. It's flawed in many ways, but it's the best solution on the market today. Now that Amazon owns Ring, it will undoubtedly get better. People complaining about the subscription…..As long as cloud service exist it will come with a price. Get over it….

  23. There was no full feature review. No night time camera function and no light function at night either. Huge thumbs down!

  24. Any recommendations on a suitable junction box that can be used with the RIng Security Light, I have an old security light, but this has its own backplate assembly (which obviously cannot be used)?

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