Ring Alarm System – NOT What I Expected

Ring Alarm System – NOT What I Expected

okay so now one
on this guy right here I think it’s gonna be pretty loud I mean this is
supposed to be an alarm system but we can do a test on here to see how loud
this thing is actually gonna be alright here we go test is gonna go on for a few
seconds and then turn off on its own so let’s see how loud this actually is oh that was not what I expected at all
that is a legit alarm that is loud right there welcome back to another video it
is lovely to see all of your smiling faces again as you’ve already heard that
silence is very effective but let’s go over some of the highlights that are
listed on the box if we take a look at the outside of the box we see that this
is a whole house security system it is easy to install there are no tools
required because you can also use double-sided sticky tape for most of the
sensors this system is customizable and expandable you can’t have 24-hour
professional monitoring there are no long-term contracts and it is only $10 a
month if you guys are interested in any of the products that we’re talking about
I will have the links in the description below so the ring system starts at a
hundred and ninety nine dollars for a five piece system and can go all the way
up to four hundred and eighteen dollars for the 14 piece set as we talked about
earlier you can do professional monitoring for 10 bucks a month or if
you want to sign up for a full year it is $100 for the protect Plus plan and
that protect Plus plan includes covering all cameras that you have added to your
system so right now if you do not have this plan and pay that $10 a month
you’re gonna be paying three dollars per camera that includes any of the rain
cameras or the ring video doorbell but for ten bucks a month all of that will
be included with this protective plus coverage also included that plan is an
extended warranty cloud recording for up to 60 days allows you to review it share
and save your ring videos includes that
professional monitoring that I talked about and also as a 10% discount on the
rain comm website alright so now I want to compare it to its competitors if we
take a look at nest so nessa cure has packages starting as low as 399 and
going all the way up to over $1,300 they’ve also teamed up with the Brinks
security so for that plan you pay $19 a month and that includes a three year
contract if you don’t want a three year contract and you want to just pay
month-to-month there’s gonna be $29 a month for no
contract another thing with nest is that you
still have to pay per camera for cloud recording which is up to $15 a month per
camera alright so next up let’s talk about simply safe there’s another big
company in DIY security and they’re sort of hit starts as low as two hundred and
twenty nine dollars and goes all the way up to four hundred and eighty nine
dollars for their kits now they are only fifteen dollars a month with no contract
but if you want to add the camera to their system is gonna be an extra $5 a
month per camera also keep in mind that their cameras are not rated for outdoors
so they would be indoor cameras only and then lastly we’ve got the old-school ADT
we’re gonna be paying about $50 a month that doesn’t include any cameras and has
a multi-year contract I did not get the exact stats for ADT because I did not
want to go through the pain of their free consulting but I’ve talked to
friends and that is what they are paying they are paying $50 a month that
includes no cameras and they are locked into a multi-year contract alright now
that we’ve talked about the competition let’s take a look at what comes inside
this box so inside the box we start with the bass and the bass has a built-in
alarm has a backup battery and cellular backup so if you do lose power your home
security system is still active particularly here we see the keypad
which also has a built-in backup battery and has nice big numbers that you can
see everything clearly now because this does have a backup
battery you can keep it plugged in at all times mounted to a wall or you can
take it and set it on a countertop or next to your bed or move it around so
there are lots of different options with these keypads you can also buy multiple
of them if you want on one upstairs and downstairs so the keypads are really
nice and easy to use next up we have the motion sensors so the motion sensor is
pretty straightforward if it detects motion you’re just gonna go off it does
have a little blue ring that goes off every time it detects motion you can’t
turn that on and off within the app preferably do you like mine on so that
way I know when it is triggering and then lastly we have the contact sensor
so the contact sensors are actually pretty big compared to other contact
sensors out there but these that do also have the built-in blue lights on it so
you can see when it’s going on and off and one thing that I really like about
this system is that anytime a contact sensor is opened the base station will
chime so that is very handy when you have little kids to know when a front
door back to our garage door or even window is opened this base station will
chirp so as we mentioned before that we saw on the back of the box that there
are no tools required for this installation however it does come with
mounting brackets for everything so if you do want to take a screwdriver and
screw these into the wall you can do that because they do have brackets for
that or they just have the double-sided sticky tape one thing I really like
about this system is that you don’t have to run wires throughout your house to
get any of this stuff to work it all works through Wi-Fi everything has
battery backups on it it just feels like such a secure system but on the other
hand is so easy to set up let’s take a look at the app now now the app is super
straightforward to use you’re gonna use the same ring app that you use for any
of your cameras or your ring video doorbell so you’re gonna have your three
options on top for disarmed home in a way you can also change that
on the keypad by putting in the four-digit pin that you’ve created and
selecting each one of those around the circle on the keypad inside of the app
if you want to go into more features of each device you could tap the three
dashes in the top left corner to get to the menu from there you’re going to go
to devices then you’re gonna select your security system and you’re going to see
each of your devices there you can select any of your devices and customize
them as you need to so in addition to arming the system through the keypad you
could also do that through the app so how the professional monitoring system
works is that if your alarm is triggered it would give the primary number that
you provided a phone call first what’s nice is that they provide that number so
you can put it into your contacts and have it listed as a ring security so
that way you know that the call is coming directly from them they will give
the primary number a call twice nobody answers they will call this
secondary line twice if nobody answers there that is when they call out the
police to come check out what’s going on I’ve had my system up and running for
almost a month now I haven’t had any false alarms I haven’t had anyone come
out so I haven’t really tested that aspect of it which I never hoped to test
that out hmm I got too cocky and it looks like I spoke too soon because now
the police are here but we can salvage this okay so as you guys saw the police
just the left and I did ask them a few questions about alarm systems so I asked
him how many were false alarms and how many were actual emergencies and he did
say that about 95% of alarms that go off are false alarms now he did also mention
that what causes the false alarms is if you’ve got say a window vibration sensor
dog barks we’ll set those off on really windy days where you have that door
sensor and the door rattles that can disconnect and connect to the alarm to
go on it off and that they get a lot of false alarms on windy days when I asked
him if he had any kind of security system he did mention that he does have
arlo cameras he personally loves having cameras at home and says that it is very
helpful on the field when they have to go to a situation and somebody can bring
up footage and see what actually happened in that situation so in
addition to this ring security system security cameras are very important and
not only will it help you know what’s going on but it does also help the
police in solving crimes but all in all I would say that this is a really solid
system the alarm is super loud even with all my windows closed you can definitely
hear this outside the house if somebody breaks into the house that siren is
scaring them out of here for sure it will notify everybody in my
neighborhood that something is going on it is so loud but between the phone
calls and the text and me being able to control the system from my smartphone I
would say that this is a must-have if you were looking for a security system
compared to anything else that is out there this thing is a steal I mean
starting at $200 – ten bucks a month plus you get a 10%
discount on their website it’s kind of a no-brainer if you guys are looking for a
home security system this is definitely the one to get so now
I have a question for you guys did this video change your mind about this system
is this something that you would pick up or is there another system that you guys
like better leave a comment below let me know what you think if there are any
questions that you guys have that I did not cover in this video
also leave those below I will try to get to as many as possible if this video is
helpful for you guys give it a thumbs up let me know that you liked it as always
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14 Replies to “Ring Alarm System – NOT What I Expected”

  1. Really wanted to do Ring based on price. But I haven't been able to find out if it has smash protection/proof like the Nest and many others have. Where they notice they're being smashed and immediately send out a notification to alarm company. Also 4 phone calls before calling cops! Yikes! That's a good 5+ mins for thieves. I live in a city and they know they have extra time with Simplisafe, this may be similar 😕

  2. I would like to have the sensors and cameras in one app. Fx the new arlo Security system. So I’am going to wait for that

  3. In some areas of Atlanta now, Police will no longer respond to home security alarm calls because of how many false alarms there are. You have to have cameras outside where you can visually verify someone is messing around on the phone when you call them before they will come out. The noise from the alarms will usually keep people from staying in your house very long but having cameras as a second layer so you can verify things is going to get you help a lot easier.

  4. I have one to get rid of the ADT/Protection1 64 dollar bill and bought one for my parents when I found out they were paying 70 a month. So the return on investment is months not years.

  5. Hi Steve. Enjoy your videos. You neglected to include iSmart Alarm systems in your comparison. I have personally had their system in my house for over three years and it does all that the Ring system offers and there is no monthly fee. Their app appears to be more intuitive also. Give it a look please. Thanks.

  6. Great video Steve! Any chance Ring will work with my Arlo Ultras? I've been using iSmart Alarm cams (interior) and door/window sensors and have had good luck with them. They are about 8 years old. Love technology but wish all the gear worked together, same app etc.

  7. I have used Ring for a year now and it just works, have had one police car show up (my fault) and two fire trucks (faulty brand new smoke detector) that was embarrassing.

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