RING Alarm Listener For Your SMART HOME

RING Alarm Listener For Your SMART HOME

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upcoming videos so let’s get to the video have you ever been on vacation or
you’re at work and you’ve ever just been kind of worried or kind of wondered you
know what my house something starts on fire or pipe breaks and there’s nobody
there to call 911 or to check it out to see what’s going on if it’s just a false
alarm so Jonny and I are gonna tell you about a pretty awesome device that’s
gonna help give you a lot of peace of mind that could prevent severe fire
damage or flood damage and alert you while you’re away so Bryce last week we talked about the
Leo smart alert and so this week I think it would be appropriate for us to talk
about the rink listener Aloha which doesn’t that correspond with the the
ring security system that we talked about before in previous videos right so
you actually it’s required that you have the ring home security system in order
to add that and so it integrates in with the the home base station but what’s
cool is if you already have the home security system then you get the ring
listener device so a lot of home hazard insurance companies will require that
you have both the burglar and fire protection being monitored before accept
the certificate that gives you the discount on your home insurance oh okay
that’s good to know so you can get discounts on you on your homeowners
insurance and stuff like that yeah that’s pretty awesome so I was like hey
for 35 bucks and I’m just you know saving more than that during the year
just on insurance alone we’ll go through and show a little bit of how you know
when we unbox it we’re gonna be doing a couple demos let’s go check it out let’s
go check it out all right okay so it’s pretty easy to set up which we’ll go
over in just a minute but just want to point out this works with existing smoke
and CO alarms in your home so you want to go out and buy new ones has real-time
notifications over your smart phone the battery itself lasts for three years it
uses the z-wave technology which we talk more about in our ring home security
system video so check that out so what comes in the Box the ring listener
device itself comes with an instruction user manual what you want to go through
also comes with a mounting bracket screws and other hardware to get it all
installed so installation setup and just want to package everything definitely
refer to the manual if you have any questions and inside the app you go to
add a ring product and go to security devices from here
you’ll click on sensors smoke and seal listener and there’s a quick intro about
the ring listener clicked on ready scan QR code you’ll see there’s a code on the
back of the device itself so I’ll just scan that makes it nice and easy say use
this code from there you’ll see where instructs you to pull the tabs make sure
you don’t pull it before this point just see it right there on the bottom pull it
straight out that just activates the battery and you’ll see it’s flashing
Walt’s configuring the device then afterwards it’ll say device added you’ll
tap on that you’ll choose a location which is front entry in my case then
you’ll choose a name from the list or you can have at a custom one
and from here it instructs you of how to mount it and just ensure that you’re
mounting at three to six inches away from your existing smoke alarm okay and
then you’ll take the hardware you got the bracket you have some anchors if
you’re going into sheetrock or you have some screws if you’re going right into
the joist I’m gonna mount mine right here in this front entry which is a
central point my home then you’ll see this bracket that has an arrow on here
pointing to the direction that is facing your smoke alarm if you’re mounted
correctly you’ll see the where the microphone is on your listener and that
it’s pointing towards your smoke alarm okay it’s a rout of you quick demo
I’m in the ring alarm app and I just came into the ring listener setup so to
begin the test you can push this little button on the side here which we have
right there it’s gonna be enabled for 15 minutes and then just make sure that it
doesn’t dispatch any authorities while you’re testing it okay you guys ready
for a test alright ready for attack yeah okay okay now if you push the
button this pops up saying press the test button on your existing smoke alarm
mister listener can hear it as an alert sounds are heard they will appear below
so let’s just see what happens here hey you guys ready yeah alright let’s do it
in testing shows up as a smoke alarm there that’s it so that it’ll come
through on your ring home security system then does he hit continue here
just to press the button on the listener one more time to finish the sit up well
you’re done it says that our listener is set up so in summary when compared to
the Leo smart alert that we also reviewed in our other video we like the
Li a little bit better because it can be plugged in anywhere in your home and it
can hear those alarms going off whereas the ring had to be installed 3 to 6
inches away from one of your smoke detectors which was a little bit more
limiting but overall this is a great product and what we really like is that
if you ready have the ring home security system you can just add this smoke and
CO listener device to give you whole home burglar and smoke & Co protection
and run it all within one app so that’s it for the ring listener and
it’s very similar to the leo smart alert but there are some differences so leave
us a comment and tell us which one you liked and what you thought or if you
have any questions yeah make sure you subscribe to our Channel and hit that
notification Bell well that’s it from two nerd-e families we’ll see you next time

4 Replies to “RING Alarm Listener For Your SMART HOME”

  1. I got the ring listener I thought it would pick up both smoke and Co alarm. At the same time but unfortunately I've learned after getting it it only can connect to one product or the other tell if you have a smoke alarm to can't connect to the smoke alarm only! And if you have CO, alarm it can connect to the CO, alarm only! so if you have to choose between the two then you have to purchase to ring listeners if you want to monitor units at the same time.
    In my case I have a hardwired alarm system in my building so I have to connected directly to the smoke alarm only. And then I purchased the first Alert smoke / CO, detector that has both component in one self-contained unit. That I will put around a home separately to protect the bedrooms and kitchen. And then outside the bathroom which is known to have many fires I have a separate unit there smoke alarm where I place the listener.
    PS I think ring has a really good burger alarm set up with the optionbut you have all these separate components and the monitoring service is only $10 a month which is very cheap which is the selling point really to purchase a ring with burglar alarms and devices.

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