Ring Alarm Contact Sensor Installation | DIY | Ring Support

Ring Alarm Contact Sensor Installation | DIY | Ring Support

You’ve connected your Ring alarm devices to your system, and now it’s time to place them around your home. Let’s start by placing
your contact sensor. You can use your contact sensor to monitor any door or
window in your home. Choose a door or window
you’d like to monitor. If you’re using your
sensor to monitor a door, place your sensor at the top of your door. This keeps it out of
the way of kids, pets, and accidental bumps or kicks. First, clean the area where you’ll want to place your sensor. This makes sure the sensor
will stick to the door well. Next, before you stick
the sensor to the door, let’s plan the set up. Both the sensor and the
magnet have a line on them. When the lines line up with each other, the sensor is closed. When the lines are separated,
the sensor is open. The sensor and magnet can be
no more than half an inch apart to send a signal to your base station. With your door closed,
hold your sensor and magnet up to the door to see how they fit. If needed, you can rotate your
sensor to fit your doorframe. Once you’re happy with where
you want to put the sensor, peel back the adhesive, and
stick it to the doorframe. Do the same thing for the magnet. Open and close your door. Your sensor should stay in place. Placing your sensor on a window is very similar to placing it on a door. Just like on a door, the lines will need to
line up with each other, and be no more than half an inch apart. For more information about
Ring devices, go to ring.com.

21 Replies to “Ring Alarm Contact Sensor Installation | DIY | Ring Support”

  1. The UK is still waiting for Ring Neighbourhood to be activate ! Any updates on progress ? Getting tired of waiting now .

  2. Please provide me a link that will show me how to delete multiple saved alarms from my ring door bell. How in the world can I delete a group of them at one time? Help I am drowning!!!

  3. What if you have door trim that isn't flat, therefore providing less surface area to stick to? Can sensors be screwed down?

  4. Is there a video that shows what the mounting bracket and mounting spacers are for or how they are to be used? What if your door frame is not flush with the door but sticks out more than 1/2 inch from the surface of the door? Will the sensor still work properly?

  5. hi ring… do I need motion detection in my room if I install contact sensors in my room window? Thanks

  6. What if i misplaced the contact sensor, is there a correct way to remove it and replace it elsewhere without damaging? I have tried and have gotten tamper alerts on my phone.

  7. I have a door such that the two devices need to be installed apart by a little over an inch. So it seems this is a problem.

  8. One of my sensors says it's tampered and I can't seem to clear it. How can I clear the tampered alert so it's working properly again?

  9. The problem with the window sensors is they don't go off if the top of the window is opened. That's just as much space for a bad guy as if he opened it from the bottom. The sensor should go between the top and bottom in the middle, but the smaller sensor is too big to fit there on most windows.

  10. Yeah I wouldn’t purchase this product. As a fellow home owner, my back door was kicked in while I was away. I followed the exact procedure that this video displayed. But when the force of the door was kicked in both the sensor and magnet broke off and stayed together and never triggered the panel (which is ugly to be honest) i had jewelry and money stolen from my home. When I called the company they wouldn’t help. I tore out the system and I’m currently looking into ADT or Vivint Smart home.

  11. You don't necessarily have to place them near the top outside corner of the door, do you? I understand this will be the part of the door that will most the furthest the quickest. Hmm.. just thinking may look better and not as noticeable if it's closer to the hinges?

  12. Can I mount the small part of the device on the door and the big part on the frame? I don't see why not from small testing and I think it looks better that way. Is there a reason not to?

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