39 Replies to “Ridgecrest earthquake caught on restaurant surveillance camera”

  1. Restaurant owner: Were going to have an awesome breakfast special menu today.
    Earthquake: Hold my beer.

  2. A good reminder to us all that as powerful as we humans think we are, we are but specks of dust in the grand scheme of things.

  3. not the san ndreas but related to the san andreas, the san andreas is pulling the southern sierra north with it and that where this earthquake happened

  4. Cool. I've been in that restaurant. Stayed about a month in the Hampton Inn behind it. No earthquakes then…

  5. Oh shoot, I think this is the Filipino restaurant me and my family got the good teriyaki chicken from. 😰

  6. The 1st guy did it right standing between the doorframe. The 2nd guy should have duck, cover and hold.

  7. I felt it too i was in a hotel and you could hear the cracking and the building shaking it was pretty scary because where i live theres no earthquakes

  8. Whats up with these places buying the absolute worst quality camera systems? I guess they prefer to simply watch themselves getting robbed rather than identifying the person who did it.

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