Republicans Rigging Primaries And Caucuses To Protect Trump From Challengers

Republicans Rigging Primaries And Caucuses To Protect Trump From Challengers

As Donald Trump’s primary challengers start
to get a little bit more press for different Republican controlled states are taking steps
necessary to basically say, guess what? We’re not going to have a primary or a caucus
in our state in 2020 so good luck securing the nomination and unseating Donald Trump,
those states are right now South Carolina, Nevada, Kansas, and Arizona, uh, are on the
verge this coming weekend, likely going to pass a resolution that’s gonna prevent any
primary or caucus from happening in their state on the Republican side. And again, this is all 100% to protect Donald
Trump, but it’s not an accident. They didn’t just come up with this idea like,
hey, what if we just did this? Now, here’s what’s been happening behind the
scenes for quite some time at the state level, within the Republican Party and the State
Republican parties, Donald Trump’s administration has been strategically working to put their
people in positions of power in these states. They’ve been shutting out the, uh, establishment
republican types. They’ve been putting in their people, the
pro Trump people, you know, the Trump or dye folk, and they’re the ones who have been pushing
these policies and these are not the only four states where they’re pushing them. And this could easily spread as this year
winds down and it likely will if any of these a Trump challengers appear to be gaining any
traction, which right now they’re not. Okay. This isn’t going to affect anything because
none of these folks have a chance in hell of ever unseating Donald Trump as the republican
party’s nominee. But this does destroy the process. People should have a say even if they’re Republicans,
Republicans in your states, and I’m not talking about the people making these decisions. I’m talking about the people who go to work
just happened to be a republican. You folks should be outraged by this. They’re quite literally taking away your choice,
even if your choice is for Donald Trump, they’re taking that away from you. They’re saying that in this primary process,
you don’t get a say. And that’s never okay. I mean, we went through all the shenanigans
of the DNC in 2016 but now we’re starting to see it play out in the RNC in 2020 they’re
canceling it because they don’t want you to have a voice. And yes, I know historically Democrats have
done this too, and they did it in 96 they did it in 2012 wouldn’t have changed anything, but it still
took away people’s voices. And that’s never okay. You know, these primaries are supposed to
truly be a democratic process, right? This isn’t the Democratic Republic of the
Electoral College. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Now, how this works, this is purely democratic
and you’re taking away these people’s right to vote in these primaries because you don’t
want some outsider challenging Donald Trump. And there’s another side of this story here
too. As I mentioned with Donald Trump, putting
his people in place to make these things happen. He’s taken over. The Republican Party of even five years ago
is dead. It is now the Donald Trump party, 100% this
man has taken over. Those in power have allowed it to happen or
were powerless to stop it and now they have to go along with it. This is the new normal for the Republican
Party. They have no intention of coming back from
the damage that Donald Trump is doing to them. Some of these people that Trump has put into
power within the RNC are likely to still be there after he loses power and it’s just going
to perpetuate itself. You’re going to have an entirely new Republican
party modeled after Donald Trump that with any luck won’t survive for another generation.

100 Replies to “Republicans Rigging Primaries And Caucuses To Protect Trump From Challengers”

  1. In the old days, ca.2016, don't you remember when the GOP briefly considered cutting ties w/ the Orangeman. Then they opted to go all-in with his candidacy.
    FFW to 2019.
    They've lost the House.
    Reps are retiring.
    The president is unraveling.
    Keep Winning.

  2. Just a warm-up for the 2020 massive voter fraud, rigged election and the doomsday back up plan for martial law, in case their dictator miraculously loses…

  3. Republicans who are they

    The dictator occupying the oval office has taken pre allocated funds from FEMA, from Military families for schools, military bases upgrades and repairs, trump has taken this money transferred to his vanity project the wall

    Over seas funds for NATO our allies, to help Ukraine push back on Russia invading other countries

    trump has defunded this program taking those funds transfer to the wall that Mexico was to pay for it.

    Assistance to Ukraine to help defend against Russia
    Trump holding up military assistance to Ukraine, trump wants Ukraine to interference in Joe Biden campaign,

    trump wants Ukraine to make.up anything to help trump win the election.

    Trump is threatening Ukraine that U.S. will withhold military assistance if the president of Ukraine don't help him and make up something that would hurt Biden, something about Biden's deceased son Bo

    How utterly corrupt and wrong anyway you look at it

    So if trump won the last election, if the people of America really voted for trump, why would trump need other countries to help him win?

    I know, because trump knew he didn't win the last election, trump knows he will never win the election out right,

    now trump know he only has his little base 40% base
    By now it's probably much lower,
    trump knew Russia interference helped him win

    So trump knows he is a illegitimate administration that is more corrupt than the mafia crime syndicates

    I have never seen in my life time see a so called official of the United States government so blatantly corrupt.

    And he is in plain sight, trump is criminally insane, and trump is a .criminal and unjust in all he dealings
    A crook, a, scrum
    Of the earth. America how many more laws will he breaks before Corrupt AG Barr does his job.

  4. Primaries are an invention of the parties. Don't you remember the "smoke filled back rooms" and the king-makers who decided who would be nominated? Just now moving back to the "good old days"

  5. OK, I hate Trump as much as anybody. But this is standard operating procedure for both parties if they want their incumbent president to run for re-election. This isn't news and is not something to worry about. In fact it makes it more likely he won't get re-elected as long as this time enough of us turn out to vote against him.
    In fact, going after the GOP over this makes us look stupid.

  6. So, in other words, they are suspending democracy? Well, at least the little democracy that you had! As nd you trump supporting pieces of shit have the audacity to criticize Russia?

  7. It's almost poetic after years of screwing over democratic voters with gerrymandering & voter suppression, the Republicans are now screwing their own voters to jiggle around with an electoral process.

  8. And I suppose the Democrats aren't doing all they can to protect Biden and undercut Bernie? Yes, I know Biden isn't making it easy for them.

  9. They are the same people who followed , Stalin , Pol Pot , Hitler , add to the list .
    2020 trump , republican's , the south shall rise again trash they are all the same everyone fucking one of them . Except those causing the division and chaos , those are the same one's who watch the battle unfold ,who move their pawns around , thru the markets , GMO another warning flag , its outcome to reintroduce a Malthusian catastrophe , color against color ( yes white is a color ) religion against religion etc. , etc. . It the same game plan .
    As the song goes from the sixties by the Animals ( love the irony just fucking rich ) We got to get outa this place .

  10. It is totally true the Republican Party had nothing left to lose so that's why they put a loser who had money to use him.

  11. In the old days party bosses told the voters who they had a choice of voting for. What's the difference. Back to the future.

  12. This is how you get a president for life. Replace all and pick those that love Trump. All of them would vote him in as the president for life. Th AZ y we vote for the lower offices and they vote for Trump. That's how it starts. Voted in by force.

  13. The United States is already a dictatorship.It doesn't need to be said to be so.They never will say it.But if that's what everyone's waiting for, Stop waiting…It all can be changed by voting every Trump loyalist & republican out from any place they are.Right down to the cleaners.Did you all read that…VOTE ALL TRUMP LOYALIST & REPUBLICANS OUT NO MATTER WHERE YOU FIND THEM

  14. You are a hard left nobody gives a shit what you say how about trying to be independent you fucking asshole farron cousins I'm serious man right now we need people in the middle we don't need your bullshit or msnbc's bullshit or Fox News bulshit

  15. The DNC and the RNC are both anti democracy. The two party system has failed the American people in more ways than this. Few in each party actually represent the people. They represent the well bred, well fed and well wed. They represent 1% of the population and the big corporations.
    We the people are but sheep going to vote for people that only care about us at election time. PACs and lobbyist along with big money donors calling all the shots should be a crime. America, where the owning class hold the wood anchored to their puppets with strings made of money and gold, intrenched in our hard work and covered in our blood from fighting wars of aggression for the benefit of the few. We live in a hypocrisy not a democracy.

  16. I wish that people would start calling a spade a spade and begin calling the pro Trump people what they really are which is neo Fascists. So, the neo Fascists, led by Trump, are screwing over the traditional Republican Party, and WEIRDLY enough, they aren't doing anything about it. What happens when they decide to try to just cancel elections? That's the United States' official welcome to the Third World.

  17. And…the psychopath will take an action from India. Millions and millions of people who were born there, have lived there their whole life, speak the language (or two) and just happen to be Muslim, are being sent notices that they are being deported….yes, deported. They are not immigrants and/or criminals. One woman interviewed said she received a notice that she was on "the list" but her husband wasn't. THEY ARE BEING ROUNDED UP AND TOLD TO LEAVE THEIR HOMES!!!!! THEY ARE BEING EJECTED FROM THEIR COUNTRY!!!!! This was on NPR today!!!

  18. It has been obvious for all of Trump's time as a wasted presidency that the only other way of ejecting him from the White House is to impeach the "son of a bi***". Any election will be screwed in favour of himself and his Republican Party.

  19. Much as I hate the republican party, there's nothing nefarious I can see about this. There is certainly ample precedent, from both parties. This isn't even rare in elections where an incumbent is on the ticket. It's almost commonplace.

  20. Seems like a civil or revolutionary war ia long overdue. This country is nothing more than a disgrace, a pathetic joke at the hands of Republicans, and spineless helpless cowards like Nancy Pelosi. The USA is absolutely a blundering shit hole.

  21. Trump Always has his greedy little crunchy cheese doodle fingers in All types of grime. This crooked coward is about to do it to us again. Dammit man 🤬

  22. Trump proves to the world how stupid he is look at who he gave an ambassador job to your son's jewish intern are you fucking insane. Oh yes you are if you can become president he can be an ambassador. Like the song goes you started a joke and the world was laughing but you didn't know they were laughing at you DAMN AND U.S.A.!


  24. Someone needs to splash Nancy Pelosi with a glass of water and wake her the hell up,this Trump criminal organization is robbing the taxpayers blind at every turn,not to mention destroying the long-standing alliances we have had for many years,,the way Nancy is handling Trumps corrupt administration makes me wonder if she would wait until her house burned to the ground and only then would she even think about calling the fire department!😡

  25. Again the Republican's trying to eliminate freedom of speech by denying even fellow Republican's ability to speak up for their choice of candidate!!!

  26. Who cares cuz we all gonna have to pay no matter we demecrats or Republican rich or poor . give the stupid bastard n his crew 4 more years n lets see how far it gets us …hes turning ours against us …blood shead while hes n his hell a chopter retiring n one of his other business n another country any way …

  27. free elections my ass those rep will do anything to bow down to king rump, they will even kiss his ass and i mean kiss his fat ass.ugggg.

  28. If there were no republicans our country would have: cleaner air, reasonable gun laws, stronger ethnic equality, genuine health care , livable wages, national family leave, a controlled national debt, zero petty obstructionist politics, intelligent presidents that make us proud..not destructive imbeciles like nixon, reagan,bush, Bush 2, trump…

  29. They are all cowards 😑
    Some people are fighting for their country abroad risking their life. But some are scared by an old stupid crazy guy in WH for what?? Money, carrier, ???….

  30. This guy isn't very sharp. 1st – the Democrats didn't hold primaries in 1996 or 2012 because there were no other candidates running against Clinton or Obama. This isn't the case now. There are at least 2 candidates running against Trump. Yes they have no chance, but that is a distinct difference.

  31. GOP protecting Dump45 the Traitor and Criminal POS and Putin's puppet!! That makes them Traitors too!! Justice is coming for them all soon!!🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸🌊🇺🇸

  32. Wake up republicans listen to this guy yes it is happening.Your republican party is gone the party that you believed is gone.but some of you still have the beliefs that you believe in like Lincoln had.The GOP will disappear from the way it was and is being replaced with the trump party .It is time for the GOP to get their party back and if they have to split away from trump.Stand up for what you believe is right.It is your right .Now a third choice might be better way to go because trump's base has become so full of hate that isn't the way republicans are.

  33. Republicans don't have to rig anything. They already win elections they lost by over 3 million votes, what needs rigging??

  34. what if trump was the out side challenger? wouldn't his supporters be screaming about the establishment rigging things against him? but went has hypocrisy ever bothered a Republican. answer when its a Democrat doing it.

  35. Hey white folks, and some stupid black folks, don't let this man lead you into destruction. Do smthing to stop this mad man. This is America.

  36. This Reminds Me Of A Classic Droopy Cartoon Titled "Chump Champ" Where Spike Would Try To Find Ways To Cheat In Order To Beat Droopy. And In The End He (Droopy) Would Say…."Cheaters Never Win".

  37. Anyone offering odds that the turd in the White House and his GOP will NOT attempt to suspend the 2020 elections?…. I know, I know… It can't/won't happen. Yeah. Right. Just like he couldn't win. Like he'd be gone within months/a year. Like the Senate wouldn't sell their country down the river. Like the military wouldn't be complicit in breaking the Constitution into little bits and pieces. Get the point? It ain't a shooting war but, people, we ARE at war… and as things are going. we're losing… hands down…..

  38. 2020 can't come soon enough. Then we can look back at that this farce of a Republican party as a forest fire. A forest fire destroys a lot, but from the ashes comes new life and a healthier forest. Hopefully, the political system can be reformed so a nightmare like this never happens again. The will of the people (at least a majority of them) needs to be respected at all times, not every 4 years. Germany must be shaking their heads right now thinking "been there, done that".

  39. ITS nice to know Sen CORY Gardener R- CO. , who is an alleged Christian, supports a wife abuses. I wonder if City does all things Trump.
    While he & Bennett have co- worked on laws, ( not for low income )CORY HAS NEVER COME OUT AGAINST TRUMP. But let his daughter date a guy, CORY will the the guts,dock in a knot.

  40. In 2016 in CO. , Unaffiliated were up in arms after caucus, because we couldn't vote in the Primary, having not declared a party affiliation.
    THE NEXT DAY, our legislature changed all that! I got 2 ballots at Primary….
    WHEN WILL STATES STOP THE SCREWING AROUND WITH VOTING .ITS LIKE BREATHING ASSHOLES ! * The men in charge never give up, make us,work for what is ours, and decide ? Drop dead.
    This isn't a game of Cheat the Voters you jerks. THIS IS OUR NATION. Just like H.S in the 60s…. fucking around, empty promises, glitz and glare .
    I say, AS THEIR BOSS, We the damn People , FREEZE the SALARIES and health ins. Benefits, lock them out -they can work at home, prohibit them from being active in chamber, and make them persona non grata if they keep messing with THE RIGHT TO VOTE!
    . Stand in Our Way, we will treat you like the alt- right ASSHOLES in suits that you are. We will physically come and remove you.
    TO quote any judge, "get them out of here. Waste my time and,tax payer money".

  41. Sorry for the mantra, but that is exactly what happened in Germany. You had a party that was centered around a single person. Hitler had achieved that very early, Trump took 3 years to consolidate the Party fully under his control.

    Just think of what Moscow Mitch said days ago, he will not let a law pass for a vote when it is not clear it is signed by Trump. He factually gave the privilege to decide upon laws to Trump. Trump can now dictate what a law has to look like.

    Trump as BLOATUS is the executive anyhow, with Moscow Mitch he got the legislative in his hands, he stacked the courts with handselected judges and attorneys and has Bill Barr who shields of any investigations and indictments from him, so he got the judicative as well.

    There is no limit anymore.

  42. Trump will follow Putin's instructions. Rigging, social media propaganda, etc are all tools of Putin and Trump is simply following suit.

    Russia has no freedom of speech and is a fake democracy. 4 TV channels are government run and all spout Pro Putin propaganda glorifying him like a God President. Trump visualises the same for himself with his own megalomania and narcissism but can't enough since democracy still exists and people still question him.

    Even though his MAGAturds would think otherwise and would gladly impose his dictatorship.

    2020 is America's year of Reckoning. If Trump wins, it's over for democracy. If he loses, the MAGAturds will most likely start a civil war with the impending recession – with Russian and Chinese support in the background.

  43. Hello Farron. Yet – everyone keeps calling your failed country a democracy? Far as the rest of the world can see – the USA is not, has never been, a democracy! Currently – your imploding country is simply a racist, failed republic – as usual. When has there EVER been democratic practices in the USA? Sincerely. I am honestly asking this – WHEN did your failed country EVER practice democracy? God help you all.

  44. hey people…this is a turning point in our country! i am seeing them(the republicans)take our country for themselves and we are sitting on our hands…hitler did this! he won as a minority party and…any one who has seen any of the documentaries of the holocausts in so many countries and how it started…has to realize that even this move is more horrific because now he is taking rights away from the very people who voted for him! trump is desperate but he isn't smart enough to pull this off! this is bannon, miller and the rest of the criminal mafia who wants supreme power along with all the far right judiciary judges who will bow to trump! they are evil, love the ayan rand philosophy and congress is being blackmailed probably from the epstein child slavery ring! his voters in these states are also are going to be dis-enfranchised! he is dangerous but stupid because HE doesn't know what's going on!! this whole thing is getting out of hand…we have to do something! any ideas?

  45. The Russian voting ballot system is giving you your one choice you need. You don't need a choice we already have decided for you.

    TURN BLUE IN 2020! Let's get the Democrats back in power. And let's put an end to the Malevolent Mandarin and his band of deplorables and irredeemables once and for all time. Put the child killers in prison where they BELONG!

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