Rep. Jordan: Fundamental liberties must be protected

Rep. Jordan: Fundamental liberties must be protected

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  2. President Trump proposes to cut Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) by $21 billion over ten years, which would leave many families with less assistance when they fall on hard times. The cuts include a 10 percent reduction in the annual block grant funding for states and an end to the $608 million TANF Contingency Fund, which gives states additional funds at times of economic distress.

    The budget also would impose new TANF spending restrictions, which together with the funding reductions would likely prompt states to cut basic assistance — the funds that go directly to families — as they’ve done in the past. And, like TANF’s current work requirement, the proposed work requirement would retain TANF’s rigid policy of conditioning one’s benefits on meeting certain hourly requirements, which families would continue to find challenging. The harm from these proposals far outweighs other proposed programmatic changes that actually could improve TANF.

  3. "“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves."
    Matthew 10:16

    And I'm not a person to throw around quotes, but I do believe this is appropriate in these times for humanity to remain human.

  4. What really bothers me about that question about Trump cleaning house, he let all those people keep their jobs. Every administration fires the people from the previous administration. Trump didn't do that dammit people this man wants us all to succeed

  5. God bless Jim Jordan thank you for doing your job sir thank you for fighting and standing by the president 🚂🚂🚂🚂

  6. Yes I have a problem with that & yes We need someone there representing the American people! AND YES CHANGES! Plus to the commentator STOP INTERRUPTING WHEN YOU ASKED THE QUESTION! So RUDE!

  7. We don't need more lawyers, we need to fire those who do not provide the Court with all evidence, including exculpatory evidence.

  8. POLITICAL SURVEILLANCE ? Jim Jordan is CORRECT!! That is not what should be happening!! Ps I want these people who have lied and started all these investigations that have cost US MILLIONS to be held ACCOUNTABLE prosecute them AND THEY SHOULD HAVE TO REPAY MONEY THEY COST US!

  9. Cancel the fisa surveillance. I don't trust the FBI or the CIA. I'm an American Patriot. They are criminal organizations.

  10. These liberties you speak of Mr. Jordan do not exist for President Trump and his administration and supporters. These very liberties we are all suppose to have and enjoy are stamped upon each and everyday by a lying Democratic party and their media cohorts. No sir we do not have Justice in this Republic for if we did so many that had lied and leaked classified documents and illegally wiretapped a President Elect would of been Indicted and jailed by now, and yes Mr. Barr I am firmly looking right at you sir for you are the very one that has let McCabe and Comey and Hillary and many others walk away scott free, DO YOUR JOB SIR or move over and let someone else do it for you!

  11. you are answering this stupid reporter about why the president wants leakers out of his office you're as dumb as the f**** guy you're talking to Jim I had some respect for you

  12. The Republican had got all the voting machine rig so Russia can hack into so Trump can win and the Republicans can win their seats back in November

  13. I think the change needs to take place. It they can do what they did to the president of the United States, just think of how they could railroad and take advantage of the common citizen! I think the rules of impeachment should be changed too. Schiff and Pelosi threaten impeachment every time they feel threatened. I believe they threatened Bill Barr with impeachment because he called in Durham, an outside investigator, to investigate all the allegations that have taken place over the illegitimate Dossier. I think it scares them and they were just trying to bully Barr like they have so many. I would be willing to bet they have threatened others in private to impeach them long before some of these other issues came to light.

  14. Jim Joe Paterno Syndrome Jordan should worry about the scandal he's caught up in at Ohio State University. He was told about the incident a did nothing. Just like Joe Paterno. I still think he's a pervert just like that doctor.

  15. Like organised terrorism, espionage against own interests, paedophile kidnappings slavetrade on extortionist theft of Intellectual and Industrial Property in serial breach of National Safety and Security, mass bribes and tradeoffs for serial administrative, judicial and governance power abuse, the auto immune economy and industry crippling on commission uphold…Let's not forget…All the above are protected by the right of privacy…Hell yeah…The Democrat way…

  16. Trump believes he is entitled to have people around him that look the other way, or help him break the law. If you idiots knew what cicumstance brought about the whistle blower act, then you would know what Jordan says is a load of s**t! People should be able to report corruption without being, fired, attacked and threatened. How did Jordan feel about whistle blower during impeachment? Criminals are only worried when the laws affect them.

  17. The very word secrecy is repugnant in an open and free Society there is no place in America for secret Court 100% unconstitutional secret Court judges should be drug into the street and on by the neck until dead

  18. Where was Jim Jordan when his wrestlers needed protection? What did he do when they went to him with the sexual abuse allegations? He buried the truth and turned his back on them! Google their recent testimony on youtube if you don't believe me!

  19. If Fox News can hire Alexa Lauenburger to start making the talent enjoyable, Trump may get a bump in ratings. Fox has become 'Stale," Mr. President!🙂🙂

  20. A new broom sweeps clean. The President should have gotten rid of the detrimental and highly biased element that he inherited from the previous administration, pronto. He gave them a chance. He has been forced to realize that he cannot afford to be that generous. He needs to throw the dross overboard before they sink the whole ship.

  21. Today we can video these investigation cops have cameras on them to protect the people and the cops should make it a law record every thing

  22. You complain about the FISA process being abused, but you say NOTHING about the young men you coached being abused. Get some morals!!!

  23. אני אשמח לפגוש את הנשיא ולדבר איתו.
    אבא שלי הוא עובד משרד, והתחביב שלו הוא דיג. אני גם עובד משרד והתחביב שלי הוא לימוד של שפות.

  24. Burn the law!!!! Stop screwing with the Constitution!! No spying on U.S. citizens; ever!! Please veto anything Nadler touches!! Mr. President.

  25. Trump should have cleared out the "Never Trumpers" as soon as he took over the Whitehouse. He must clear out those who don't support him as soon as he wins his next term.

  26. Ack! 🤯
    Foriegn Intelligence?!?
    Sh*t on a stick! 😕
    (Please place) -> 💩
    (On a stick) -> 🌳
    None of us are allowed to learn Klingon language, at all ?!?
    There goes our 1st Amendment rights.
    Thanks Ohio. 😪
    Love from 💕
    USA (L.L.C)

  27. Jordan, Nunes, Trump Sr and Jr and all their cronies ……deserve as much respect as a drunkard who intentionally plows his car into a school van full of little kids.

  28. Bloomberg tried to control what New Yorkers drank by trying to outlaw 32 ounce drinks , said it wasn't healthy so imagine if he becomes president, if he tried to control what you drink, what rights is he going to take away as president , stupid to vote for him, but I guess there is a lot more stupid people that are liberals and Dems, than us Trump supporters

  29. Bernie is a moderate in almost every modern first world country except in America . Why ? Because the American politicians and MSM are bought and paid for .

  30. Ooo weee shiiiiiooot is finally going to hit the fan.. hopefully i can take my kids on vacation and take them to Guantanamo bay to see the wicked which in her cage

  31. I'm against any new laws programs and most importantly Taxes. You want to pass something in congress, pass something that removes things already on the books. Let the People take care of themselves, while the government protects us internationally we can handle the national issues ourselves

  32. Pete Buttigieg's father was a Marxist professor who lauded the Communist Manifesto
    The father of Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg was a Marxist professor who spoke fondly of the Communist Manifesto and dedicated a significant portion of his academic career to the work of Italian Communist Party founder Antonio Gramsci, an associate of Vladimir Lenin.

  33. The Dems keep failing. "Backfire Hurricane" should be their 2020 motto!
    The more Democrats/Deep State lose, the more violent they get! God bless and protect our POTUS!🙏🇺🇸

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