Rep. Elissa Slotkin: Let’s Focus On The Big Picture—Protecting Our 2020 Elections | All In | MSNBC

Rep. Elissa Slotkin: Let’s Focus On The Big Picture—Protecting Our 2020 Elections | All In | MSNBC

43 Replies to “Rep. Elissa Slotkin: Let’s Focus On The Big Picture—Protecting Our 2020 Elections | All In | MSNBC”

  1. What a whirlwind of wonderful developments against SpankyPants tRump in the last 10 days with the WhistleBlower revelations & Impeachment Inquiry! Each day brings a new scandal & my head is spinning.

  2. Thank you for sharing this very informative video. We need more people to put away their fears and to stand up for what is right and decent.

  3. Rudy calls himself a whistleblower. At first I I found it hilarious that he sees himself as the hero/savior in his deluded parallel universe and than it struke me, he is actually a whistleblower but an unintentional one 🤣. He has been inadvertently incriminating himself and others

  4. How does a President discuss foreign affairs, without meeting foreign leaders? Never in the history of the USA has that been the norm. Ever hear of national security? The dems keep spouting off about it daily. But only with this President.

  5. If MSNBCannibals want to protect any election, it means they want to engage in VOTE FRAUD under the guise of protecting.. DEEP STATE Cannibals always invert everything.. When they want to do evil , they will use CHILDREN to promote it.. When they want to get away with a crime, they project it on their opponent we KNOW YOU!! WE SEE YOU!!

  6. Congresswoman Slotkin was direct, clear and so focused. Pelosi and Congress need to make Americans focus and understand about the "high crimes" this president has admittedly done. He is more dangerous, ruthless and it seems the republicans stuck in his web aren't falling out anytime soon. Making 65-70% of Americans understand that it's the republicans who won't impeach Trump; he's betrayed our country and has spat on The Constitution countless times. Yes, let Americans know that the Senate Republicans say it's okay. The racism, bigotry and party division has always been not that great, but Trump has deepened the problems and has widened the gap. It will be a huge risk and very dangerous to have the mobster, criminal-in-chief as president. He must either be impeached by both chambers or be defeated in 2020.

  7. When will the law finally catch up to this criminal and illegitimately installed president? This is just the tip of the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg. In a fair world he would have been in prison years ago for not paying back his debts and other illegal activities prior to being bailed out financially by the Russians via money laundering.

  8. I really think that they need to include Emoluments as part of this, show the pattern of corruption to the people. Republicans didnt care about election interference with Russia, they wont now. Republicans havent cared about his abuse of power or hurting national security so far, why will they now? If Dems want to survive this they need to make a solid case that most Americans will understand nd be furious at the Republicans for letting Trump get away with this for so long. Show how hes conned them, just to line his pockets. It has to bepublic and part of the case even if Republican Senate ignores it.

  9. Leader of the Free World is more than military strength. IT is not America. It takes intelligence, a global view, strategic thinking, believing in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. When the G7 meets there are six countries that have better educated citizens. When the G20 meet there are between 14 and 16 better educated countries. Oh do you know there is one first world country that does not health care for all of it's citizens. Yes, America. It is very laughable how dumb Americans are about health care. Here is a suggestion. Maybe someone with a college or university education should study/investigate how six members of the G7 have health care for all and you do not.

  10. You see so many corrupted people being interviewed defending lawlessness of this president,its refreshing to see an honest person,a real person with the benefit of the country in front of them speaks,it gives hope that not all is lost.

  11. Country before party. True Believers are going to have to do some real heavy lifting to get their guy out of this one. Even many conservatives want this to be taken seriously.

  12. Getting sick of the idea that We the People are too dumb to get this, and that we have "tuned out". I work three jobs and am caretaker for an elder and a special needs child. You won't see me march or run for office, but it's 1:30 am and it's MY time and I'm not flipping tuned out. And my fellow Americans are my personal heroes – they didn't vote for this clown, they serve, and they work. Just because the man in the White House is a Putin plant doesn't mean we are idiots.

  13. These Neophytes like Spanburger and Slotkin are laggards. They thought they were going to kick out Nancy Pelosi in all their grand wisdom. Now they are acting like its brain surgery to call Trump a crook. You people need better reps that these noobie paper pushers. They are as bad as the Acting people Trump put in. Quit voting for untrained people like Trump.

  14. Slotkin is a two faced punk. She quips by describing The coach of a football team attacking his own quarterback… Lol. That is rich coming from Slotkin who got elected with Pelosi's game plan then turned around and plotted to get rid of Speaker Pelosi. Bye Seth.

  15. You guys are being lied to. The "whisteblower" document is propaganda misinformation. This whistleblower did not have any direct knowledge of what was said on the phone call with the Ukrainian President. Infact the document that he submitted he did not even write, it was written by a law firm OCCRP bought and paid for by George Soros. It is referenced on the whistleblowers document there are OCCRP sources all over it. Second if a President can not talk to a foreign government official without it being leaked there is a problem no matter who is the President or what is said.

    The worst problem are people like Elissa Slotkin who know this and still perpetuate George Soros propaganda.

  16. Its looking more like Sleepy Joe Biden was abusing his power in office… he actually admitted to what they are blaming Trump for in a press conference… Am i the only one that has seen this???

  17. You know what is really bad … most of the people on this list that are trying to propagate this whistelblower trash are really foreign paid drones trying to destroy our country.

  18. Of course it makes perfect sense for Trump to attack the intelligence agencies. They would be the ones to have all the secrets on Trump and what he does on a daily basis. The whistleblower complaint makes that very clear. Trump would want to discredit them i.e. the "Deep State" conspiracy theory etc. They represent the biggest threat to his presidency.

  19. She worked for W. Bush?? How old was she? Twelve?? Talk about "aging well".This woman could do undercover work in a high school!

  20. At this point in our history, we really need lawmakers who have spent their adult lives protecting and defending for we the people.

  21. Another CIA agent under't we heard enough from these corrupted officials
    provide "DIRT" a bit of a stretch but even if he did that would be "opposition research" but he didn't
    although that "DIRT" may be your twisted take on it..Trump was doing what he should have done..and that is investigating Biden's basically
    admitting he committed quid pro quo..and he did..there's no doubt..why are you not investigating that?
    Of course you all did such a good job investigating Hillary's pay for play,Russian Collusion and obstruction of justice
    when she destroyed those emails that were under subpoena..or Uranium One oh wait a didn't do any of that
    and whistleblower with "HEARSAY" Not to mention we have a ratified treaty with Ukraine of
    Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters..and what Biden did.and admittingly so was Quid Pro Quo
    a criminal matter so of course Trump would investigate it.who is he to trust the CIA who also is tied to burisma
    . as a matter of fact there is an ex CIA agent on their board of directors of burisma Joseph Cofer Black
    ..simply by the CIA's past performance..not to mention with as much as you all have investigated Trump
    where was your investigation on Obama ..who has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood his fake birth certificate,
    fake social security card,fake name fake wife and fake kids..or fast and furious..not to mention
    he wasn't even a naturalized citizen..or Hillarys video on Anthony Weiner's lap top.Where are those investigations?
    Or how about those dealings with Iran and all those kick backs to various members in our government..
    Trump is getting too close to exposing the CIA and the Deep State ..isn't he…welcome to the 21st century
    the age of the internet..

  22. The people of the USA need to figure out how they elected someone like Trump in the first place,because if they don't it will happen again,maybe the electoral system needs to be brought into the 21'st century,it is nearly 250 years old after all.

  23. Fire Emily Shill Sussman! We're tired of seeing millionaires smear Bernie Sanders! Disgusting facile identity politics instead of policy arguments. MSNBC is trash. Try doing your jobs instead of suckling at the teet of corporate money.

  24. It's fortunate for national security and democracy to have such elegant, ethical and professional Member of The House of Representatives in the Capitol Hill as Rep. Elissa Slotkin. Thank you, Rep. Slotkin. You have enlightened the hope of the nation.

  25. Moscow Mitch will be blamed along with the GOP to make America vulnerable, and also prove to us that 2016 was not a fluke, but a carefully orchestrated conspiracy by the Russians and GOP with their gerrymandering to steal this election. If Trump is impeached, we will have legislation to protect our election process because the GOP will not have seats come 2020 if they don't pass it. There are 22 GOP Senate seats up for reelection in 2020, and Moscow Mitch and Trump are trying their best to make sure they don't win, just like in 2018 when the Democrats were voted in by the people to get to the bottom of these scandals from this administration. in 2020 we will also vote the GOP out of control of the Senate and have both sides of Congress investigating all the people in this administration, as well as impeaching many of those appointed by Trump.

  26. Will this whistle blower be forced to reveal his or her identity? I wouldn't do it if it meant my family was thereafter placed in fear of revenge from a vengeful president or his minions.

  27. republicans are working to destroy american democracy and install a trump dictatorship.
    their 2020 goal is to enslave the working wage earner to the national debt

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