Reolink RLC-410 4MP PoE Security IP Camera review including how to install

Reolink RLC-410 4MP PoE Security IP Camera review including how to install

This is the Reolink RLC 410 camera.
This actually works over power over ethernet so all you need is a poe injector and an ethernet cable and you can quite easily set this camera up. The
reason why I bought this is because I’m actually testing it out and if it is good
quality I’m actually going to buy more of these
cameras and then I’m actually going to buy a network video recorder that also
has a poe. This camera cost approximately £55 from Ebay. This
is the box that it comes in so you get the camera you get a small ethernet
cable, some instructions, you also get a template that shows you where to put the
fixing screws, you also get a sticker and the fixing screws and the hex key
to do the adjustments. So we’re now going to install this and it’s going to be
installed on the garage. This is a 10m ethernet patch lead this
cost about £6 from You simply plug one end into the camera and the other end into the poe router. To start off with I’m going to drill a 22mm hole through the soffit board. You’ll notice that I’m drilling on
an angle that should make it easier for inserting the cable. I do have a cable
access kit somewhere but unfortunately I have lent it to somebody so instead I’m
just going to use this piece of plastic pipe. This is a piece of px barrier pipe I’m
going to shove that through the hole push it up into the loft space and then
I’m going to tape the ethernet cable to the end of it and I’m going to pull it
back out through the hole. This is the poe router as you can see
I already have a couple of other cameras already plugged into that. So I’m just
going to take the end of the ethernet cable and simply going to plug that into
the router. The only connection we actually need to
make is to plug in the ethernet cable into that socket. I’ve now downloaded the Reolink app which is free in the App Store I’m going to open that up and then I’m going to click on add
device. We’ll just let that access the camera and I’m just going to scan the
QR code on the camera. If the QR code won’t scan you will have to enter it
manually. So it’s now connecting to the device so we just need to give the
camera a name and then we just need to import a password twice and then we can
click on the create password. You can see that the camera is now showing on
there we’re now just going to go out there and I’m just going to adjust it and
get a better picture. You can set this camera up for motion
detection, email alert, push notifications to your mobile or you can set it up to
record it to an FTP server. You can also download the Reolink app for a PC this
is a great free piece of software which enables you to view the camera live you
can also record to the computer’s hard drive. The camera itself can not actually
zoom in but because the picture quality is so good you can digitally zoom in. In this footage you can see the image quality. At the furthest point I’m 30m away from the camera. This is 25m,
20m, 15m, 10m and finally 5m away from the camera. The 36 infrared LEDs mean that this camera can also work at night. The picture quality is absolutely superb
to say that this is the entry-level Reolink camera, the free apps also
work well. I’ve been looking at buying a decent CCTV system but I’ve always been
put off by the cost but with the Reolink POE cameras and their NVR you can
get a very good system for much less money than other CCTV systems. I hope you found this video useful if you have and you have not done so already please
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  1. I’ve been looking at POE cameras for a while and decided to try the Reolink. I’m happy with the quality, so the next thing for me to purchase is the NVR.

    If you are in the UK, I hope you are enjoying the weather! I can’t remember the last time it rained, the next thing will be a hose pipe ban!
    I hope everyone has a great Sunday 😉

  2. the problem with these cameras and the other internet connected devices, which are using the vendor's online services, that when the vendor discontinues the service, your device is reduced to a doorstop. plus most of the services are unavailable, when you are offline. see for an example

  3. Great video as always! This is near identical to my setup. The only difference being that I used Xvision cameras and NVR from the team at Fantastic customer service paired with really great YouTube content and reviews. A bit pricier, but perfect if you want to give ebay a miss 👍🏻. As for the sun… we’re loving every minute of it 🌞 I just can’t imagine a rainy day anymore 🌧. All the best!!!

  4. That's such a good price for this bullet camera! It's the EXACT same camera but with different branding that came with my Swann kit I paid £600 for 18 months ago which included 4 of these cameras plus a 2TB NVR. Definitely works out a lot cheaper to your way. You can get nice looking dome cameras too with the same spec which have a 10degree wider field of view but I don't have any of those.

    I used an older video of yours to help me fit these as I went through the wall with 3 of them into the space beneath the floorboards upstairs.

    They still work well 18 months on.

  5. 👍 certainly looks a good quality camera. Incidentally what type of insulation did you have in the loft, looks far better than the stuff i have in mine.

  6. I watched a police documentary where they show the police not investigating crimes because there is no cctv or eye witnesses and I was thinking if every car had front and rear cameras that could be uploaded to a cloud storage system that was linked to a map. Then do the same with cctv cameras we could have an open source upto the minute crime map. People could also upload videos from mobile phones. It would be like a modern penopticon. And all videos would stay private until somone decided to upload it.

  7. Thanks for this, I’ve been looking for a replacement system since y-cam did the dirty and started charging for their service when they said it would be “free forever”! Would be interested in getting your views on the NVR as well…

  8. When you check out the NVR, it might be worth knowing that my identical but differently branded 2TB box is upgradable to 4TB. To do so though you fully replace the 2TB HDD with a 4TB one at a cost of approx £100 I believe. SO when you buy the box it might be worth seeing if the 0TB one is upgradable to 4TB. If it is, you could have a 4TB NVR even cheaper than a 2 or 3TB version bought with it pre-installed.

  9. If I were you I would be looking at the Hikvision equipment instead of other brands like Swann and riolink. I install cctv professionally as my job and have never heard of riolink. Swann is Just cheap domestic equipment from screwfix. The Hikvision equipment is great. Their 12 mega pixel range of ip cameras is due to be released soon. Check them out. There is a supplier up north that may be able to sort you out, check them out

  10. Thanks for the video, the camera seems easy to set up. I don't understand how you got a poe router into you garage. Was this set up via your electrical sockets and how safe is it?

  11. Very interesting, and looks impressive! Is there any fees involved, to use the app? Also will the system still operate if Reolink goes bust or disappears?! I'd be interested to see how you can record the cameras too. 🙂

  12. So how would you set this up if your house isn't wired for a network? would you have a wireless router in the loft with the cameras wired to that and connect to the router wirelessly to see the images? where would the NVR go? and how would that connect?

  13. Like in the 2001 film Heist at the beginning you have to put the NVR in a steal cage to stop it getting stolen itself.

  14. Decent cameras, they picked up the chubby bloke waving in a white t shirt😀😀😀😀👍👍👍 (only joking chez) thanks for posting good demo.

  15. Excellent video Chez. I've been looking for one with decent quality vid to cover the gate and drive here. Thanks. Now all I need to do is actually get around to doing something about it!

  16. have you considered setting up your own recorder and using Blue Iris or iSpy? doesn't require particularly expensive hardware; if you stick to a Core i5 or better that has "Intel Quick Sync Video" (dedicated video encoding) you can have a machine that records a decent number of cameras at a decent resolution for any household. requires a bit more tinkering than an out-of-the-box solution but the feature set is worth it.

  17. Gives a good picture, will look at getting one of these to try out with a view to a bigger system! Thanks!

  18. I’ve been using my Synology DS216PLAY now for a few years. You can plug loads of different cameras in. I have a mix of PoE and powered. PoE is definitely nicer isn’t it.

    The only issue is it needs a pretty decent and fast disk to review recorded video. And obviously a Gbps lan between the two. Solid state will be my next upgrade.

    Nice to see these different types of video from you. Keep it up 👍

  19. Great vid as usual , A security light would make a big difference to the night time video quality. For a back garden that size I would get a 400 or 500w halogen light ….

  20. Would you be interested in doing a video on making up your own POE CAT cables (CAT5e for these). I just fitted a very similiar system but I have too much cable so I'm going to have to shorten mine- I will probably use trial and error (we'll I do have an idea) but it would be good to have a video on it.

  21. Edited to add I have the Annke system with POE recorder (cost about £500 for 4 cameras, same spec as yours (same cameras probably), plus the recorder, plus 2TB HDD and the software). The PVR will support another 4 cameras and they cost about £50 each.

  22. The Reolink stuff is superb. Just a tip, for best playback quality on a PC/Monitor it ideally needs to be 2560×1440 resolution (Known as 2K) otherwise the image is being downscaled (Of sorts) and can end up a bit blurry/fluffy. If your PC/Monitor is 720P then that could potentially look better than on a 1080P monitor as 2×720 = 1440. 1440 into 1080 just doesn't go.
    EDIT: You can of course choose a lower resolution on the camera, but if you can view properly at 1440P it will look fantastic.

  23. If you want a good CCTV system and you are on a budget, forget about IP cameras and get HD-TVI. Approx half the price for same quality. Limited to about 5MP per camera, but for domestic use this is fine.

  24. I'm a complete rookie here with these cameras…
    So I can't just plug the ethernet into my existing internet router? I need a PoE router connected to my normal router?

  25. I always like to put a line in sharpie through the QR code after I’ve linked to the app. unlikely to happen, but it just prevents anyone coming up and connecting if they chose to do so.

  26. hahahah 1:16 i missed that. The pommy accent is hilarious.Thank god i am not working in a electronics store in England i couldnt keep a straight face if someone came in asking for a router.

  27. Thanks for the review! I have a question, do you think it's possible that I drill a 22mm hole (i believe you say you used that) into a stone wall? Wood seems easy, but what if it's a stonewall?

  28. These look good cameras but could i just connect one to my Virgin router or would i also require POE one as well or instead of.

  29. Thanks for this. Bought one after watching and it is really good for the money. How's yours holding up and what resolution does yours record at? Mine seems to only record 640 x 480

  30. I just got the same camera and am kinda doing like you, buying them and then the NVR and adding cams as i see a need, BUT what I did notice on your camera was the Swivel point on the base of the camera……..yours is a much better design than what I have, mine looks like a ball & Socket type joint … the bad part is that its clearly shitty metal on the socket end and its has to be really pushed to move and i can see it breaking very easy it feels like as we try to move it to a 90 degree angle it feels like its straining the metal.
    You will easily out pace me as im a disabled guy with very limited income but its part of the reason im trying to put up the Reolinks BC i cant get up sometimes to see who is at front door fast enough and they leave alot of times ……even if i yell inside house im coming to door……this way i can use cam to see and tell whos at the front when i can afford that high dollar cam … 2 yrs from now probably.
    Even the 1 or 2 cams I won on ebay for 50 for the RLC -410 5 MP is on the lower end of price but as I said it takes me a long time to get 50 bucks so its why i went with the 5MP ..I figure by the time i get 4-8 cams but realistically ill have to settle for 4 BC of cost……only i get to the DVR which is 200 that will take me a year to save for, but by then yall will be on the new 8MP coming fast but ill be in middle road for quality with the 5mp still then is my hoping…lol. Anyway U.H. keep up great work young man ill sub to keep track of how you do.

  31. Did you end up getting the Reolink NVR? If so, did you install it in the garage? Do you think the heat and cold will affect its operation, or decrease the life of the hard disk?

  32. as per usual standard great review, how do you find the motion sensing on the Reolink, are you getting many false alarms from trees, insects etc?

  33. Here's a security tip for those of you whose routers supports it: Add CCTV cameras, smart doorbells, and other IoT devices (especially the cheap Chinese ones) onto their own isolated VLAN. This adds better protection for your trusted LAN.

  34. I have 4 Reolink cameras and they are shit. Very good quality WHEN they work but mine constantly disconnect and will only re-connect by removing from the house and having to connect via Ethernet. The firmware will also not update on any of the cameras. Reolink customer support is extremely slow and pretty much useless. They even offered me 8% discount on 2 of my cameras for the issue I am facing. I would rather the cameras actually properly work than have a discount.

    I do NOT recommend Reolink at all.

  35. Hi Great video as per, any idea if a "Google wifi whole home system (dock) which has a earthnet port would be sufficient enough too power this? Unfortunately have a basic set up ie phone socket which is downstairs in living room

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