Reolink Argus Security Camera Wire Free Review

Reolink Argus Security Camera Wire Free Review

now for the most important question
should you buy this camera hello and welcome to the home automation
X Channel today i’m here with cindy how are you today cindy amazing and Anika
I’m great thank you great today we’re gonna review the real
link smart security camera now before Sheila gets started let me
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when the content comes to your computer first let me read off the key features
so it comes with a 100% wire free battery powered device it’s a smart PRI
sensor and it has 1080p full HD quality it supports months of standby time and
it has excellent night vision the best thing I like about this is the two-way
audio let’s take a look at the inside so right here we have our camera and we
have just the regular mount over here and the great thing about this what I
love is we also have a magnetic mount so you just snap that on I just want to
make sure it’s high up if you do do the magnetic run yeah you don’t want someone
taking your camera away and it comes with the batteries as well as this thing
right here it allows you to open it up and really just take apart the camera
put in the batteries so that’s pretty neat now one of the features I like
about Tomica is the fact that we do have an SD card and that actually is able to
store a vast amount of memory and once you get a month’s worth of memory you
can actually put it into your computer and upload it there so that’s a really
awesome feature yeah and for only $99 this camera is an
excellent bargain especially the 1080p camera the PIR motion sensor is also a
very accurate for false alarms it’s great for night vision as well that’s
right and there’s also a two-way audio this camera is not for live streaming as
it does involve batteries so the batteries would drain if you did involve
it with live-streaming and also it only detects it only records if there is
motion involved so if there’s no motion involved there will be no recording they
advertise that you can get up to six months on the batteries but once they
run out you can always purchase the rechargeable cr123a batteries and we’ll
post those down below we recorded videos inside outside and at nighttime so as
you can see over here we have a video of the inside of our living room this is
outside on the patio and this is outside in our front yard
as you can see you can see people walking the cars going by now the last
one we have here is a nighttime shoe and you can still see everything clearly
it’s very good quality well now go through the app and set this up so the
first thing you want to do is make sure you add a new device then you want to
make sure you scan your QR code on your camera it’s just the back of that alright and we’ll set up our camera I heard the voice prompt to show and verify that and verify also
that you’ve entered the correct information after entering in your Wi-Fi
settings now we’ll also have to scan the QR code from the front this time and then a quick scan succeeds and now
Wi-Fi connection succeeds it’ll now connect your device and you can name
your camera let’s call this patio door and then enter your password as you will
and there you go tada you are all set up it’ll go over how real link Argos works
so you can go through that now for the most important question should you buy
this camera well we didn’t like the fact that the batteries are not rechargeable
because they’re not eco-friendly they’re probably trying to keep the price under
100 dollars but hey you can always get the rechargeable batteries for under 30
dollars for a pack of eight and you’ll always have four charged and ready to go
so when buying the rechargeable camera batteries for thirty dollars we
recommend this camera now for information on where to get it click on
the link below thank you for watching our channel guys thank you for watching
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  1. Thanks reviewing this product, that was exactly what I was looking for and I will be placing my order soon. You all look amazingly beautiful women.

  2. Lady with white and black strip tops needs to join in with the other chiicks..

    Guys! Where are you watching this video?

  3. Hi ladies! Thanks for the video! I’ve got another video request if possible for a problem I’m facing with my Samsung SmartCam security/nanny camera. Our teens are not going to school so they come home & tamper with the cameras so that we can’t see what they are doing or who they are with. I need something that can lock up the camera & the power plugs so that my cameras aren’t disabled or unplugged. I’m ready to buy the best solution. Is there a camera & plug lockbox out there that you recommend for those of us trying to make our existing plug in cameras tamper proof? The power source uses a power adapter that plugs in via USB. Is there some kind of rechargeable battery strong enough that uses a USB plug in to replace a wall circuit? I want my cameras either high enough to be untampered with, but doing so requires extension cords. The reason why I want cameras too is because our kids friends have been known to steal things & we recently had our basement window broken into.let me know what you’d recommend doing with our Samsung SmartCam. This is what kind of camera I’m referring to locking up in this comment,loc:2&gclid=Cj0KCQiAsK7RBRDzARIsAM2pTZ-x5MHOcJ9HbsfyrWvrqwihwLpjDnv4WCWQehwpbD4d4ew9nQlWsdcaApIAEALw_wcB Thanks again ladies!

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