Reolink Argus 2 vs. Reolink Argus Review

Reolink Argus 2 vs. Reolink Argus Review

Hey, y’all, it’s Rose, and today we’re going
to take a look at Reolink Argus 2 which is an indoor/outdoor, battery-powered and hubless
home security camera. Before we get started, you should know that
Reolink provided this camera to me for testing. They also gave me the original Reolink, which
I tested in September. But I promise to be objective as usual. And we are going to start by comparing the
original Argus to Argus 2. The original Argus sells for $94.99. Argus 2 sells for $129.99. So the primary question we need to answer
is, “Is it worth an extra $35 bucks?” Physically, the cameras are nearly identical. Argus 2 has an easier battery release, which
is sort of funny as accessing the battery has become less critical. Reolink Argus ships with a CR123A non-rechargeable
battery. Argus 2 ships with a rechargeable battery
but you can also charge it via USB, or you can add a solar panel for $29.99. Solar charging is what I tested. The solar panel connects to the camera via
a 13 foot long micro USB cable which includes a waterproof wire cover to protect your camera. The second difference between Argus and Argus
2 is the image sensor. At night, there wasn’t much of a difference
between the two while using IR LEDs. However, ARGUS 2’s image sensor allows for Starlight night vision, which is colored night vision. And that does make a big difference while viewing footage at night. From the app, simply press the button next
to the record-on-demand button to swap from black and white night vision to color. During the day, Argus 2’s performance was
about the same as Argus. Both cameras record in 1080p FHD. And they both record at 15 frames per second,
which is noticeable when comparing the footage to other cameras that record at 30 frames per second. Argus 2 uses a PIR motion sensor to detect
activity. In testing, I didn’t have any problems with
the camera waking up to capture events. Performance, at that level, was the same as the original Argus. The biggest challenge I faced with motion
detection was false alarms, and reducing them took trial and error. From the app, you can adjust the motion sensor’s
sensitivity level from low to med to high, but even still you might find that the camera
captures things like bunnies and wind. Unfortunately, the camera lacks other smart
motion features to help reduce false alarms, but you can create a schedule. Creating a schedule is a little confusing. Each day is broken down into four time periods, and each period is broken down into six boxes. Each box corresponds to one hour. And each camera can follow its own schedule When your camera is armed and motion detected,
it can respond multiple ways. It can send a push notification, it can send
an email alert, and it can sound its siren. If you want to store motion triggered events, you’ll
need to add a microSD card to the camera. With the card in place, Argus will record
events which you can then view and download from the mobile app. Thankfully, the experience of viewing events
has improved since I tested in September. The Playback section now has darker blue line
making it easier to identify events. Reolink’s also added a larger bar which makes
finding events and playing them back easier and you can now download clips to your phone. Besides motion detection and a siren,
the cameras have one other built-in security feature, and that’s two-way audio. Is Argus 2 worth an extra $30? I’m going to go with yes due to the colored
night vision, solar panel support, and the rechargeable battery. But is it worth a purchase at all? I was, and am, still at maybe. Argus lacks third-party integrations and also
cloud storage. But if you’re looking for a battery-powered
camera that’ll keep things local, this is probably your best bet. However, Argus lacks cloud storage. It also lacks person detection, sound detection,
motion zones, geofencing, and the app experience is a little bit subpar. But if you want a battery-powered camera that
will deliver all of those features you’re easily going to spend an extra $100. If you all have any questions about Argus
or Argus 2, let me know below. And I will see you soon.

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  1. Hello everyone. Quick note: An obvious problem with SD card storage is that the footage is vulnerable to theft. In response, Reolink is launching a base station.

    Argus will continue to work without a base station, but adding one comes with benefits. First, the base station will support SD card storage. Second, your battery-powered cameras will connect wirelessly to the base, which means that videos will continue to record and store even when your internet goes down.

  2. Another great review. I purchased 4 of the Argus camera of which 3 are posted on the outside of my home. As in my previous comments on your Argus review, the battery life is horrible, and it's particularly due to the many false alarms. Having to climb a ladder within less than a month is not what I thought I'd be doing.
    I am thinking of jumping ship to Blink XT for a try and if I like it, also add their doorbell coming later. Your thoughts?

  3. Hi Rose. Great review, as always. Does the Argus 2 have a completely different app? In other words, can you use the new app with the v1 cameras? I installed five cameras around a friend's whole house and I think he'd appreciate the scheduling feature to cut down on false alarms.

  4. So the Argus 2 still uses visible IR LED’s for night vision. I’m confused why, since it has starlight night vision for color.

  5. Rose what's your thoughts on the YI camera? Any suggestions or recommendations for a good camera to put inside my garage?

    I ordered the Reolink Argus 2 to go in my backyard with the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery and solar panel, your thoughts?

  6. Reolink just announced that they will launch Reolink Go on Indiegogo late March. You can signup for early bird notifications now. Inside scoop: they will presell this 4G camera for $149.99, which is a deal when compared to Arlo Go. The only catch is that you will need to add your own SIM card. Go is basically the same hardware as 2: starlight night vision, FHD video, motion detection, solar panel, two-way audio, etc.

  7. Excellent…Excellent…perfect video Rose. I like my Argus 1, but is the larger playback bar just on the Argus 2 or an across the board app upgrade ?

  8. One other thing you didn’t mention was that Argus 2 includes a camera sleeve and a better outdoor mount. The 1st gen Argus outdoor mount was pretty cheesy. But I’d like to see this package get at or below the $100 price point.

  9. Hi Rose, there is one thing I dont understand…… in another Reolink videoit says: " For security Monitoring when there is no WIFI". How does this wotk without wifi please? Thanks for letting me know!

  10. Thank you for your honest view and great points. Everything exist to make an inexpensive home security system I don't know why nobody's done it yet. Still feels like you have to make your own, DIY.

  11. Nice review. Is it possible to use Argus without stationary wifi, means using the internet of a smartphone as a hotspot (for a more mobile application of the camera as a security cam – e.g. outside the home area). If yes, is it possible to get notifications to another smartphone? Thanks

  12. Do you know if this camera will record back to a Reolink NVR? If so, that would get around the SD card storage issue – albeit the NVR is expensive.

  13. If you had to choose between argus 2, arlo pro or blink xt. What would you recommend for a security camera over my garage and near front door. Thanks

  14. Great review 👍very objective and I love that. Reolink should take notes and work on improving there product. A great place to start is in the app ! This would make this camera more useful and user friendly.

  15. Excellent review, thank you for mentioning the pros and the cons. A lot of reviewers love to mention the pros but either skim over the cons or don't mention them at all. The Angus would be my pick if it had smarthome integration with Alexa, Google and Smartthings.

  16. Hi Rose…

    First off…fantastic review! Quick question, what camera did you review that recorded at 30 frames per second?

    Thank you,

  17. Thank you for doing this review!!!! We recently bought an arlo pro system, but I have been wondering if we made the right choice. The argus 2 is the only real other choice for our needs, but I have looked high and low for an actual real world review with no luck. Until I found your video. Thank you.

  18. I enjoy your videos…I am looking for a wireless security system for my truck camper…could you address your recommendations regarding your reviews for us rv travelers. Thanks

  19. I have a smart phone but not sue what the band with is…I have my phone through xfinity or Comcast which I’d my cable provider…thanks Rose for getting back to me so fast…

  20. Yes I plan on traveling around the country in my truck camper and need to purchase a system that I can monitor my rig when I am away from it while hiking with my dog or checking the area I am in on my phone…also I would like to be able to check out side my camper when I am sleeping…thanks Rose

  21. Is the motion detection better in the Argus 2? My Argus one only detects people walking by then they are ten to 15 feet away from it

  22. Hi Rose, I'm seriously considering Argus 2 using the solar panel. With the solar panel, does it really keep the battery at a state of not having to manually recharge it, or would I eventually have to take it down and plug it in?

  23. Hi, thank you for the great video. I am torn between purchasing the arlo pro 2 and the reolink argus 2. Does the solar panel from the argus work on the arlo? and between the 2 cameras which would you recommend based on the app, support and settings? Thank you

  24. My solar panel is not charging my camera battery very well so im returning it. Which reolink is the next best alternative for outdoors use that is easy to set up.

  25. Great video thank you just wondering if the night vision and motion detection would work if mounted inside pointed out a window some do I have heard we live in severe winter area thank you

  26. 15 images per second, motion detection is always late. less than 9m motion detection so not really working outside. WiFi needs to be perfect to work with reliability ( I have 10m from my main router with 3 little wall between and I can connect to it 1/10x yes it s a nightmare but I found a temp solution : connect to 3G and back to WiFi sometimes the device work back again) ! the volume speaker is not loud at all… so don't try to talk to a person or hear the alarm… more than 5m. I would wait for the version 4 or 5 and not this version 2. ask me any questions and I ll try to answer your question.

  27. Yes 1 big piece of shit took me 9 shots to fire it up and connect to wifi then ran for 2 days battery flat and cannot charge it up so now I have a piece of useless equipment that I cannot use blue camera light turned to red and was not able to load the unit up again. Tried time and time again to charge the battery up no success. Went throughout all the reolink protocols but no go. Would not recommend
    This brand as the system has to many problems as some of the blogs will say. The one I purchased is reolink argus pro small piece of shit.

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