Remo + Know Who Is At Your Home 24/7

Remo + Know Who Is At Your Home 24/7

21 Replies to “Remo + Know Who Is At Your Home 24/7”

  1. This is a very affordable product that doubles not only as your video doorbell, but home security as well. What do you guys think? Thanks for watching and welcome!

  2. I think it's a great product, but I hope it has support for WPA3 and the 5 gig range because deauthentication attacks are becoming very common for me.

  3. Elric keep up the great work buddy I have been looking for a device like this for sometime thanks for the advise

  4. Try contacting jayztwocents or bitwit, and do a collab i think that would get your channel back on the map again

  5. How secure is this device Elric ? How secure is Remo’s cloud ? Can this device be hacked ? The more people connect their homes to a “cloud” then we have yet another IP address open to hacking, like public WI-FI, internet connected devices throughout our homes etc, etc, So people should make sure that these devices have a certain level of security. Nice video Elric of a very competitive product in this busy market place of door bell security cams.

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