Raspberry Pi Security System – Alex Strandberg

Raspberry Pi Security System – Alex Strandberg

Hi, this is my Raspberry Pi-powered
Security System. It uses a Raspberry Pi, an Arduino, a Pi Camera, a reed switch, an
RFID reader, and a servo to monitor my room and record video if an intruder is
detected. The Raspberry Pi Camera is used to take pictures and record video. It is
mounted on a servo allowing the camera to move left and right. The Arduino is
used to control the servo and read the value of the reed switch and the data
from the RFID reader. A powered USB hub powers the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino.
A single Python script interfaces with the Arduino and responds to intruder
detection. While the script is running, I simply push a button and hold my RFID
tag to the reader in order to enable or disable the security system, When the
system is activated after a 20-second waiting period, the Raspberry Pi plays a
siren sound when the door is opened. Whoever enters my room is given 15
seconds to hold a valid RFID tag to the reader in order to deactivate the system.
if no tag is detected the Raspberry Pi will send me an email with a link to a
video of the incident from a webpage. I can view a live stream of my room. I can
also control the servo to see different parts of my room. Let’s see it in action. [siren sound] [siren sound] Thanks for watching!

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  1. AMAZING!!! MIND BLOWING!!! Btw u got a new sub from me and also can you send me some quick email info on how to set it up please of send me footage of how to do it please
    Thanks so much this video was so cool

  2. can anyone help with how to send information wirelessly to a website, im making an electronic nose with local and remote storage

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