Quitar Zone Alarm del Inicio de Firefox Y Google Chrome, Bien Explicado

Zone Alarm is installed as a browser toolbar or as a home page . Here’s the bar. and homepage in Firefox first we go to menu -ons and seek Zone Alarm and … click on the Remove button , hence Restart the browser. ✌ ☺ Here we can see that the bar already eliminated It remains the home page which will eliminate in the next step In the control panel search the complement or program Alarm zone pulse to pulse right and Uninstall let it run the uninstall pulse to close, hence I reopen Firefox and verify to the home page has been restored to the original. Now in Google Chrome we proceed to uninstall the complement Zone Alarm I go to the setup menu and there to page -ons search Zone Alarm in this case has already been removed if you find only have to press the trash icon Restarts the browser Now we will remove the home page Zone Alarm for which I will look Google which is the home page I want to have in this browser Once I’m on the page of Google I go to the setup menu and then I go establish pages to start I’m just going to press “Set current page” get OK and automatically be placed Google your Homepage It is advisable to do a cleaning with CCleaner for which you can watch the video tutorial that is the end of this

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