Quad Video Multiplexer for HD TVI AHD Analog CCTV Cameras

Quad Video Multiplexer for HD TVI AHD Analog CCTV Cameras

This is the quad camera view of 4 HD security
cameras connected to a VM-HD4 CCTV multiplexer, also known as a quad video processor. Next, I will switch the output to single camera
view and select each camera one by one. Cameras 1 and 4 are 1080p resolution TVI cameras. Cameras 2 and 3 are 1080p resolution AHD cameras. This is the other 4 camera view that is available. This is the picture-in-picture view. This HD multiplexer also has horizontal and
vertical layout options for dual camera views. I am changing the screen view of the multiplexer
using the wireless remote control that is included. Next, I will access the menu system of the
quad using the wireless remote control. On the input settings screen users can configure
each input channel for analog CCTV, AHD or TVI type security cameras. Cameras based on NTSC or PAL video standards
can be used. On the display settings users can configure
the resolution of the HDMI and VGA monitor output. On the image settings screen users can adjust
the brightness, contrast, saturation and hue of each camera. On the auto sequence settings page the hold
times can be adjusted for each camera. The picture-in-picture settings control which
video channel is used for the main and sub-screen. Here’s how the VM-HD4 is set up. Up to 4 security cameras are hardwired to
it. This is typically done using Rg59 coax cable. The quad has an HDMI and VGA video output
that can be used to connect to an HD television or computer monitor. The video output of the quad is controlled
using the wireless remote control or the buttons on the front of the quad itself. Here are some of the main features of the
VM-HD4. It has 4 BNC video inputs. Each of those inputs can accept video from
analog CCTV, AHD and TVI type security cameras. The unit can run in NTSC or PAL video standard
modes. Users can select between 4 camera, 2 camera,
single camera and picture-in-picture views. There’s an HDMI and VGA video output. A wireless remote control is included with
this unit. For current pricing and additional information
please visit www.cctvcamerapros.com/HD4. Thank you for watching.

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  1. i am trying to find a dual multiplexer for use in a car. needs to be fairly small. anyone know of a name for this maybe its out there already? i really want dual horizontal lay out from two cameras out to one.

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