Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus – Product Review

Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus – Product Review

the Qolsys IQ panel 2 plus wireless
security and automation system the Qolsys IQ panel 2 plus offers all of
the same features and monitoring rates as the original IQ panel 2 system we
reviewed earlier but in addition it contains an onboard power G transceiver
this unlocks all the advantages power G brings to the table such as two-way
military-grade encryption up to eight year battery life and with the IQ panel
2 plus the second-best wireless range of 2,400 feet without a repeater and 4800
feet with the repeater also the IQ panel 2 plus has several
different models that will allow end users to use their existing 2gig
honeywell interlogics and DSC wireless sensors to save money click the show
more tab below for more information on specific product numbers in addition
when non-power G sensors are utilized they will not enjoy the features of
power G when an end-user uses power G smoke detectors they will be able to
enjoy the one go aldo feature lastly since the IQ panel 2 plus uses power G
technology end users can add a much less expensive secondary keypad if they
choose the ws9 LCD wf9 the only downsides to the Qolsys IQ panel 2 plus
we could find were the IQ panel – plus isn’t able to use alarm.com image
sensors because the power G module is hosted in the same slot the IQ panel –
doesn’t offer any interchangeable cellular communicator options
you can’t bypass sensors remotely from the alarm.com app make sure to
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  1. can this system use image sensors? I have heard that it cant. Also is it true you can control the security system now with apple siri voice controller?

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