Qolsys IQ Panel 2 – DIY Installation

Qolsys IQ Panel 2 – DIY Installation

Today I’m going to show you how to install the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 wireless security system let’s see what’s in the box you have your quick guides I’ll show you how to get you started you have your IQ panel 2 look how thin that is you’ve got your S-Line motion, your power supply a nice table stand that’s awesome that that’s included and look what we have here 3 S-Line mini door window contacts you’re not going to believe how easy IQ Panel 2 is to DIY install first you’re going to remove the back cover here’s a little trick if you try to pull it with your finger it’s pretty hard but if you slide your thumb underneath just pops right off next you’re going to plug in the IQ Panel 2 power supply around this court behind the clip and into the strain relief with the cord plugged in now we can snap the cover back into place next I’m going to show you how to install the IQ Panel 2 table stand I this to make sure it’s in place put your thumb right here and snap it into place if everything connected next we just plug the panel in and power on the panel press and hold this button on the side for three seconds remember if you need any help you can always take a look at your IQ Panel 2 quick guide now it’s time to run a cellular test slide your finger down the panel and hit settings advanced settings, enter your installer code , system test, cellular test, and start after the cell test is done we’re going to connect the IQ panel 2 to Wi-Fi swipe down, select settings , advanced setting, enter your installer code and Wi-Fi then you’re going to check this to activate it and select your home Wi-Fi network once your connected to the Wi-Fi now it’s time to check for IQ panel 2 software updates slide your finger down select settings, advanced settings, enter your installer code, select software upgrade, upgrade using network so I The IQ Panel 2 can be paired with up to 128 S-Line encrypted security and life safety sensors and up to 128 z-wave automation devices using z-wave plus now you can install your encrypted security sensors and your z-wave devices by simply following the steps on your quick guide using an IQ Panel 2 is easy you just touch and swipe away when you’re doing the built-in panel camera takes the disarm photos and sends them right to your phone. With dual microphones on the bottom of the IQ panel 2 can be used as a built-in glass break detector the IQ panel 2 includes Touchless disarming using bluetooth I simply leave my phone in my purse in my pocket and when I get close enough the panel disarms itself the HD photo frame can be customized with your old family photos using the micro SD card slot on the side and the LTE and Wi-Fi radios work together to keep you connected all in all the IP panel 2 is this smallest the most beautiful and the easiest wireless security system to install

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  1. My panel is asking for the user pass code, but I have never set it up yet.  Is there a factory user code to do the initial set up?  Thanks.

  2. So how do I know which devices (doorbell camera, external camera, sensors) will work with this. I am new to DYI. We have Vivint and have not enjoyed it..thinking about returning and going this route.

  3. First, I am blind, and I think these should be accessible. This system runs Android, but does that mean I can access the Accessibility features in Settings? If not, this is a major flaw.

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