q7 mini ip camera + subtitles

mini ip camera Q7 how to setup the camera content the camera usb cable sd reader camera support english user manual french user manual download the application by scanning the barecode or just search your app store for (9527) to download the application install the app start the camera and wait from 30 second to one minute now go to wifi setting on the phone search for wifi signal (Q7) and connect to it, the password is : 12345678 now open the application choose LAN and you will find the camera online to connect the camera to the internet, press on the blue arrow and choose wifi option press on search and choose your home wifi signal and enter your password press OK and restart the camera by turning it off and wait 20 seconds then start it, we need too to restart the application open the application wait to the camera to be online now choose WAN and type the camera ID and camera password you find them on the back of the camera now press login the app crash and i re opened it again now we have the camera online and we can access it from any internet connection wifi or 4G by this button we can choose the image quality HD or SD this button to take a photo and this button to start video recording thank you for watching, to buy the camera please vist our webstore at www.ledmesmile.be and subscribe to our channel goodbye

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