Pt.1/4 Escape + Evasion (Entry). Women’s Self Defense Ft. Randy King

Pt.1/4  Escape + Evasion (Entry). Women’s Self Defense Ft. Randy King

Alright, so, as we kind of talked about violence dynamics and how adrenaline works and the cool superpower that people get. We now need to go into the real world. So De-escalation, escape-and-evasion are going to be your biggest tools in this- in this fight. Right? We want to be able to either talk our way out of it, we want to be able to run or evade whatever situation is happening and we’re going to talk about where to go and how to get there. So for us, when we’re talking most about predatory violence we need you to go towards lights and people and I want to really stress, we need you running towards safety, not away from danger. Those are different things. So running away from danger is just a panic, escape. Running towards safety is a response. Right? They’re not called first reactors, they’re called first responders. Cuz’ they come with a plan. We also want to have a plan. So it’s always great to know where the exits are, fire exits, etc. Also good to know how fast you can run and for how long. But you don’t need to be Jason Bourne. You can be anybody, in any shape, in any condition to do this. As the world gets more and more attached their phones the newest superpower is going to be paying attention. Just reading signs and knowing where doors are. You’re going to sound like- you’re going to sound like Batman. because you’re going to know where stuff is. Like, how do you know this? We want to make sure, again, we’re running towards safety. Safety in this situation, for predatory violence is lights and people. As we discuss, if there’s- if it’s a lonely place or there’s no witnesses, it’s most likely predatory violence. If we take those away the predator can’t do the thing they wanna do. And we also need to understand that most likely in predatory situations the person is not going to work harder than they have to. If you’ve ever been fishing. When you cast your line. If your- if your line snaps, you lose that fish. Nobody that I know has ever dove in the water after that exact fish. Right? They just cast a line for a new fish. So if you are on the victim profile and then you put up a fight or you get away the predator made the wrong choice. I didn’t expect this from this person. Right? And they’re going to look for an easier target because their goal is to do this again and again. So if you scratch them up, they’re easily identified by the police. If you run into a crowd and they see you chased. There’s more people to tell them what they’re doing. A lot of people put social cues on to this, because of Hollywood. Right? It’s always stuff like- and again if a stalker- that’s a different situation. But even a stalkers probably not going to run into a crowd after you. Because then they’re going to be identified by the police and their job is, they want to do this again. So we don’t want to put emotional attachment on predatory hunting. People, when they’re predators, they’re just- you’re food. Right? And if you leave the next meal is coming. They don’t personally get upset and they’re not going to chase you, usually. And again, your reality is different than my reality. So your bad guy is going to be different. So if this isn’t tracking the situation you’re in, you need to use your own real world experience. I’m not going to explain to you what you should do unless we go over specific details. So running towards lights and people is having a plan to escape and learning how to move through people. So what we’re going to do next is we’re going to do some counter-ambush work, and we’re going to get you running. Alright, so we are going to go over what we call counter-ambush. And you’ve done this before with Sam. But I want to go over the real specifics. So there is- in a 1 hour class, I cannot make you stronger. But I can make you less weak. Again, just like running towards safety. Right? It’s semantics. But what we can do is show you how your body works and how to take full advantage of that for your size. Because unless we’re gonna do push ups here for the rest of the day. There’s no benefit to you trying to get instantly stronger. But we can make you less weak instantaneously. Okay. So, bipedal creatures. Humans are the only ones that are lazy enough to lock their legs. Right? So our bones go- if you see other species or bipedal, say, an ape for example, their knees are always bent. And the reason why is they can’t do this. Okay? So we’re the only ones that can. So far, if there is other species, YouTube correct me. So when this happens, we can do whats called bone on bone structure. Bones don’t use calories like muscles and tendons do. So they can stay a lot longer. We call- this is referred to in most martial arts, as structure. So we want to be able to give you the best structure you have. We want as much force as possible coming from this, going through you in to the ground. So the ground and planet supporting you. Not your muscle and tendons. Right? Cuz’ that’s where size makes a difference. Right? And that’s why we’re gonna use Thor here, because he’s a very good representation of a strong human being. Yeah. But also he has a ridiculous structure so it’s frustrating. But what we’re going to do is, the same thing that happens in our legs, happens in our arms. But there’s two gears. Gear 1 is bone on bone. Right? So it locks into the joint and from this structure if I push on Thor here. If he pushes back, I can easily hold this. I’m not really putting a lot of effort in. Because I’m not using muscles or tendons. I’m using bone on bone. At this angle, as well your elbow also locks. So when I’m here. If I’m using just muscle and tendon- So I make a muscle and I try and hold Thor back here. If he bear hugs me, he can easily crush and I can’t stop that from happening. Because I’m using muscles and tendons and he is stronger than me in every respect. If I use my bones and I had attach here. When he goes to grab me and he pulls. It almost looks like I’m doing nothing. It’s like a magic trick. Okay? So when we’re doing this- Yeah it’s really cool! And again, anybody can do this if you have an elbow joint, you can do this. So you could be in any shape, any size. This is going to work. So we’re gonna get you to do it, with Thor. So Thor is gonna hug you cuz’ he likes hugging people. Okay? So the first time, obviously, I want you to resist with muscle and tendons. So we gotta prove it works by making a failure. So go ahead. I’m gonna touch your hands. Go like this, and you’re just gonna resist him. Ready? Yeah. Whoa! It’s very easy, right? He’s a strong guy. So now we’re going to go over 90 degrees. So this is 90. You’re gonna go over. I want you to point your- we’re gonna get you to point your fingers. You don’t need to point your fingers, but it’s an easier cue. And I want you to think like you’re shooting lasers from your shoulders through your fingers. Okay. So as you put your structure here, you’re slightly over. Your forms gonna be here, and as he pulls, you’re just going to hold that and your elbow is down. Okay? Let’s try that. So, I’m gonna touch your arm again. Go ahead. So you’re here, slightly bent and you want it like, a little lower. Yeah. Think of pushing your fingers. K, now grab her. And he pulls. Nice! Sweet! Right? Isn’t that cool! K, so when we do our entry, that’s the structure we want. So if Thor came at me with a punch and I had a weak structure. Come forward at me. This is going to fall apart. Right? But if he comes at me with this and I have a strong structure, it stops that from happening.

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  1. These videos have never really crossed my mind. Neither a girl that makes such changes to her hair etc. The other day I spend around 4 hours watching more and more videos from this Sarah girl. And what I found was something genuine about her. That's why I subbed, that's why I find joy in watching her face, her expressions. What she has to show us. I enjoy watching what Sarah has to show.
    Btw. who wouldn't enjoy hugging Sarah (if that's how you spell your name)

  2. This series is amazing! Just after watching the theoretical part I feel MUCH more prepared! And the practical part was so stupid easy, it's amazing! 😀 Elbow power!

  3. FAKE……. Look At This… 1:34 where are knuckles conditioning??? No, no – Welcome to The Verdict – Fake Master…..GLOBAL – AMERICAN DEFENSE POLICY : promotion of fake martial arts….👊 No Pain. No Gain. Shut Up And Train 👊👊👊👊👊

  4. I prefer to just knee the asshole in the nuts and than proceed to uppercut his fucking jaw…but that's just me.

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