PS3 Test system – Plays PS1, PS2 & PS3 Games (All Regions) + Developer Tools. Is it WORTH IT?

PS3 Test system – Plays PS1, PS2 & PS3 Games (All Regions) + Developer Tools. Is it WORTH IT?

– Hey, guys, Metal Jesus here. Now, recently on my channel, I’ve been doing a series of videos covering PlayStation 2 games
that we did not get in the U.S. Specifically, I’ve been
covering a lot of PAL releases. And the reason I’ve been able to do that is because I’ve been
borrowing my buddy Reggie’s PlayStation 3 Test system. And it’s because of those videos, I’ve been getting a lot
of questions from people just wondering what the heck this thing is and what does it do? Well, we’re gonna dive into
that in this video because, honestly, it’s kinda the
ultimate PlayStation 3. Let’s take a look. (upbeat metal music) So, what is a PlayStation 3 Test system? Well, it’s primarily used by developers to test their games on final hardware, but this particular model
has some really cool features that’s also very attractive
to game collectors like me. The PlayStation 1 and the
PlayStation 2 were region locked, however, this particular Test system will play PlayStation 1
games and PlayStation 2 games in all regions. It doesn’t care about any
sort of region locking. And then, of course,
the PlayStation 3 itself and all those games was region-free. So, when you take into consideration that about 3,000 games came out for the PlayStation 1 worldwide, and then another 4,400 games came out for the PlayStation 2 worldwide, and then the PlayStation 3 has a little over 2,200
games released for that. That means this particular unit right here can play over 9,700 games. It’s crazy. And because it was designed to
connect to an HD television, all of those games output via HDMI, so they upscale and look beautiful, sometimes even with
little extra filters added to make it look even better. And it’s because of that flexibility, these units not only
ended up with developers to test their games, but
also some game reviewers and journalists, and I believe
that’s where Reggie got this. For the most part, this
looks a pretty standard PlayStation 3 menu, but if you
go over here under Settings and you go down to Debug, you’ll notice, as I scroll through here, there are a ton of options
you can mess around with. Now, guys, I’m not a
PlayStation 3 developer, but I did wanna jump in here and show you some of the more
interesting options including, right off the bat, look at this, they have the O Button Behavior. And I love this because you guys know that if you’ve ever
played a Japanese game on, like say, you know, a PlayStation 2, or I think even Metal
Gear Solid does this, that in Japan, the select button
is not the cross or the X, it’s actually the O. And it can drive you nuts
if you play a Japanese game and you’re not used to that because you’ll be constantly backing out of what you intend to do. And so here, you could actually set this to the way the you want it to be. If you want the O to be
Enter, you can do that, or you can make it the Back button, it’s actually really cool it’s there. Check out this option
called NP Environment. So, did a bit of research, and basically, this is a way to preventing
your PlayStation account from accidentally getting banned by Sony if you put this online. So, you actually can go into the keyboard and enter the word invalid
and then Sony reads that as an account that, “Oh,
okay, they’re a Test, “so, don’t ban them.” Here is Game Output Sound Debugger, and if you go into the menu there, you see a bunch of options here where I guess you can force your game to mix down into a scenario
where you can test with on different speakers and
make sure it sounds correctly and it’s mixed correctly. So, that’s kind of interesting
’cause you can take a game that is, like say, in 7.1 and
force it down into stereo, or force it down into 5.1, and basically just create
entire test scenarios to make sure, again, that
everything is mixed correctly depending on how the end user
would actually have their audio set up. Now, one thing that this
Test unit does not do is that it does not play
Blu-ray movies at all. And I was really surprised
to read this at first. So, I was like, “That’s bizarre. “Why would they do that?” And then, off the menu, I see this. HDCP On or Off. And I was like, “Oh.” So, what that does is is allows this to ignore the copy protection that would go over to HDMI cable. So, that can be very useful if you wanna capture gameplay footage, or Test gameplay footage, and you don’t wanna have to mess with it. However, back when this first came out, Sony was very interested
in selling Blu-ray movies, and this would have been
a great pirate device had they actually allowed
Blu-ray movies to play on this ’cause, essentially, what you
could do is turn that off, put a Blu-ray movie in here, and then through your video capture, capture a flawless copy of a movie. So, I thought that was
kind of interesting. So, it’s cool that you can turn it off because that way you don’t
have to mess with splitters and things like that to
capture gameplay footage, but, the same token, this
will not play Blu-rays at all. I even tested it. Couple other interesting
options here are NP Debug, NPDRM Debug, and NPDRM Clock Debug. Now, you can turn that
on or off the Clock Debug and did some poking around and basically this all has
to do, of course, with DRM. That’s basically digital
rights management, and this is a way where you can test it probably before actually going live and make sure that the game actually runs with or without it, but
again, I’m not a developer, so I’m not 100% sure, but that’s an interesting little
option to mess around with. Here’s something that I’m
not sure what it’s for. It’s called Pad Auto Detect. And if you do some research online, people think it’s for a paddle that you could potentiation
plug into the PS3, but I’m not aware of any paddle. And I, (chuckles) I was
reminded off the main menu that the PlayStation 3 supported the Vita. And I was thinking that
maybe that back touch pad might be what that’s referring to. I honestly don’t know. If you are a developer and
you’ve messed around with this, I’d love to know if that’s
what’s that’s referring to is when you have a Vita
connected to your PS3. Speaking of handhelds, here’s an option called
Adhoc SSID Prefix and PSP. So, this is when you connect your PSP, or I believe when you are
testing your PSP games, because PSP, as you guys know, had the Adhoc multiplayer ability, so you could basically play
standing next to your buddy with another PSP and you
could multiplay wirelessly, so I believe that’s a
way for this emulate that or at least do some testing. Also, check this out. Fake Plus. Now, I bet you that is probably so that a developer could test whether or not they have a
PlayStation Plus account or not, which would determine whether certain things might be available
to purchase in your game. That’s a guess, but that probably sounds
like what that was for. Fake Free Space. So, that’s kind of interesting. I suspect what that is is that is where a tester can go in there and pretend not to have very
much space on the hard drive, which would be very useful to
know if your game would crash if it actually ran out
of hard drive space, or if you wanted to test maybe
downloading DLC or patches and you wanted to make sure
that your game didn’t crash if it ran out of room. Here is Fake Save Data Owner. So, I guess saved games are tied to your PlayStation username. And I could imagine where a developer when they’re creating their game also creates their own save files that they then share with
the QA and test department. So, those files would come over there and then you can use this option to load pretty much any
saved data that you’ve got either from a developer
or even from online. Like I mentioned, one of the
best features of this device is that it runs three generations of PlayStation games
regardless of the region. And when it comes to PAL games, that’s especially tricky because PAL games basically run at 50 hertz as opposed to North American Japanese
games, which run at 60 hertz. And with this Test console, 99% of the time when
you just pop in a disk regardless of region, it just launches, and it works flawlessly. And so by default, this Test console will just auto-detect
whatever region its in and then just do what’s
necessary to get it to work. But when I was working
on those PAL videos, there were a handful of
games that didn’t work for whatever reason, and so, it was nice to be able go into to settings and go down and manually set the region, and that basically solved all my problems. So, because I was primarily
playing a bunch of PAL games, I set them to Europe, or the UK, and they just work flawlessly. Now, one that happened
when I was using this that I didn’t actually expect
when using PAL games on it was that some games
when you launched them, they would bring up with option to potentially run the
game either in 50 hertz, which it would normally
do, or in 60 hertz, and sometimes you can
even set the resolution. And so, it’s nice that
the Test system supports the different frame rates
and any of the resolutions that these games may use. I guess what I learned
from borrowing is that, in my mind, it really is
the ultimate PlayStation 3. It plays three generations
of PlayStation games across every region over 9,000 games. It’s amazing! But I need to point out ’cause I know a lot of you
are going into the comments to say it, and that is you can get a lot of this functionality if you put custom firmware
on some of the early models of PlayStation 3s that
you can buy at retail. But that’s not the focus of this video because I’ve never
actually done it myself. I’ve seen it, and it actually
does look pretty cool. It does look a little tricky, though. You have to be a little tech-savvy to make sure that you don’t
brick your PlayStation 3, and, as far as I can tell, it
doesn’t work with every model. But what I love about the Test system is that it’s from Sony. I mean, it’s just basically plug-and-play, and it just works. So, if you’re able to
get your hands on one, they definitely seem
like they’re pretty cool. All right, guys, I’d love to know what you
thought about this video down in the comments below. And, as always, I wanna thank
you from watching my channel, thank you for subscribing, thank Reggie for letting me
borrow it, and take care. (upbeat metal music)

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  1. My two hacked Playstation 3 slims with CFW can do that too. +Debug Menu and they play Blu Ray movies flawlessly.
    Finally someone who explains the Debug Settings properly.
    Great Video!
    Greetings from germany

  2. You should always cover the serial number of these type of kits. Developers are not supposed to sell them. I heard of Sony contacting Ebay and sellers to stop the sell of this kit and demand the kit to be returned.

  3. I've been looking to buy a PS3 Test system for some time. It's been very hard to find one in good condition. I've heard ones in very good condition going for thousands of dollars. Not sure if I believe that.

  4. This PS3 is the best. I got sadly later a PS3.. also a fat one, but no support for the older ps1/2 games I believe. They said "they had to leave that option out, to cut some cost" of course. You were just selling bad because xbox 360 did a bit better and was cheaper than you. You were kinda forced to dumb down your system with even less options

  5. i used to own that!

    Had "Little Big Planet" and a few others. "LBP" was great for 20 plays and then the game died! failed to work anymore. why do great games do that?! ill tell you why!
    Peter Molyneux!

  6. 3:14 I'm actually still kinda mad about this change they made back then. I don't see why and an x being "no" makes way more sense than it being a "yes". Of course that's just me, but still…
    5:14 I'm kinda astonished to read "Nausicaä" on the screen right now. Given you American People normally straight-up ignore that Ä, Ü & Ö even exist to the point where you just make up new names for german cities if need be. (I know it's petty, but I hate that.)
    7:22 Gotta say: "Fake Plus" is the most amazing menu option ever – if we go by name alone at least.
    9:18 UK and Europe are divided within that menu? Guess someone saw the Brexit coming way early. 😛

  7. Man, CFW on this thing would be amazing. CFW on a regular, non-launch PS3 uses emulation to play PS2 games and it doesn't always work.
    Also, I'm guessing Pad Auto Detect is for USB controllers in general (like a Logitech Dual Action). Not just a pad peripheral.

  8. The Debug mode is exactly the same as a soft modded CFW PS3? Does all 1st gen PS3 has this hidden debug mode we can't normally access?

  9. Yo Metal Jesus! Long time fan here. I wanted to see if you or Reggie ever had any problems with that thing running hot. I own a Original Fat60gig PS3 and I've had to perform surgery on it several times because of how hot those chips run. At this point I know I need to reball the thing, but lack THOSE soldering skills. I'm sure the hardware itself is similar to that Amazing Test console so I wanted to pick your brain about that. Thanks!

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  11. I recently bought a new old stock backward compatible ps3 60gb system and I was very impressed with Sony and that fact that they were able to immediately update my PS3 to the latest version.

  12. Ahh yes, you can cheaply take a ps3 fat and toss this on there. The capacitors will have to be replaced, so another $20 in parts, but if you know what you are doing you can get it pimped out and working flawless. Otherwise, good luck you gonna have a good time repairing the stupid piece of crap thing, unless you are prepared then no biggie.

  13. @metaljesusrocks Finally I did forget to mention, that there were no Officially Designed or Produced "Paddle" accessories for this device, the official manufacturer of many of the components in the Playstation 3's peripherals was ALPS, they did not design, sample, test or produce any such component or accessory. This extends unto and includes the Playstation Move, any such devices, accessories or product that you might see is not officially produced and either 3rd party or unlicensed. Neither SCE nor ALPS invested R&D into this sorry to say it. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @OfficialIntrenz , or make use of the incredible archival efforts done by the community & or consult alternatively with any one of the many active members it comprises of.

  14. So can't a Launch PS3 do the same things aside for region free play? I actually still have my original 60GB launch PS3 that I bought on launch day. Stood in line to get it and paid the crazy $600 price tag. Was totally worth it tho.

  15. I really appreciated all your videos, so informative and fun to watch…..and really love the must own ones for older consoles such as the Wii.
    I brought one of these Ps3 test units a year ago but have not switched it on yet but when I do this video will be a big big help.
    I brought this for it’s multi region and format for the older PS games especially for the Ps 1 & 2 Library but your explanation for the other features is an eye opener for sure.

  16. It's easy enough to capture HDMI from PS3 systems. You can use a reverse HDMI splitter to strip the HDCP from the video signal and then just use an Elgato card, like I do.

  17. Hey Metal Jesus, absolutely love your channel and I would love for you to do another PS3 hidden gems video. I’m approaching 100 games for my PS3 collection, all the most critically acclaimed games as well as some more obscure ones which suit my taste, but I’m always on the lookout for some more really cool hidden gems!

  18. This is so frustrating. This is the exact system I have been begging for and Sony has the ability to do it. One system. Plays every generation of games. As much as I love old games I hate switching through a bunch of systems. I would seriously pay an arm and leg if Sony every made public version. Keep the developers stuff off. I don't care about that. One system. Plays every generation.

  19. Besides the region unlocking and developer tools, this PS3 ain't that different from the 60GB fat model PS3 with the 4 USB ports. It's the reason why people always said that version was the best PS3 system because along with PS3 games it also plays PS1 and PS2 games. I have the 60GB fat PS3 and still play PS2 games on it often. I've been recently playing Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks and Extreme G 3 on it. I know we're in the 4K era of gaming but playing PS2 games on the PS3 still looks nicely to me upscaled to 1080p.

  20. Super cool to have a test system but pretty rare to find. You can buy a CECHA01 or CECHB01 and install CFW with cobra and you have all this and more. De-lid the CPU and GPU apply new thermal paste and enjoy.

  21. Can't wait until the entertainment industry stops milking the NTSC/PAL thing. That only applies to analogue formats, everything is digital now and your modern HDMI enabled screen has no issue playing the content in full color. It's literally used now to control sales in different regions.

  22. i have a slim dev kit not cfw and im able to play online and i have over 50k games for every console backwards that meaning i can even play gba Nintendo games psp Atari dream cast and way more its not hard to setup

  23. I have got the most perfect PS3 System. I have a Jailbroken CECH-2001A Slim.

    It can play all PS1, PS2, and PS3 Games. I can also emulate any console almost from the PS1 and back.

  24. So it does exactly the same thing as CFW does and even less than all my ps3's systems that have cfw including my fat one with the emotion chip in it, no big deal then

  25. With the PS3 savedata being decrypted, it is possible (with free software; can be done with the paid Game Genie PS3 Save Editor also) to resign PS3 saves to your PSN (SEN) ID and use them on your PS3 for its game.

  26. Hey Metal Jesus, being that the ps3 test system is basically an original 60 GB ps3, what has Reggie done to it to prevent it from getting the YLOD? Or has he had it fixed already? I have a 20 GB and 60 GB model which have the green light of death and yellow light of death respectively. I would like to get them fixed but I want to do it properly and was wondering if you know of anyone that has the capability and equipment to fix these issues.

  27. I would sell my soul to own this ps3 I loved my 60gb ps3 because I could play 3 generations of games but this ps3 is amazing I would love to find one

  28. Cool to see this exists but i just stick with my ps3 slim for ps3, ps1, bluray and runs a lot better than fat model. Cost=$80 on craigslist CIB. Plus a ps2 for ps2 games $40 on craigslist. Easy…

  29. @MetalJesusRocks – I just got done watching your reaction from the April upload when Reggie brought it out last and watched your reaction of really wanting this. I laughed pretty hard when I saw that this was a newer upload. Keep up the great content +1 (edit:spelling)

  30. Hi! Thanks for this video. I would like to add some of my own knowledge when it comes to PS3 consoles.
    I own one of these units but there are better (and cheaper!) ways to get access to the whole Playstation library. You should get a CECHA, CECHB or CECHE. The A & B Units have (like the DECHA00A) real PS2 hardware inside. CECHE is "only" doing software emulation but the results are also pretty solid. The key here is Custom Firmware. CFW enables the same features like the DECH does BUT(!) it can also play Blu Ray movies. Basicly you even get more out of these mentioned consoles. One of my favourite "features" that get added is playing burned discs. Here it is the same: The region doesn't matter. Ofc the DECH is a great collectable item but not really worth buying it to play games. My DECH died 3 months ago and still didn't managed to repair it but I recently found a CECHA01 in germany, so I have a great unit to add to my consoles!

    btw: Greetings from Germany! 🙂

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