Proud to Protect

Proud to Protect

[Thoughtful, ambient string music] [Gentle Piano] [First female voice]
People ask me why I do this job. I understand why they ask. My days start early, and end late. I get called out in the middle of the night,
and on weekends and holidays. There’s a lot to do and people’s lives
are in my hands. I see things no one wants to see. I see children who’ve been hurt and
neglected, and families in crisis that need help to get back on their feet. What I do is not easy but I know why I do it. [First male voice]
I field calls at all hours of the day or night, and route the cases to be investigated. I hear some things that are hard to forget,
but someone needs to be there to listen [Second female voice]
I see people who can no longer
keep up their homes and don’t have enough to eat, or who
can’t afford the medicines they need to live. I see people who are victimized by
their own families, or by people they thought were their friends, but I know why I do what I do. [Third female voice]
I work to create a world where every child
has a healthy place to learn and grow, a place where every child feels safe and protected. [Second male voice]
I work with our communities to create the
programs that families need, and I help parents learn how to overcome challenges
before they become a crisis. [First female voice]
When children can’t be safe at home, I make sure there’s a safe place
for them to live. [Drums beat starts] [First collective voice]
We all do something important. We negotiate the contracts and pay the bills,
so people get the services they need. [Second collective voice]
We go to court to make sure children
and adults have a champion on their side. We write the rules and make the policies
that protect children and adults. [Music tempo picks up] [First collective voice]
We support the technology we need
to do this work. [Second collective voice]
We keep the records, and make the copies,
and transport families, and do all the routine but important things
that make it possible to protect people from abuse and neglect. [Commissioner’s voice]
I see what you do and I know why you do it. It’s not just for a paycheck. It’s not because it’s easy or because
you couldn’t do something else. You do it because it’s important. You do it because it matters. You change lives and make a difference every day. [Triumphant music swells] [Second female voice]
I make it possible for seniors to stay in
their homes and live their lives with dignity. [Third female voice]
When parents leave their kids in daycare,
I give them peace of mind. [First female voice]
I help parents to be the best they can be, and make families stronger. [Music climaxes, then dissipates] I keep children safe and
make Texas a better place. That’s why I’m here. That’s why I stay. [Strings decrescendo, with sparse piano notes]

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  1. Anyone who calls your agency for "help" can expect nothing short of having their lives destroyed and their children's lives destroyed. You do this for public appearance but the true nature of your crimes is unforgivable.

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