Protection – Just Us Guys – Ep. 4

Protection – Just Us Guys – Ep. 4

Dad. Scott: Nine… Ten. Dad, can you finish your pullups after I leave for school? I’m running late and we still need to film a vlog. Scott: Why before school? Because I don’t know when I’m coming home today. If we record now, I can edit during lunch. Scott: Okay, just hold on. One more set. Dad, come on! If we record now, we won’t have to postpone TV night tonight… Record away. Thank you. (A la Karen): Honey, What’s goin’ on, what’re you doin’, why you gonna be late? Did you not read the school newsletter? My school is doing this add, and/or drop a class thing where students can try different classes and change their schedules without changing it affecting graduation. Oh, that’s right. Hey, did you ever check the catalog for a TV watching class? With how I’ve trained you, it’d be an easy A. They don’t have that class. Besides… I checked. Bummer. Sorry, guys! I gotta cut this vlog a little bit short. Filming in the morning, before school, while running late, probably wasn’t such a good idea- Wait, you have your gym class today, right? Yeah, why? Great. Hold on a sec. Dad! I gotta transfer the footage and catch my bus. I- Scott: I know this’ll just take a second, I swear! Oh, my gosh! Okay. Hurry it up, please! Okay, so today when you go to school, you’ll enter the locker room and most of the boys will have been in sports for years. Broken fingers, arms, legs. Their parents will have paid for jerseys that sparkle when the light hits them and outrageous hospital bills will have emptied their checkbooks. So? I play sports. You do all of that for me. Well, yes, but see I realized I needed to upgrade your… protection. You didn’t? I did. Aww, man! A cup?! A cup. Gross! I’m just accommodating for your growth spurt! Okay, this crosses the line! And in front of our subscribers? Really? What line? We’re both men and we both have stuff that needs protecting. Stuff that needs protecting? This couldn’t’ve waited until after the camera was off? This shows our subscribers that I’m a dad and I’m making sure my kid is prepared for all contingencies. Besides. You’ll thank me later when a baseball hits you there. Now go make me proud and shower with 30 boys. You showering with 30 guys and me showering with 30 guys are two completely different pictures. Yes. Yes! Yes. Yes!

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  1. Hey there! My dad and I want to do a Q&A video! If you have any questions, please ask them in a comment on YouTube, on our Facebook page, or you can tweet them to us on Twitter. Maybe we will answer your question!

  2. Three years later and I'm JUST discovering this series! It's great and defintely should have been HUGE. Do y'all plan to reprise this? You should!

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