Protection From Negative Forces: 28b: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Protection From Negative Forces: 28b: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

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  1. What about having a handicap child ? I am always manifesting and doing reiki for him…Now according to you sister he will not able to be healthy becoz he can't communicate or think…. Plz explain….

  2. My nephew is autistic , i give him reiki regularly…. Now he can't express his feelings , he can't talk….. So according to you he is unable to receive my blessing or power…. But I think it is not correct….. This rule is ok for general people….But not for those who are handicap….

  3. There are many child who are handicap unable to take their own responsibility … Becoz their thought process and intelligence is low or different….They don't know what is right or wrong….. That not means they will suffer until they close the chapter of their karmic account….. Sometimes it happens that when I do reiki him or channelize reiki power within him he seems good……. If I am wrong plz explain…… Sister …. Om shanti….

  4. ye bilkul bakwas episode hai ..kabhi bolty hai thought se sharishti …kyu nahi hota kisi ke sochne se sb hota hai kabhi kuchh bolty hain kabhi kuchh

  5. Shiv didi mera 1 que h ki thoughts k vibrations n energy b to samne wale pe effect karti h na?
    Jaise aap ne btaya tha ki agr koi bhot gussa krta h ya emotional weak h to usk khane me hum vibrations dal de ache to unki deere deere energy change ho hi jata h..ya postive hi sochte h kisi k liy to unk mann p effect krta hi h to wo kaise work hoga?

  6. Kya kundali preduction par hame believe krna chahiye kisi ss maine apne bachche k baare me kuch galat btaya to ab hame kya krna chahiye uski baaton par believe krna vchahiye ya nhi

  7. Thanks Shivanididi & Sureshbhai
    Really your all talks are very informative and helpful to everyone on the universe
    Will create satyug very soon

  8. But once u gave eg. That in train once all people start thinking that man will get up from his seat & after some time he stood up .

  9. 1) A duniya kyu banayagaya?
    2) hame pap, puny ki chakar me kyu pasya?
    3) hame 'parm dham' jana hi tho yaha knu bejagaya?
    4) hame sabki galti maf kareneko bolte hai. Bagvan hame maf knu nahi kartha..?

  10. Didi app vi achchi hai.
    Lekin…. Mujhe Sab kuch clear rakhna hai.kuiki Allah Ke ilaba Koi kuch nehi karsakta

  11. I M confused some time you say positive vibration works but in left u say till not respond it not work if think for child he good he will change u said other lecture pl clear it

  12. Thank you didi aapko Om Shanti aap Hamari poore Bharat ki bahut acchi didi hai aap ki guidance se bure vicharo ko Parivartan karne ki Shakti milti hai aapko bahut bahut bahut shubhkamnaye Hame Khushi Hai Ki Hame aap Jaisi behan Mili Hai Aap Jaisi teacher Mili Hai Aapka Hum kin shabdo mein dhanyawad kare par Aap Ke Liye dher sari blessings

  13. Om Shanti…..thank you very much Shivani didi….I have been watching and listening your programme for the last 2 years. it has transformed me completely. I have started understanding karmic account theory. you are like a Goddess to me. Regards

  14. Agar dusro k sochne se kuch nahi hota toh apne ek baar kha tha k ek akela b rista thik kr skta h vibrations dekr toh ye kaise. I m confuse. Plz clear Shivani di

  15. Hum koi decision lete hai to 1 st day hum follow karte hai par 2 nd day hum follow nhi kar pate us decision ko lifetime follow kaise kare plzz….. Give solution over it

  16. Yaar mujhe ye samjh ni aata inko itna gyan kaha se h kamaal h yr hum choti choti baaton me hi uljhe rehte h

  17. I'm tamizhian. I would like to hear this topic in English. You seed peace into me. Thank you very much Sister.

  18. m to aapke bare me soch leti hoon ki aap mere liye acha soch rhi ho or wait kr rhi ho ki m apne kam me success hojau or aapko aake btau or aap bhut khush hongi this is funny but m imagine krti hoon or mere kam ache hote h m apni fmly or aapke bare me sochti hoon ki u want me to be hppy n succesful tht all or kuch thought aata he nhi

  19. Meri apni Ma aur behen hi mujhe hamesa dukh dete hein,mujhe hurt karte hein…kya mere past life ki karmic account ki wajah se yeh sab hota hein

  20. ऊॅ शान्ति!!बहन जी,आपको नजदीकसे मिल्नेका बहुत मन करता है।आपको मिलुॅ तो कया अच्छे हुॅ मै,ऐसा लगता है😊😊

  21. 🕉 Shanti didi,
    peoples blame each other and just avoid their own responsibility abt failure in personal life.. Bramhakumari the best center to recognised what u are… To change of your life internal and external.. To change the purpose of your life.. To make pure sense of your heart 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🕉️🕉️🕉️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  22. This is the teaching's taught in Hindu religion proud to be Hindu and proud to have spiritual teachers like sisters Shivani and Suresh ji in our religion Hindu dharma jindabad om shanti

  23. Thxs to disseminate and appraisal of the invaluable and useful spiritual way to come out of dilemma and to face well and strongly the hatredness energies transitted through different mode of the carrier . I feel privileged to come out from similiar turmoil which has been sent upon me in volumes created and sent by own because of the progressive path planned ahead and jealous there upon who has been applying fullest mights and worths possessed by one dear and near in group collaboration to brake.demoralise or else derailed. Thxs so billions to both the true God's own people as holy preachers and immense strength and mighty godly visions providers who could self counsel to self and find out ways and means to overcome of volumes of the negative energies radiated upon keeping own white circle unaffected. High And Kindest Regards . Om Shanti.

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