36 Replies to “Protection Dogs explained, with Ivan Balabanov 2 x World Champion”

  1. Some great information on a topic full of honest misconceptions, as well as outright deceit. I know there is much more to touch on this topic and looking forward to future videos, and other formats covering the subject.

  2. How well one is protected by their dog depends how well the little patterns, routines and Markers have been stitched together in training utilising dogs instincts. I believe being a protector of someone else is not the dog`s prime goal 😉

  3. how would you rate kobe (american bulldog) as a protection dog ? he is hulk's son but videos have shown his intelligence in protection. but im sure you know more than me.

  4. Ivan Banabalov, I have been saying this for years and agree with almost every thing you said in this video. You are a inspiration to me sir and are one of the few that I can relate to.

  5. imagine how AMAZING it will be if someone produced a protection dog training video series featuring Ivan Balabanov, Bernhard Flinks, Helmut raizer, and Bart Bellon all working together.
    even if you tell me that videos series will cost $10k, I will still buy it!!!

  6. Ivan do you by any chance know of any good Protection dog trainers in england, in particularly by BIrmingham? Im not looking for a sport dog. Just to add some training to my dog to protect my home a little.

  7. I would like some sincere advice please. I'm thinking of buying an 11 month old malinois however the owner tells me he does not like to or is acfraid to attack a human target. Is this genetic or does the dog require better training?

  8. What I've learned from this video is I don't know enough to pick a dog at this point. I want one, probably can't afford a truly good one

  9. When the passion , obsession and scrupulous attention to detail it’s your way to learn, this is the result…. you are my inspiration since I know about your knowledge and experience. Thank you for share. 🙏🏼✌🏼

  10. Ivan-GREAT GREAT videos. I see you have about 10-15 videos on train-per-view. But do you have training material I can buy that gives you all the knowledge of what you need to do from the day you get your puppy and on? I’m getting a new pup in about 8-12 weeks and I want to get it right. Thanks!

  11. Awesome insights Ivan, makes a lot of sense. Had a question – in a litter, would the ideal protection dog always also be the most dominant one or will it be the one that startles the least and tries to investigate a bottle of coins thrown suddenly? Ie, what is a quick and reliable test for courage? And can and will such a dog even obey a normal human (not a commando) as owner when it grows up?

  12. great educational video
    really great stuff coming from a world champion i shall look forward to more of your stuff .respect from the uk

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