Protecting Kenya’s Endangered Rhinos: WILDEST ANIMAL RESCUE

Protecting Kenya’s Endangered Rhinos: WILDEST ANIMAL RESCUE

ISAAC LEKOLOOL: We need to know where they are at any particular time for the purpose
of enhancing the security. I have devoted all my time. I have devoted all my effort to ensure that these animals
are well protected. COMM: Black Rhinos are critically endangered. There are only just over 5000 in the wild
and the upsurge in the illegal wildlife trade over the last few years is threatening to
overturn decades of conservation work. Poaching for their horns is still the biggest threat
to rhinos in Africa. As part of the ongoing fight against rhino poaching in Kenya, WWF
is working with Kenya Wildlife Service and Narok County Government in the Maasai Mara
National Reserve. ISAAC LEKOLOOL: In the previous years we’ve been doing ear notchings and fitting the microchips
on the body parts. But this year we are doing a combination of fitting the rhino transmitters,
the microchips and the ear notchings. COMM: In February 2016, the team fitted 40 black rhinos with radio transmitters, enabling
Kenya Wildlife Service rangers to track each individual animal on their daily patrols. MARTIN MULAMA: The transmitters will actually be useful for two reasons. One, we will be
able to then, fast know the home ranges for that particular individual. We will also be
able to know if that animal or that rhino is getting into an area that is dangerous,
areas that could easily be poached. COMM: Once the rhinos have been located by the spotter plane the helicopter goes in and
a Kenya Wildlife Service vet shoots them with a powerful sedative. He has to be careful
as the drug is potentially fatal to humans. The ground crew hang back until the rhino
stops moving. They can cover considerable distances before the drug takes effect. The
welfare of the rhino is of utmost importance throughout the procedure. Its eyes are covered
to keep it calm and water is poured on its hide to prevent it overheating. COMM: The horn is drilled so the radio transmitter can be fitted inside. Because the transmitters
are radio rather than GPS, each rhino can only be tracked by those who know their individual
frequencies. The end of the horn is sawn off and drilled to allow the antenna to come through.
But as they are made of keratin, the same as human hair and finger nails, the horns
grow back at the rate of around 5 centimeters a year. Before the rhino is released measurements
are taken, it’s ears notched for identification purposes and microchips fitted. MARTIN MULAMA: From 2008 up to 2013 there was a spike in poaching again. We had to do
something in terms of improving on our skills on the ground in the way we do patrols. In
the last year, that’s 2015, we have seen a significant decline in poaching. In 2014
we lost 35 rhinos. Whereas in 2015 we actually lost 11, which is a significant decline in
terms of the number of rhinos we are losing. As people in conservation I think we have
a duty to humanity to ensure that this is a heritage that is there for our children
and grandchildren. That they can see the same things, if not better than we are seeing now.
So this is a heritage that needs to be protected.

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  1. Couldn't their be a better way to do that imagine if the rhinos came up to u shot u with a Tranquilizer and started drilling a hole in your toe nails would u like that? I don't think so.

  2. only man can hurt these beautiful animals there are some people that protect these beautiful animals
    the worst animal on this planet is man

  3. Cutting off the horn is what the poachers do too but they kill the animal. Does the transmitter cause the poachers to leave the animals alone as they don't have that horn?

  4. If i was a multi billionaire i would go live in africa use all my money to help save these animals and hunt them poachers down with a barret 50 cal

  5. Don't get me wrong when I ask this.

    What's so special about the black rhino that it should be poached or preserved? Certain species of endangered animals are essential to the ecosystem or for some medicinal use but I don't see it with this animal. As far as my ignorance goes…if the world didn't have this animal it wouldn't matter.

  6. why not bring rhino to the u.s. where we can handle poachers, we have the land and resources, seems virtually impossible to handle poachers in africa, those people are too desperate

  7. yeah this world is devouring by human..,so sad I love animals but why other people hunt them there so endangered now we need rhino In our world imagine 5,000species left in this world damn.

  8. Instead of chopping the Rhino's horns off, just chop up the poachers.

    Makes more sense to me plus it make the world a better place to live for all.

  9. Instead of chopping the Rhino's horns off, just chop up the poachers.

    Makes more sense to me plus it makes the world a better place to live for all.

  10. If rhinos use their horns to protect themselves and they saw the tip of to put an antennae in, how will they protect themselves from other animals?

  11. Instead of poaching eggs poach the poachers on a pan and fry them!😡if i become a billionaire im moving to africa and helping to save them!😓😪

  12. The fact that they have saw off the horn to keep it alive is sad. Humans that were caught preaching and any buyers, should be shot. We don't need these types in the world.

  13. These guys have the right idea, tranquilize the rhinos and take their horns as they grow so that poachers won't have a reason to kill them. The whole point is to keep them alive to increase the rhino population. The same thing is happening with elephants. Unfortunately, just like with drugs, if there is a high demand for the product, and people are willing to pay big money for it, the poaching will continue. Just like with China and all of the illegal animal parts they buy and use thinking it has medicinal purposes. Like with their killing of whales, dolphins, Tigers and such, disgusting! I hate to think that there may be a day when we will no longer see a rhino, whale, dolphin, or elephant in the wild because of such ignorant, greedy people. 😞👎


  15. stopping the market by putting sanctions in place against countries importing and selling animal parts is really what is needed to force them to do something about sales of animal parts in their individual countries… and education that the stupid ideas that rhino horns are NOT going to help humans in anyway used as a medicine or health product.. its all a myth

  16. Oh… It's the white rhinos poachers hunted to near extinction. I thought it was this breed of rhino…

    Still, wait…. Poachers are killing rhinos for Thier horns… But the horns grow back? Couldn't those poachers just sedate a rhino and shave bits of the horn off? Why would the need to kill them at all? A trophy mount?

  17. Hate hate hate 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  18. How would the rhinos try to defend themselves from wild animals if you cut of its horns while attaching the tracker? i dont see the sense in that.

  19. This may sound weird but black rhinos have always been my absolute favorite animal. I used to want one as a pet when I was a kid.

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