Protecting Endangered Vegetables

Protecting Endangered Vegetables

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  1. And maybe ..The higher diversity in vegetables will make it easier for nonveg people to turn towards vegetarian diets..I personally find it hard to go vegetarian cuz of lack of options in daily meals…And yes…Thanks to all the people like Dr. Prabhakar rao..Who are taking such initiatives.

  2. I have eaten all these vegetables in my childhood now whatever vege sabzi I make ,never tastes like what I have eaten in childhood days.these are more yummy when compared to now vegetables.

  3. Mysteries of nature becomes its evolution while forgetting where all originated or have been becomes mysteries.

  4. En maadana sir jaga beku, vegetables maaridare market Nalli thagolbeku adre yaaru thagolodilla !!!… aste alla rate thumbaa kadime helthare !!!…

  5. Amazing! In India we only had seasonal vegetables at our table, and never imported veges but now India is aping the West and importing food and Indians are slowly slipping into fast food culture. Imagine what it would be in ten years time if India went back to its roots and prepared their ancestral recipes. All these vegetables would be in demand once again

  6. I am a gardener, and if I ever get adequate land I will definitely grow unique and rare vegetables and fruits..but the only issue is free land as I live in urban area

  7. He is conserving these valuable genes. All this germplasm can be of great use to humans in the future.

  8. OMG i was not aware of that. Sir pls mk a documentary on this. It ll b not only useful for India but to d world too..

  9. My goD,,,,,I'm sEeing 1st timE of theSe veGetables in maNy colouRs….
    NoW I haD a doubt, he Nd mE leaVes on thE saMe Earth….

  10. Wow!thank you sir for this video. will do whatever possible to preserve plants and biodiversity, like you have said.

  11. Love u Sir.. you one in million who have brought a change with your love for planet earth… I am going to start gardening n play my part of preserving lovely plants

  12. Sir your garden is your richest treasure I have nothind but my respect to offer to you …… you can really start a online site for such rich organic veggies…

  13. Well, US's Monsanto wants to grow fruits and veggies where you won't find any seeds in it. So yes, people should collect as much seeds as they can, Buying them could get very expensive. Well done and well explained Dr. Prabhakar Rao,

  14. His work is very important. Monoagriculture is a serious risk to this planet. Talk about doomsday.
    What a beautiful thing he is helping to preserve.

  15. Gradually the indigenous seeds are being replaced by newer hybrid seeds.In my native Jharkhand the once upon a time popular variety of papaya found in Simdegga district has nearly vanished being replaced by Discos, Ladybird var etc. It is a loosing battle.

  16. We are proud of you and your noble work…. Everyone in the field of agriculture play a very important role.. Need more like you

  17. Always worried about vegetables becoming hybrid or going genetically modified but never knew that we had hundreds of types which gone extinct😟
    So sorry for our generation and future ones who couldn't see or didn't even knew of these.. 😐

  18. I'm sorry to say but Okra, pumpkin, kale, squash in his garden are not actually native to our India. I greatly appreciate his efforts of conversation though.

  19. Awesome sir,, India needs ppl like u…sir pl give trainnig to next generation if pos… coz we should protect ur culture n biodiversity… hatsoff sir

  20. Those who want positive change do not join politics, those who join politics do not cause any positive change. People like Dr. Rao, who are doing such selfless service deserve more than the level of attension we reserve for politicians and celebrities.

  21. Great work sir really appreciate, thanks for all u shown us otherwise there would be no one to remember this in our present and coming future

  22. Sale seed through Amazon or Flipkart, I will buy few exotic variety. According to me urban gardener will like to grow these. It just need marketing.

  23. God bless you uncle . U are more important my school education thou my school education is also great , but I just can't beat u on ur passion n dedication. God be with you always.

    You are a teacher too

  24. World has littrali gone to DOGS of🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 MNC's,politics,mafias etc.🤔😓😔😕😵😱😠😨😭😴😴😴😴😴😴😴 people, Governments r sleeping.

  25. please can somebody give this man a padma award for greater recognition of his important work instead of giving it to overpublicised bollywood actors??!!!

  26. U are really doing a great thing Sir.. to be very frank I have never seen majority of those vegetables..

  27. It's like listening to my father while he reminisce, of the once diversified availability of vegetables!

  28. Is this man sending some of his seeds to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault or does he just plant them all?

  29. Indians are so humble, good for him!!! Didn’t realize the variety of one veggie, finally feel like I learned something and intrigued

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