Protect Yourself, Protect Your Family 60-Seconds

Protect Yourself, Protect Your Family 60-Seconds

[Boing] [Boing] Families come in all sizes, and shapes. Sometimes, your friends
are your family by choice. Or sometimes, you’re just
stuck with Uncle Charles. Sometimes, you’ve got an office family. Yes! And sometimes,
team family has got your back. But, what we know is that you want
to protect the people that are close to you. Baby: [laughing] Man: [sneeze] The flu can unravel everything. Woman: [sneeze] [Sneeze] [Sneeze] [Sneeze] [Sneeze] [Sneeze] [Sneeze] [Sneeze] Your flu vaccine protects you and your family. No matter what draws your family together: protect yourself, protect your family. Everyone needs a flu vaccine.

3 Replies to “Protect Yourself, Protect Your Family 60-Seconds”

  1. The last vaccine was NOT effective. 16%. And don't think you won't get the flu just because you take vaccine. Your family is not protected. Lies lies lies. WHO do you work for? 1918 Spanish flu was caused by the vaccine. There is nothing new under the sun. History repeats itself and ignorance is bliss. Wake up sheep zzzzzzzz

  2. If I refuse your vacine, how does that put at risk those who have gotten a vacine? Thymerisol and other posions are not for me. Funny how there is a government protection against adverse reactions to so called safe vacines.

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