Protect Yourself From Negative Energies: BK Shivani: (English Subtitles)

Protect Yourself From Negative Energies: BK Shivani: (English Subtitles)

If someone does wrong to us, can we bless them? One thing we have to be very clear. Our thoughts and feelings are not dependent on people and situations. Our thoughts and feelings are dependent only on? Right now the lights have gone off. Fans are also off. It is possible that the mike will also stop working. Can we bless the people who are organizing things in this hall? Or we can think negatively about what kind of a hall this is. And say they are not even prepared. Although there are so many guests. Even the lights are not working. Is this how they organise? 5 thoughts that are opposite of blessings. When we create them and radiate them, Those thoughts will first flow through us. They will reach the other person. My energy will be depleted. Their energy will also be depleted. The energy of the entire environment will be depleted. And we say there were no lights, so obviously (we feel upset). My thought is not dependent on the situation. My thought is dependent only on (me). Light goes off and yet we can think – it is okay, it happens. Another option – light goes off and we don’t even create a single thought. The situation is so small that we do not need to create thoughts. Conserve energy. When somebody does wrong, can we give them blessings? Can you do it now? Close your eyes for a minute and bring the person on the screen of your mind. Somebody was not right to you. The incident could have happened recently or in the distant past. But we are still holding on to it. And we blamed them for our pain and our hurt. Today we need to change our thoughts. They are perhaps still doing the same Karma. Perhaps they are still behaving the same way. They might continue to behave the same way even tomorrow. I cannot change them. They are not in my control. Their behaviour is not in my control. What I think about them is my choice and in my control. And my life depends on what I think about them. My life does not depend on how they behave with me. Send them one thought very lovingly – God’s blessings and all my pure wishes for you. Let us say it together – God’s blessings and all my pure wishes for you. Say it nicely. It is not difficult. Isn’t it? What happens by sending this thought? Their Karma is at this level. It is of a low energy. When somebody’s Karma is of a low energy, If I also create a low energy thought, I come down to their level. So the influence of their energy on me will be higher. Which means somebody is on the first floor. And you also went and sat on the first floor. We receive more and more of their energy. If somebody is at the first floor and you don’t want their negative energy. Which floor should you go to? You need to go to the highest floor. When you go to the highest floor, Their energy will not influence you, But your pure and powerful energy will start influencing them. That is happiness. Happiness means not absorbing other people’s negative energy. But creating pure and powerful energy, and radiating it to them. Is it possible to bless someone who is not being nice to us? Otherwise there will be emotional wounds created on the soul. Emotional wounds get created. We start living in pain. There comes a moment when the soul leaves the body. The other person and their behaviour are left behind. What goes along with us? The thoughts we created about them – they go with us. We have to always be clear – of what will go with me and what will be left behind. What will go with me is only my Sanskars and my karma. Other people’s Sanskars and Karmas do not write my destiny. What writes our destiny? Who writes our destiny? Suppose this brother does not talk nicely to me. His behaviour does not decide my happiness. But how I felt about him And for how long I felt that way And with how many people I shared about what he did How I make those people feel All that will decide my destiny. It has nothing to do with them. Bring those people on the screen of your mind. The power you have given them to live on your mind and deplete your energy Take back the power. Look at them, send a very strong message and tell them – You don’t write my destiny. Who writes my destiny? My karmas and my Sanskars. From today your power ends. Do not give people the power to deplete your energy. Because they don’t have the power. We believe they have the power. But they have no power. Can we give them blessings? Can we give? We just need to practice this throughout the day. They will do their Karma and we Let us say it together – they will do their Karma, We will do our Karma. They will use their Sanskars and we will use our Sanskars. They cannot influence us. But we will influence them. Why should negative energy influence people? Why can’t pure, powerful, positive energy influence people? The world will change. It becomes Satyug if we just change one equation. It is so easy to change the world. The homework for one week is this. No matter how the other person behaves, Our thought should be a high energy thought. Our words should be high energy words. These days it has become our habit, That we talk a lot about other people. If you check our conversations – we are always talking about other people. And we are not talking very nice things about other people. The world calls it harmless gossip. People say it is a time-pass – gossip. Harmless gossip? Gossip is toxic. It is not harmless, it is toxic. By continuously talking about each other The negative energy keeps multiplying. Our energy keeps depleting while we are talking about someone else. Is it worth it to keep talking about someone else and depleting your energy? Is it worth it? No. Conserve energy. Save energy. If we think and speak about other people’s weaknesses What happens to our energy? (depletes) If we really need to talk about other people What should we talk about? If you really need to talk about other people what should we talk about? Speak only those things which increase our energy. As will be our thinking, Whatever we notice about other people, That will not remain there, but it now becomes a part of our mind. Our mind starts becoming like that. We need to keep our mind clean. Too many people’s Sanskars and karmas are living on our mind. How will we be happy? How can we be happy when there are so many stains getting created on our mind? This becomes one more homework for this week. What is this second homework? We should discuss or spread information about other people’s weaknesses or problems. We should not share it with other people. If somebody else comes to share with us, what should we do? What should we do if someone says, “Do you know what happened?” Tell them lovingly, “I am fasting for a week (information diet). Let us talk next Monday about this. Just like we tell people so easily – I am fasting, so I cannot eat this. When we can tell them I cannot eat this because I am fasting, Why can’t we say – I cannot listen to this or I cannot speak about this, because I am fasting? I need to be happy in life. It is for my happiness, my health. My family’s happiness, my family’s health. Just like that we spend 15 minutes, Thinking and speaking about other people. Our mind gets depleted. So the second homework for one week – The first one was – No anger but to be peaceful for a week. The second one is – No gossip for a week. These two are very big depletors. So how will the mind be throughout the day? The third homework is to not blame anyone. Even if you feel disturbed, never say it is because of them. The moment you say it is because of them, The disturbance will increase. It was their behaviour, but what I created here is because of me. And I have the power to change. Emotional health should be our priority. For us and for our family – emotional health is our priority. That no matter what happens, our happiness should be intact. It means water should not spill off from our glass – this should be our priority. To be happy always, the first thing which we should pay attention to, Is how do we earn money for the house? Money is the first energy which is entering the house. What do we buy from the money? Food. The energy of the money we earn will directly influence our food. The food we eat has an effect on? Our mind. Our mind has an effect on? Our body. As is the mind, so is the body. As is the money, so is the food. As is the food, so is the mind. As is the mind, so is the body. So if the money we earn has the energy of somebody’s pain, The money which comes home – if it has the energy of pain of anyone, Then the rest of the process plant gets affected. Because the first raw material or resource is not of right quality. Which means, first – ethical way of earning money. But we ourselves need to set the definition of ethics. Now is not the time where, what everyone else is doing is the right thing. We need to continuously keep elevating our definition of ethics. And our money should be earned in a way where everyone is happy and contented. If you scold somebody and then earn money. Then money will have an energy of pain of that person and their family. In the last 20 years we have earned a lot of money. But we have not paid enough attention to how we have earned that money. The world said that whoever has earned more money is more successful. How much we earn is not success. How we earn is success. How you earned that money decides success. How many people did you bless while earning that money? How many people’s blessings did you earn while earning that money? That decides how successful you are. So the way money is earned – it is the first responsibility of the energy that comes into the house. That money should not have the energy of anyone’s pain in it. So we should never use anger at workplace to get tasks done. Otherwise their pain will be attached to that money. Money is referred as Sri Lakshmi. Sri Lakshmi signifies divine energy. Money is energy. Money is not only currency notes. When money is Satvik (high energy), then food bought with it is Satvik.

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  5. Om shanti to you sis. Thank you for sharing this video on Protect Yourself From Negative Energies. You are correct in saying protect your energies. There will be all types of people who will not be the way we are. But inspite of all odds, we can still send them positive energies to them. Energy is not what people radiate, how we think about them. One day we will leave this costume and we will be carrying good or bad Sanskars and Karmas with us. Thank you sis. Have a nice eve ahead. You are and will always be near God. Tathastu๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ˜Š

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