Protect Your Hearing: What Noise Does to Your Ears

Protect Your Hearing: What Noise Does to Your Ears

I don’t like them as much. I prefer the
original. I’m an original kind of guy. …Made you eat all the cake. Yeah, you got me! (Whispering) Yeah, I’m not sure who brought the
cheesies. What? No, not the cheesies. (Whispering) What’s that? (Whispering) Huh? Oh my g– Nothing. Never mind. Wait! I– Relationships are built on communication. Hearing loss can cause that
communication to break down. But what causes hearing loss? When sound waves enter the ear,
they vibrate the eardrum, causing fluid in the inner ear to move
bundles of hair-like structures called stereocilia. These movements send electrical signals
to the brain. That’s basically how you hear. When you’re exposed to loud or hazardous noise, the stereocilia get bent over and don’t spring back. The more often you’re exposed to loud or hazardous noise, the more damaged these structures become. That’s noise-induced hearing loss,
and it’s permanent. So start wearing hearing protection now,
and protect your hearing. I really like those jeans on you. Yeah? I really like you too. Noise-induced hearing loss is permanent,
but preventable. Always wear hearing protection while working in a loud environment. For more information, go to

9 Replies to “Protect Your Hearing: What Noise Does to Your Ears”

  1. This is me. Every day of my life. Take this stuff seriously, as early as you can. It's not worth it. I'm 27 years old, and can't hear the humm of a florescent light over the non-stop ringing in both of my ears. It is so bad, that I have to sleep with headphones on, or the ringing keeps me awake at night. If I could go back and do just one thing differently, it would be using ear plugs every time I should have.

  2. That dialog with the girl makes me cringe, because I know someone exactly like that. Blew out his hearing at a young age and goes along with conversations JUST like that, thinking you said something completely different. It's tough to be around.

  3. Want to protect your hearing? DEMAND that YouTube remove or give an option to remove or block the miniplayer, since it runs on it's own without your being able to control it, and since various YT videos have different sound levels, this miniplayer is most likely doing ear damage to folks using YouTube with headphones on.

  4. Yup that is me.  My kid goes your not listening to me dad, My wife goes are you listening to me?  All I hear is the constant ringing in the ears. High frequency hearing loss sucks

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