Protect your endpoints with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Protect your endpoints with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

>>Microsoft’s mission is to help people and
organizations achieve more. Windows Defender
empowers security teams to protect their organizations. We are on a mission
to make sure that security operations can
succeed at their mission. The traditional methods of securing environments
are failing. Microsoft has developed an innovative and highly differentiated endpoint
security platform to address these challenges. Windows Defender Advanced
Threat Protection, ATP. Windows Defender ATP
is built into Windows 10 for deeper optics and cloud-powered protection. There is nothing to deploy
and you can start better protecting your organization
with these capabilities. With WDATP, we have
thought through the end to end problem to deliver a
complete solution that prevents, detects, and responds to
your security problems. First, let’s talk
about prevention. Attack Surface Reduction
protects against file-less and file-based attacks with host intrusion prevention, vulnerability mitigation,
and application control. Next Gen Antivirus
protects against the latest and most
dangerous malware threats. Second, let’s talk
about detection. Windows Defender ATP
monitors behaviors, applies machine learning,
and security analytics, and gives your security teams, the needed optics and tools, to detect, and investigate the most advanced attacks
across all of your endpoints. Your security teams can
perform advanced hunts with fine grain access over all the data in your Windows
Defender ATP tenant, allowing you to pivot and quickly narrow down
suspicious activity. Now, let’s talk about how you
respond to these problems. When it comes to
security incidents, Windows Defender ATP can automatically solve them for you. We use the best cloud-based AI to automatically
investigate new alerts. Windows Defender ATP
triages the complexity, and severity of the threats, and takes the necessary actions
to remediate it, freeing up the time of your talented security
professionals to focus on new and
more complex issues. We all know that fixing
a problem before it happens is the best way
to keep safe. Secure Score does this by helping security admins
run reports on your device’s security
posture ensuring that your entire organization is fortified against
the next attack. With Windows Defender ATP, we deliver an innovative
security solution that helps protect your organization from the most sophisticated threats.

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  1. can you help i have WWINDOWS XP and i want to upgrade my pc to WINDOWS 8 OR 10 FOR FREE can you help me and thanks!

  2. Is this Windows Defender ATP the successor to Windows Defender Security Center or is it the latter that changes its name and improves?

  3. Good to ride along side of ! Windows Company ! Dose the job of thrid pary Protection . And runs with it !
    Thank You Microsoft . Can Read it sys on Google though Microsoft Edge Hope so ! Maybe as easy as e-mail. account.Updates Personal & Bussness . Happy

  4. I guess windows defender is getting even better. But i will stick with avast for now. Nothing against defender

  5. Windows 10 is the most beautiful Opreting System …. and Thank you Thank you so much Windows 10… Love you Windows 10 maker's and please keep hard work in Windows 10……

  6. Windows defender has become more powerful and simple than Third party software. You essentially have features you would only have on expensive antivirus software

  7. Combination of Windows Defender, MS Edge, and some good old fashion common sense and you do not need anything more

  8. Can you update Windows defender so it's all ways on and can't be turned off and INSANELY advanced and can detect today and tomorrow's threats and also, can you add all of the downloadable games and apps to it?

  9. How i can test a trial of Central of Windows ATP if my email not pass in the subscrite, need a businness email so i´d like to try use to buy and i cant?!! I dont have email of work so i cant test?! So I think you should make it easier for people to figure out how to get Windows Defender ATP to install in small businesses as well, since I do not see anywhere in the video explaining how to install Windows Defender ATP together with Central management, I'm wanting know it to use in small businesses but I can not even go in to test it since they say to be free the test but already put limitations in the email to use? !!

  10. Make your products more transparent to find prices off, it's almost impossible to find your prices and licensing and/or contacts for businesses.

  11. Windows defender is the one that makes each and every pc in the world virus free by using relevant virus targeting from cloud base servers I hope windows defender should be developed more so that it becomes the most advanced threat protection in the world

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