Protect waman at all cost! – /r/whiteknighting/ #25 [REDDIT REVIEW]

Protect waman at all cost!  – /r/whiteknighting/ #25 [REDDIT REVIEW]

White Nights At your service sir, I’m a level five white knight Jesus Christ I’m only like a level three paladin knight squire if you study what I know you will be able to be on my level please teach me senpai Okay, I respect women so much. I Wish I was one tear to my eye Let’s review the white knight ready by the end of this video Perhaps you who’s watching as well could become a fellow of white knight and protect women all over the planet Respect woman’s this one says George Lopez with a sweet and simple response George Lopez. You should go back to Mexico You are bullying and swearing Who’s the white knight here those could be George Lopez Yeah, I’m confused Yeah I think it I think it’s people trying to – white knight people and then just be I have it though back in their face This guy was so proud of this Hillary Clinton me me signed and dated it fools No, man Fools no man can defeat me I am no man, Nick Bell 2016 this That’s beautiful Nick Bell twin. So glad I think we should start doing that and all memes Put it put are totally missing the copyrights. Yeah. Yeah, you gotta put your water marks and all memes So they know that you originally stole it. Oh Jesus. I thought it was jacksepticeye. Oh You know only a true white knight can pull up that face You need to be at least level 10 the face of smugness and at the same time their face you make when oh, I wasn’t wrong. That’s literally what it says your gender is responsible for the oppression of women for centuries and your race is responsible for the enslavement of people of color around the globe and your nation is Responsible for the attempted war of Muslim people were crowned worldwide and you realize it’s sorry They said you pull off their I need to take Some bad stuff Just post a selfie either post a selfie And skip the text. All right, either push the selfie or the text Okay, do you combine both and I hate you this guy’s sitting in first class right now while he’s taking the selfie, okay? Oh, look. It’s matpat male feminist. Wondering how long? Does he have to agree with women until he gets laid? I can’t tell if it has to be satire. I’m also not sure Jimmy’s seafood is savage today. Oh god. I love the company being Savage. Good morning. Peter crab emoji Ah, childish taunts are good for business. Apparently look, we don’t give you hair advice and you won’t give us business advice cool. Cool Yo, yo Jimmy’s let’s be real for a moment Megan Tara’s super rad. So trying to make a joke about her hair is lame a.m And is 2018 bruh? 2018 can we nuttin can we add chilli nut and they’d just be besties and For once again, her hair is super rad Your friend Kip. I cannot stress that enough Her hair is super rad hashtag BFF, hashtag besties hashtags thirsty No, she’s still not gonna date, you know J Griffith Oh rad effort right a forever. I can’t believe see me Jimmy Seaford came out of winner that one cuz I feel like taunting PJ so cringy at this point all your girlfriend wants on a Sunday is for you to take her to brunch while wearing yoga pant a punny t-shirt oversized sunglasses Her hair in a big effed up bun and for you not to talk to her while she’s close to her boat Look at what a gorgeous mess. He is. You don’t deserve her. So be a man Drive her to brunch gaze at her adoringly But keep your freaking mouth shut while she catches up on last night’s happenings Pay the check and maybe she won’t figure out she’s way out of your league Jesus Christ Why do men always have to shop women from scar lanes that too much to ask to look at them dankmemes that being interrupted? Smh crying shaking my hands so hard right now. Ken shook shook. I’m woke I’m shucking. I’m Why isn’t it called? No woman’s sky? The real question hmm free chicken. Why why is it not come ramming? Sky? Oh, oh Okay You made it Finally I’m ready famous guys The comments keep excessively harassing her and Twitter will permanently ban you you have been reporting Kadim male entitlement knows no is the rest of us. Keep going bad. You’ll get lead one day For your thighs legs and breasts Cindy’s is ass to KFC Your women not a value menu. Yeah This guy gets it does. He live inside an orange? You disrespect my lady in the wrong neighborhood Chad Damn, damn the fedoras. Oh And that lien? Oh, yeah, the one leg up they bought the bus sounds like a music video Why did the fedora become such a staple for? Virginity Brian you dress never worn because it’s too big for me fit size 10 to 14. Super stretchy material 20 bucks Leo would smash Leo’s about to just get completely annihilated Here comes Benjy in though with the save. What exactly do you mean by that? Are you trying to say that you would have sex with this women? That is growth. Uh-huh That is gross than the gross way of saying it. Seriously. You’re pathetic Ellen I think you were forgetting Maddie that no, you wouldn’t smash this woman is probably so far out of your league. You wouldn’t even touch Facts, I’m not a viewer stalking big deals saying stuff like that What the most intimate the human contact you receive lately is using the public toilet when the seat is still public done enjoy your little PS Beautiful dress smiley face Sara replies. Hey Jory, you’re Benji right back at you. My love o it comes real he’s mad Leo back, okay, excuse me, Ben. I’m sorry. You took my comments serious? I understand the purpose of your comment was to win female approval at the expense of your dignity. So I’m not particularly offended Wow, this is I mean, they’re both crazy in my opinion now god damn it Girls are so freakin two-faced and yes, I’m gonna tack her before anybody else. Does it so among my many talents? I love to bake which I was doing today. He loves to bake. Oh I thought say it to myself. Hmm, you know would be nice Making extra muffins and bringing them round two blinks house. No girl’s house. Okay. Nope Nope, apparently not you are a You were so rude and ungrateful. Oh He was gonna make your extra muffins How could you you didn’t even invite me in accept my present which I’ve gone to extra effort to make All I want is douchebags not caring for men like me, haha Don’t take it personally You’ll be sweet not very fair posting this on public status and you should be home her instead just giving advice thumbs up No hate, but if someone does me wrong the last thing I’m good at all Right your call dude I can finally call you out on your beers. You came to my house whilst I was with my boyfriend Oh Which you’ve known about for ages, but still act like a desperate weirdo trying to get me to go out with you I don’t see how it’s to make Knew you had to be if please a douche and I’m just saying you deserve better, but what do I know? Haha And just cause someone has a BF doesn’t mean another guy can’t have a chance with the person I wasn’t trying the guy can still get a chance and swoop in and steal you with with thongs condoms and extra muffins. I Wasn’t trying on my French god damn it. I wasn’t trying to be your bf just trying to have a chance you Surprised the old cupcakes and condoms sweetie didn’t work something wrong with that girl. Yeah. I mean the ball friend could have Ward the thong What a journey Emotional roller coaster How the white armor works please hog ‘native dissonance helmet allows rad femme dogma to make sense to him. It also corrects his male gaze That’s right eye contact is very important. He’s got the magic breastplate that allows him to swallow his pride and check his privilege Get the soap the soap the SJW sword cuts new entitlement like hot knife through butter Protective knee pads protects his knees when groveling at the feet of the nearest women while apologizing on behalf of all men I’m a Jackson my pants. Oh, there it is again We have now joined we have become what we hated ken what has happened to you. God has come full circle o Male family speed a Slight breeze and the old disappeared It’s a male feminist meetup F FEMA comes in. Hey guys, can I join no? Famine history is the round table meeting. The white knights are here. That’s a white knight. It is our duty to Stand up and respect women worldwide smash like if you respect women and for more info on women check out This is a it was confusing shout out ever received, but thank you. There you go kid

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  1. i dont have any good jokes except i was getting so pissed and triggered at all the comments you read in this video honestly

  2. 11:40 don’t forget the chastity briefs that he wears under the armour, forever shielding his virginity from the world

  3. 9:06 omg!!!! i laughed so hard but that poor girl! i mean seriously wtf is wrong with that dude??? lol like what would you even do if someone did that???

  4. WOOOOOOO!!! people are talking about Wendy's handing out sick burns, but Jimmy's Seafood got their game ON POINT!!!

  5. For real tho, I feel bad for fedoras: one momet they are an icon of a progressive early XX century Man, very slick, stylish and noir, then *BAM*: incel indicator.

  6. The dumbest response to white nights is “she’s not going to sleep with you, dude” or any similar response

    At least get creative

  7. George Lopez is straight savage! But seriously "Can't believe the old cupcakes and condoms trick" failed 😂🤣😂🤣

  8. Well pewds I am a level 17 white knight but even though I am a higher level you, somehow your wamen respecting powers combat mine, HOW!!

  9. The👏🏻fedora👏🏼 isn't👏🏽cringy👏🏾the👏🏿trilby👏🏻is👏🏼the👏🏽cringy👏🏾one👏🏿

  10. Background music? Sounds like Electric Relaxation by ATCQ pitched slightly higher, but I'm not 100%. Would like to know, thanks!

  11. Check my channel created date
    I’ve been the true white knight 😈
    Like=1 Bowel
    Also=999999 bro butt fists

  12. We should respect everyone.

    And yes, it is respectful to tell someone that they are wrong, so they don’t humiliate themselves or get themselves killed.

  13. White people with white guilt are the worst racist hypocrites in the world. They basically apologize for their greatness which is just bragging with extra steps. Cringe

  14. i know this video is old but the angry battle drum music while they read the extra muffins story is KILLING me

  15. Funny how being a white knight actually worked for me like three times.
    In the end my nihilism screwed me over each time though so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  16. Your BF’s a douche, but i am not a douche, as evidenced by my condoms and thong, i baked you a muffin so you should let me double-team you with your BF because we’re both not douches

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