Protect the Boreal Forest

Protect the Boreal Forest

(uptempo orchestral music) (birds chirping) – Canada’s boreal forest
is one of the most massive and important forests in the world. It is a forest of enormous cultural and environmental importance. Vast areas of Canada’s boreal forest are untouched and provide refuge to a rich number of species,
including endangered species such as boreal caribou,
grizzly bears, and wolverines. I think many people would be surprised at how important the boreal forest is to North America’s songbird population. Each year, between three
to five billion songbirds go to the boreal forest to nest and then return in places
throughout the entire continent and South America as well. The boreal forest plays a critical role in protecting our climate
from carbon emissions. The entire Canadian boreal contains over 300 billion tons of carbon. And in that number, it’s
hard to get your head around, but it is essentially as much carbon as the world emits over 36 years. So it’s very difficult to overstate how important a role the boreal plays in regulating our earth’s climate. The boreal forest is under
constant threat from industry. (chainsaw buzzing) Perhaps the largest threat
is industrial logging. Over the last 20 years,
25.4 million acres, an area the size of
Kentucky, has been clearcut. Logging results in nearly 20,000 miles of logging road crisscrossing
throughout the boreal, isolating forest stands and
the species that live there, making them more susceptible
to loss of biodiversity and the stands themselves
susceptible to loss from forest fires and insect infestations. We’re also seeing the threat
of tar sands production in the boreal. Tar sands extraction is an
incredibly damaging process that requires clearcutting large tracts of forest for open mines
and fragmenting other tracts to extract tar sands oil
from deep underground. These industrial sites
also pollute the air and water sources of nearby
indigenous communities. (crowd cheering)
(uptempo orchestral music) I’ve seen what people can
do when coming together and facing an issue head on. This is a part of the
world that’s still wild. It’s home to a rich
biodiversity for North America and is central to the lives
and cultural practices of over a million indigenous peoples. It also plays an indispensable role in helping us win the fight
against climate change. And that’s why it’s so critical that we take every action
we can to protect it. (slow piano music) (moves into uptempo orchestral music) (uptempo orchestral music)

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  2. An inspiring film. We have a short Vlog from one of the #GuardiansofOurForest, tropical forests specifically, explaining his daily routine that you might be interested in:

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