Protect Paradise: An Animation about Palm Oil

Protect Paradise: An Animation about Palm Oil

There’s a good chance that you use palm oil every day. without even knowing about it. It’s an ingredient in products as diverse as shampoo, toothpaste, chocolate, and detergent and even sometimes used in the fuel in our cars. It’s virtually everywhere. But some palm oil has a dirty secret. Forest destruction. Indonesia’s rainforests are being cleared to make way for palm oil plantations. Indonesia is a treasure chest of biodiversity. It is home to up to 15 percent of all known species of plants, mammals and birds. But their homes are disappearing, with as few as 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. The lives of millions of Indonesians who depend on the forests
are also changing beyond recognition. From land conflicts, to forest fires and displacement. And that’s not to mention the impact forest destruction has on our climate. Indonesia’s peat lands are vast, storing about 35 billion tonnes of carbon. When they’re drained, burned and replaced by plantations, the conditions are set for devastating forest fires. and the stored carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. So that’s what we risk if forests are destroyed. But how does this affect you? Palm oil plantations sell their palm oil fruit to traders. From there, it’s sold to huge corporations that make products we find on our supermarket shelves. This is how dirty palm oil is laundered through global markets. But tiger and forest friendly palm oil is possible. The world’s biggest trader has already committed to sustainable palm oil, and other big brands are following suit, by cleaning up their supply chains. You have the power to make it happen. Remember those household brands you use? Well, it’s time they made a commitment. to be tiger and forest friendly. Join the movement to Protect Paradise. Protect Paradise.
Fearless for forest.

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  1. How about telling us which brands are forest-friendly or not? Find the low-hanging fruit: focus on action that is engaging and easy.

  2. I love the name Greenpeace and all they do. Another name I love is the Rainbow Warrior .
    Thanks to Greenpeace for their educational videos . We all should be sharing these videos on facebook and other  social medias.Peace2Uall.

  3. So now that they've cleared enough land to sustain their palm oil productivity we can stop deforestation. How about restoring some of the forests and using less palm oil? Are the products we use really a need as far as our nutrition or as a biofuel? How about fixing Indonesia's forest governance before we decide that this is sustainable palm oil. How about we take a look at Indonesia's REDD+ program and how it focuses only on one aspect being mainly carbon stocks and allows other "low" carbon forests to be cleared.  Anybody notice that their moratorium on deforestation of peat lands focused on lands that were already protected from palm oil? What is your definition of sustainable palm oil Greenpeace? 

  4. It is fare to add that the same amount of oil is produced from 1 aker of Palm trees and from 30 akers of Corn and Soy bean plantations, so instead of fixating on Palm oil it's better to concentrate on Soy and Corn industry. You have the power to make it happen, but if you stop Palm oil without Corn or Soy, you'll do a HUGE amount of damage to human health and planet ecology. Extra Virgin Red Palm Oil is very good for human health.

    Not to mention that Corn and Soy oils are
    1) Usually GMO
    2) Are highly unstable, so they go rancid in a refinement process. Unlike Palm  Oil, It's not that refined Palm oil is super good for your health, but it's highly stable and is a better alternative to any refined vegetable oil.
    3) Refined with hexane(a fraction of gasoline) which is highly polutant
    4) Use 30 times more space – meaning more deforestation than Palm Oil
    5) They are bad for human health, obviously.

  5. dont forget malaysian forests too as malaysia is second largest producer of palm oil after indonesia. lets protect rainforest of southeast asia 🙂

  6. Great graphic but the supermarket shopping background music is not appropriate – so much of our media is desensitizing please change the music, thanks Greenpeace

  7. You have convinced me, I admit I have bought red palm oil in the past but am not going to  by in the future, we all need to boycott this oil.

  8. as economic isue is it true reason?,
    or there is some other reason, what the motive
    "to make palm oil so bad"
    if you are human,
    may be you eat well, sleep well
    but there is other people doesn't like that,
    actually people on the site of palm oil plantation live under border that people call "poverty",
    when good governance practice on palm oil plantation,
    management work properly,
    and than made that people live more better,
    why not?
    if there is no next generation because you can't live well,
    how could be there is the next generation of them have any respect if that generation are doesn't exist?
    if this generation of that people die because poverty, dangerous food without money for buying some drug or pay medical action for healthy when they are sick?
    about medic from forest,
    actually people on many site of palm oil plantation already consume that medical produce by chemical enginering, or pharmacoligic on the pharmacologic industry,
    because so many people does not use any medic like 'natural medic' on the reason efectivness and safety,
    are you will use any medic that also can harm your body?
    because you rich so are you has the right made some story that keep poor people on their poverty,
    if you said yes, what kind of human are you?

  9. This is trully black campaign from develop country to development country like Indonesia for economic reason. Think again before judging. Indonesia still have large forest which they called the "world lung". Don't judge as you like because you are come from develop country. Think again that you have more mass manufacturing that "donate" more Co2 that make global warming. Taking care your own country issue better than gave negative comment.

  10. Who gives a fuck! I don't live in the stinking rain forest. You people just want to shut down the economy. Humans first. Tigers would eat us. Chimps would rip our faces off! It doesn't have to be pine trees! Palm trees are okay too! FUCK you people need to get a brain.

  11. I bet most people commenting here never own a palm oil plantation, or work in one or at least visited it before…let me say a palm oil plantation is just another form of jungle…only there's no tree, just palm oil trees, so vast that you could get lost in them….and yes there is wildlife there…wild boars, tigers, snakes, owls, mice feeding the palm oil fruit, etc…nature adapts…unlike other types like soy or corn where with each harvest you destroy the land with ploughing and tilling and whatever farmers do…do you see any wild ecosytem in corn or soy farm similar to that of a palm oil plantation? So yeah, palm oil plantation provide a living for the people and still provide an ecosystem to wildlife…not as best a a virgin jungle but at least it's a win-win solution….

  12. can you guys share this super duper secret solution?
    so that we can criticize if its gonna work or its a super ridiculous idea that are very common among the ignorants? or at least point me to a resource where the secret solution is documented.

  13. Someday i want to see the trees rise up, get axes, and run around murdering humans by chopping off their feet and cutting the rest to use as fire"wood".

  14. Do we care more about the humans who live in this world or everything else in here? I believe in the end the question comes or will come to this…

  15. Your the guys how started whale wars FUCK YOU hundreds of Japanese workers are homeless ,starving and after Fukushima what are you doing killing a whole country they don't have the land to grow food for there people to so fishing is bad for you whaling is bad for you what's next we can't eat we have to starve and GESS what we need oil for trucks to give food from the harbor to the store where you buy your shit so yea until they ding a new energy or find one shove your protest signs up your ass.

  16. what a hypocrite, China, USA, UK, and rest of rich nation also do the deforestation in the past when they are into the rich.
    When Indonesia want into the rich, they suddenly ask to stop what Indonesia doing, those rain forest didn't provide us MONEY.
    If rest of the world want us to keep the rainforest intact, they should give us $ 350 Billion every year, after all it's a very cheap price consider that those rain forest is very important for the world.

  17. Well, millions have been invested into sustainable palm oil production, but in the end, the auditors still demand more and the guidelines become more and more stringent every year. I think they may be out to kill the palm oil industry which by the way sustains the livelihood of millions of people and their families in the asia pacific and african region.

    And…speaking of carbon dioxide, the hole in the ozone layer was already there before oil palm was being widely cultivated. I suspect this is all bullshit. Well done lobbyists and competing vegetable oil capitalists. Hiding the fact that this oil is much too wonderful and of better quality than theirs, and then lobbying their governments and environmental groups to go against palm oil producers. Not to mention health advocates. Pfhh.

    If you really want to save the world, don't drive or use anything that uses energy. Stop using your Ipad, Ipod, Ipeg or whatever. Just walk and become an agrarian society.

  18. Why focus on palm oil, why not land for livestock, etc, if we don’t use palm oil we will still need a replacement oil..

  19. Has it ever occured to these hippies why we use palm oil? Not only is it the most economical way of producing large amounts of consumable oil but pound for pound produces more oil than any other plant. What would we replace it with? and surely the replacements would use more land to get the same amount of oil?

  20. SO WHAT IS THE SOLUTION TO REPLACE PALM OIL?? you want us to consume the toxic & cancerous soybean oil? at least, palm oil produce more oil than all the puny vegetable oil such as soy, sunflower, etc.
    If you compare the soybean plantation with palm oil plantation, the palm oil produce more oxygen thus help in reducing global warming effects.

    If you want make a campaign like this be fair, attack also the deforestation of Amazon forest cause by soybean plantation and other puny vegetable oil.

  21. Nice story, nice drawings… but you cannot create a campaign by presenting a problem without giving any solutions (or in this case, alternatives).

    Other products will have to be used to replace palm oil, and when you do not provide any information on these products and their impact on deforestation… the campaign is useless.

  22. Logically enriching the peasants as we have enriched our own to be able to be anti-fraking. This prevents deforestation.

  23. AMERICA was also HOME for many species of animal and INDIAN people..but their home are dissapearing since (european came) their FORESTS became metropole for along long ago..stop this (bullshit) campaign without any better solution.Some of silly country can't plant that Palm oil.. Palm Oil is one of Indonesian's power and future.. Palm Oil are producing 02 to and catch CO2,right?

  24. ok.. did this video not elaborate, or I may have missed it. But what is this sustainable palm oil method? Could someone explain?

  25. Problem with these issues is that no one gives a shit enough to do anything about it. One solution sweaps the other issues under the rugg.

  26. I wanna know is palm oil in oreos unethical? They are vegan by accident so they don't claim to be kind..I love oeros but if they are unethical I won't eat them =

  27. Vegetable oil is toxic and will kill you. Cancer causing. And the western world is asking people to eat vegetable oil and boycott palm oil?

  28. God damn corporations that dont give a fuck about the Earth or consumers, only $$$$$$$$$€€€€€€€€££££££££¥¥¥¥¥¥¥

  29. fact #1: palm oil has the highest yield per hectare among any vegetable oil crop
    fact #2: palm oil requires less fertilizer than corn, hemp, soybean and sunflower, thus have a lesser impact on nature
    fact #3: palm oil produces more oxygen and absorbs far more CO2 than any other crop.
    fact #4: palm oil produce the least wastage from production than any other kind of vegetable oil crop
    fact #4: palm oil is healthier than corn oil or sunflower oil, because of its higher tolerance to temperature (higher oxidation temperature)

  30. Palm oil is a wonder product, but the way we produce it is not sustainable. While we should not abolish this industry, we also should not let it take it's toll on valuable life, like this deforestation. There many other sustainable ways of producing it.

  31. There's an awesome app called Buycott which lets you scan product barcodes, or search for them and then tells you if the company that makes them is doing anything dodgy – e.g. using palm oil, destroying rainforests, etc. It's awesome – yay for informed choices!

  32. Thanks for the information, and the absence of a fucking solution or a link in the description that works. THIS is why nothing gets done!

  33. Ya! Our land is limited, we need to ops for the crop has highest yield per hectare. Palm oil is the best choice!
    All friends , please wake-up. Rapeseed, corn, soy, sunflower and olive, all got no match against palm oil as greenest source of edible oil and renewable energy.

  34. I really wish this video mentioned how we can help. "join a movement" is great, but most people wouldn't know where to start. Maybe the RSPO app by Cheyanne Mountain Zoo?

  35. let natural selection decide the pros cons never ending, what we need is proof, if this is true black campaign? you are in danger

  36. I don't even buy champoos containing palm oil, I am very careful concerning this issue of palm oil. By consuming such products, we are directly contributing to this bad impact on our planet and than to our selves and the generations coming after us. I hope that people would be more aware of this subject..

  37. All countries had land and forests…. But they made their choices for money….Now they want other countries to not make their own choices of deforestation… Pure Hypocrisy…
    Leave Indonesia alone…i will consume palm oil…

  38. So hypocritical of Americans to complain about the burning of forests in other countries when they themselves create far more carbon dioxide from their own greedy lifestyles.

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