Protect Alder Creek

Protect Alder Creek

This particular property, this 530 acres, is the best of what’s left. It is the jewel of the crown. Of the 1,100 acres of giant sequoias that are currently unprotected, this single property encompasses about 40% of that remaining acreage. So, it’s a pretty significant component of the range. The Stagg Tree is a monster. Honestly, it is just huge. You forget that it’s a living thing and it’s a living thing that’s been growing there for over 3,000 years, by our best estimate. It puts human history in a whole different perspective. Each season has its unique character and the sequoia are so happy here because they really depend on that sequoia snow. They tap their roots into the aquifer and make it through the long hot summer. This place could be a development very easily. I mean you could easily sell this property and the trees will be lost for protection and who knows what would happen then. Four hundred and eighty something trees that are over six feet diameter. And so that’s just a huge number. It just has to be protected. Well, here’s a nice example of a younger giant sequoia. I would say this tree is a decade old, maybe as much as 20 years old. Not only do you have these giant monarch trees, you also have these younger trees. Here we go. Here’s a seedling. It’s really unique here. They’re just several age classes of giant sequoia. So the site is very valuable in that way. We’ve been working with Save the Redwoods League. We’ve had a very good relationship working to try and acquire a couple pieces of private property to eventually transfer into the National Forest system. And it will become part of the Giant Sequoia National Monument It belongs in the National Monument. It’s surrounded by National Monument land and people really should see this place. The demographics of California and the nation at large will continue to change so when we talk about diversity, for example, and much more representative communities while we are going to be quote-unquote engaging new audiences what I’m also excited about is acknowledging how different audiences already care about these places. And, we’re better paying attention about what that means and how we can support that. Well, then that’s one of the things that’s central to the League’s larger connect strategy. It is about helping to ensure that everyone can have a redwoods experience. People love forests all around the world and the giant sequoia forest is the most superlative and spectacular. So to have the opportunity to protect not just a straggler, but an iconic landscape is a gift.

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  1. The redwoods are my cathedral and nature is my church science and physics is my religion nature is what gives me reason. Not only to stay sane but keep me alive nature is my medicine the best medicine and spiritual therapy I have ever been through

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