Protect a Planter Box from Hungry Birds

Protect a Planter Box from Hungry Birds

Well, Spring has come and nothing better than an outdoor project to enjoy this beautiful sun. Hmm, I love outdoor projects… I’m in the heart of Porto city and there’s always a lot of hungry seagulls around, so today I’m making a protection for a planter box. Let’s kick those birds’ asses! I made this planter box 1 year ago and when I noticed that my herbs mysteriously disappearing I covered it with some wire mesh that I had laying around. Now I decided I wanted to make something more solid and better looking, reusing the wire mesh and some wood. It will consist in two frames for the sides, two horizontal connectors and one front frame that can be open. I started by taking measurements and marking the lumber to cut. The box is 130 by 39 cm and I thought that 50 cenimeters would be a good height. All cuts were made at the table saw and since it is pretty new to me, I don’t have a crosscut sled yet so stick to this channel if you want to see how to make one in a future video. I used a clamp as a stop for repeatable sized cuts. I chose half-lap joints to make the frames so I’ll be removing that volume that is marked with X’s. Back to the table saw, we need to adjust the blade height so it’s just kissing the line. i cant stop likes it pants and made some
adjustments I clamped a stop block to the fence and made some adjustments. Then, clamped the fence in place and set the stop block back so it’s not in alightment with the blade. This is my first time cutting half lap joints but anyway it’s always good to make a test with two crap pieces first. It turned out pretty good, so let’s make all the cuts! Don’t forget your safety gear and always keep your fingers away from the running blade. I cleaned up the cuts with a chiesel and made a dry assembly just to check. I decided to go with water resistent PVA glue, since this is an outdoor project. The glue was applied to both faces and clamps hold the pieces in place. I just have two big and one medium clamp so I had to attach some small screws to be able to remove the clamps and keep working on the other joints. With this type of joint, if everything is layed out and cut properly, you should end up with self squaring frames. I usually let the glue set until it has this kind of rubbery/elastic consistency because it scrapes off really easily and you don’t get glue stains. All the process is repeated for the bigger frame. At this point I realized I forgot one of the horizontal connectors and had to create a strait half-lap joint because I ran out of long boards. To reenforce the joints, let’s unscrew everything and increase the holes to insert dowels. I’m not drilling all the way through so I prepared the depth stop to be about 2 millimeters over the table. Let’s drill all the holes! I had to poke the glue into the holes with a tooth pick, hammered the dowels and cut them with a flush trim saw. I brought everything out and gave it a good sanding with 80 grit sandpaper. The block plane was used to break the edges of one forgotten piece and I enjoyed so much making those cute shaving that I ended up chamfering all the frames. The finish is just linseed oil. I didn’t want to build up a thick protective finish because I really like the dirty look of the wood on the planter box and I want these frames to look the same pretty soon. I left it to dry over night. On the next day, I brought everything out and marked the places for the screws that will connect the two side frames and attach the structure to the box. I’m terrible at drilling strait holes by hand so I went to the drill press. I couldn’t fit the frames under to drill the side holes, so ended up making them by hand.. and they worked well this time. The frames were screwed to the box. The left frame was sitting at an angle so I adjusted the box border with a block plane. Traced the right size for the two upper pieces and cut them quickly with a hand saw. The whole structure is connected and the front frame is positioned with clamps so it’s much easier to lay out the place for the hinges. Now its time to staple the wire mesh to the wood. I cut it to match the size of the frames and attached everything with a stapler gun. To complete the project, I planted one my favorite herbs, basil. If you got any questions please leave them on the comments below and thanks for watching.

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  1. Wait, so… a pretty girl who drinks beer, swears, and does woodworking? Marry me! (Or at least give me your knowledge.) 😛

  2. Great Idea and Project— Couple of "ideas" if anyone is going to update the design?

    1. Fluted dowels have longitudinal ridges that allow more glue in the joint hole.
    See below for a USA – Orange box store product…

    2. What about installing two sets of hinges- first where you have at front top, and a second set along the top of the back panel. With double hinge set up, someone could lift up the front and the top panels in one motion, and have better access to their pot plants without having to crawl into the front? — Harder for older folks to stoop down and crawl into the cage…

    Only suggestions to consider- great video…

    General Tools 1.13 in. x 1/4 in. Fluted Dowel Pins
    1.13 in. x 1/4 in. Fluted Dowel Pins Model # 840014 $2.89 / each

  3. Most enjoyable video!  Use "sighting" guides to develop your eye for drilling straight. They can be  marking squares as pictured in the link , they can be made from scrap. The key to their use is to put them into a 90 degree relationship with each other near where you need to drill. They can be set up as inside or outside corners. Either way will help you see and drill straight and true. and after using them for a while your eye is trained and you can do without them.   You can flute glue lines in your own dowels by squeezing them with slip joint pliers. : – )                                                                                                                                  652c1b0114e053524b7dd9e537cef101

  4. One q, the wood not that you are using, but that wood witch is box made off, is it treated? You don't worry about wood getting rot in contact with earth? Tell me your secret. 🙂

  5. You could have made the box that contains the soil out of Valchromat (with drain holes) in that way it wouldn't rot. Attaching wood to the top edges would give a screw mounting surface for the cage. Just a thought.

  6. Me sinto tão em casa, vendo palavras em português. Hehehe

    Im loving this channel!
    Thanx for the great work!

  7. What a plot twist at the end of the video. Hahahaaa….You got chosen by the birds. Btw, I like your channel. Very interesting woodcraftmanships.

  8. i am watching your videos from a week, what a fucking beautiful work, perfect video shots, i want see more projects, keep up good work.

  9. Malesef dilinizi bilmediğimden sizi anlamıyorum. Neredeyse bütün videolarını izledin hayran kaldım. Bravo gerçekten harikasın…
    From Turkey 🖒

  10. Conheço o Porto, Já visitei amigas ai, no verão. – Parabéns pelos teus trabalhos tenho visto alguns dos teus videos, – muito bem feitos… – continue firme e forte…

  11. Great project! This video is almost 2 years old now. How did this cage hold up over time? Did it keep the birds and other woodland creatures out?

  12. Сразу видно, Женщина. Помнит о технике безопасности. Уважаю.

  13. Not sure if you still check comments for this video, but is that mint in your garden? If so be careful since they grow out and destroy other plants pretty quickly!

  14. You are so good with saw ,I don't even how to use it ,you did a great job with your project ,so awesome

  15. Great video! When you plant make sure to cut the roots away if they are circling the plant. Pot bound plants won't grow nearly as well.
    Gardening tip from the US!!

  16. Olá! Adorei seu canal, a maneira como mistura a marcenaria com as artes visuais está incrível, parabéns e obrigada por compartilhar o seu conhecimento.

  17. your project is great do you also have a winter in your region and if so will you enclose with plastic to create a terrarium. did you later loosen the roots on your basil

  18. Very pleased! Particularly amused by the end of the video. :-)))) From the birds can not hide anywhere … :-))) Very creative!

  19. I know this was filmed 4 years ago but has the mint taken over the box? It can do this if the conditions are correct. Very cool video, I do like how you present them.

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