Project Seahorse is Protecting Critical Habitats

Project Seahorse is Protecting Critical Habitats

The Ria Formosa lagoon is located
in the south coast of Portugal. It’s a great ecosystem
and very biodiverse. The Ria Formosa lagoon had a really dense
population of seahorses back in 2001. In the recent years,
we have found a dramatic decline, so now we are going to
try to find out why. We monitor seahorse population
on a regular basis, try to assess what is the status of the population,
and try to identify the critical areas for their habitat. The biggest plight of seahorses are
overfishing and also the destruction of habitat. The Ria Formosa lagoon
is a very touristic area, and so many people come here for the
natural beauty of the location. So like any coastal area,
we find a high impact of human activity here. We found a mesh bag, a yogurt container.
We found a plastic bag, a Ziploc. It’s a very beautiful place.
It’s a nursery ground for many species, so we have to keep it clean as possible. The habitat for seahorses are very important.
Not only for seahorses, but other creatures. So by protecting that specific habitat,
we are also protecting the habitat for many other species.

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  1. Sea Horses awesome! 😊👍🏼 everything you do is amazing 4Ocean and I love the choices y’all have for each month! 👏🏼

  2. What they do is amazing I wish we could all do the same. And realize what actions we take could save places like this.

  3. Thanks 4Ocean,..👍
    There are some negative post on line. I hope 4Oceans won't let down your team's. ☮. 🌴👣

  4. This is something that hurts my heart. They are my favorite. Theyre so delicate. And when i see Asian markets with LITERALLY garbage bags full of them it just breaks my heart. I dont understand,(and this doesn't just apply to seahorses) how any fish is able to be overfished. I lnow there is always going to be some eho break the laws. But even people who are fishing different species legally. Why is there not a plan in place where they (ALL) are required to give back to the thing that provides a living for them? Like just for example, if your catching tuna for a PROFIT and doing it legally. Then why isnt there a stipulation to that law that says you must raise a certain amount of Tuna Fry for release? And that should be for ANY species. If it provides you with a living, you as a fisherman should be willing to help support your industry. Not to mention it puts a plan in place for you and your future generations…. How is this not Mandatory? Especially with the way things are? Is there any plans for this? Does anyone know? I mean even if we Stop pollution and clean up… If animals are being overfished its still not going to help.

  5. Sorry such a lengthy post. Ive just wondered it for a long time. I want to say as always i LOVE you guys and everytbing you do. You are all AMAZING!


  7. 4ocean, as I said in one of your previous videos, I was gonna go with my dad to pick up trash for his work. I'm sorry but I have an orthodontist appointment. I was very disappointed BUT, since I'm in middle school I can create clubs. My club is about saving the world and I'm hoping that we can go around campus picking up trash or go to parks and pick up trash and plant trees. My first club meeting is on Friday during lunch! I'm so excited! Thank you for all you're doing!

  8. Me and my friends were at the caravan and we where at the beach so my other friend when and got a bin bag and we all started to clean the beach

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