Princess Jeep Custom Exhaust and Chain Guards!

Princess Jeep Custom Exhaust and Chain Guards!

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  1. ive watched alot of people do builds on youtube and i can honestly say you guys do the best fab work welding and all around custom creations 2 thumbs up guys

  2. The old exhaust was hardened steel, it is hard to weld and will not stick and the sparks will be different than regular steel

  3. Ok! you guys almost seems too nice to be true! Well a real "bromance" is the coolest thing. Would love to have a best friend to do all the crazy stuff you guys do, keep up the good work! Best channel on the tube, easy..

  4. It's so legit I hate it. I wish i had the time and know how to build something like this for my boy. Keep this up man it's great. I really don't hate it obviously. Just makes the one I got for him a piece of shit and I'm jealous lol

  5. always comes home from my girl at sundays, cooks some food, goes upstairs to my room, puts my headphones on and watches your amazing videos while i eat to get some insperation for projects on the weeks! 😉 Keep it up!

  6. White sparks mean nickel, nickel is what makes stainless steel it's a high dollar scrap metal have it shot at a scrap yard, they have a gun to tell what elements are in the metal and what percentage also last I sold was nearly 3 dollars a pound

  7. Question for you. Wont the hood melt from the heat of the exhaust? Stating the hood and body is plastic after all.

  8. What if you put a electronic starter on it (like in a real car 😁)
    It would be not so Painfull

    And some Lightbars would fit her good 🙂

  9. What about taking a belt tensioner off a regular car motor like a Chevy LS and swap out the plastic pulley with a small sprocket for a chain tensioner

  10. Look up “spark testing”. It helps you determine the metal by the type and color of sparks that come off the grinder.
    Is the motor a 2 stroke or four stroke? A two stroke requires an expansion chamber in the exhaust or it won’t run properly.

  11. Some heat shields on that exhaust so it doesn't melt plastic and maybe does eat your leg in case you leave from the "wrong side" of the car, lights, like some people, already said here and this is probably the coolest JEEP around! #ItsAJeepThing hahaha

  12. one thing i heared about : when welding stainless pipe , backpurge the pipe or the inside gets oxidized and creates a white cristaline oxidation that will cause the weldpuddle to turn brittle
    think the piece of exhaust over the hood will deform it once it gets hot , maibe put a small heat deflector under it

  13. The hood and fenders will definitely melt without some sort of heat shielding, looks awesome and I wouldn't want any of your hard work to melt away

  14. You dont have to guess where you are in the dark if you replace your mask screen with a cheeep mobile…..Im sure there are some other advantages of having live cam welding…I dont often see skilz which surpass mine….big up keep it up im entertained….

  15. I definitely think all the labour that’s gone into it it’d be worth buying a second barbie jee cutting it n making it a 4 door or filling in the gap between the body with something pink.(just my opinion) Would add to the aesthetics I think.. completely sick though love this channel. Keep it up. 👌

  16. I've been watching your videos for a while now and just wanted to say thanks. I love everything about the videos and how humble you guys seem. The music you add in is always fantastic too. Great work guys!

  17. hey guys could uses try see if uses can do 2 videos a week in stead of one ??
    an when do u guys think we are guna see some of barbie kart ? 🙂

  18. I've been following you guys throughout this last year and its awesome how much your channel has substantially grown throughout the year. Keep up the great vids guys.

  19. My family bought simply safe and it is amazing. Some one tried to break into the garage last year and the police were here before they even got in because the sensor picked them up and we could call 9/11 easily

  20. It’s one thing to push products you’re using on your builds but this is ridiculous. Do you know how many calls I get a day from some alarm company and now I come here to watch a cool build and smoke some good smoke and chill. If I wanted to watch infomercials I would watch hsn. Unsubscribed

  21. One really appreciates the talent you have, when one attempts to make something like this. The two of you are gifted artist . Fabrication, videography, even the music is perfect combination. Thank you.

  22. Coming from a welder, I'd highly recommend getting TIG gloves. They're similar to MIG gloves but they fit tighter to the fingers for better accuracy and have better grip on the rod.
    But besides that, your guy's channel is absolutely amazing 🙂
    Greetings from Oregon

  23. Sorry to nerf a old video, But I have to say…Wow, you need to rename this to (Lap Dance) Building in your lap is something I thought only I did. Well done. How about…(Lap tig Dance) So I spent all evening catching up on the Barbie jeep build. Took all night to go through all the episodes. Well worth the watch. Not done yet just had to say. Great job.

  24. If your tensioner wears out too quick, then you could get a spring loaded one for an atv. I have one on my Polaris Scrambler from Works amazingly well.

  25. Que les parece un tensor redondo de cadena con un rodamiento para darle más durabilidad. El tensor en la parte superior en forma de "U" para quitarle un poco de movimiento axial a la cadena. Saludos desde Venezuela

  26. Is there a point where you can mount your intermediate shaft to minimize variations in chain length throughout the rear suspension's travel? What's the theoretical best spot ? Does it jeopardize the family jewels? Freaking awesome project.

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