18 Replies to “Police Says Security Camera Caught Road Rage Incident That Precipitated Deadly Shooting At Compton C”

  1. Just let (certain) shit go!!…once dude jumped the fence…he put irreversible actions in place that ultimately (unfortunately) sealed his fate….

  2. Illegal immigrant, Illegal immigrant driving a van, vehicular assault, leaving a scene of an accident, loaded handgun in a car, gun at a school, murder, Just a few crimes in Compton today —

  3. Jesus Christ is the biggest piece of shit on 2 feet. Please do not worship this piece of crap. With all the violence and terrorism going on in today's world you must come to realize religion is a waste of time. Christ cannot do a thing for you he could not even save himself from the cross. He was nothing but an overrated piece of shit magician. All religion is designed to keep the week in control. Stay away from the piece of shit name Jesus Christ.Thank you.

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