PETER WECKAUF | SAMI-X-CORE Simple pad work drill for close combat | SAMICS

PETER WECKAUF | SAMI-X-CORE Simple pad work drill for close combat | SAMICS

Hello and welcome to our YouTube channel My name is Peter Weckauf and in this clip I want to show you our SAMI-X-CORE pad work This is a basic drill, which is really simple but really nice and I think it is a good inspiration for you I hope you will enjoy this clip Thanks for watching and have fun! Okay the first thing we do is to use our cover, which we call the universal cover you can use that in all situations and it looks like that we use that when he attacks us with his left arm and we can use it when he attacks with his right arm really simple So why do I just use it like that and don’t mix it up? I teach it like that, because in my experience, most students have problems with coordination so we start with something simple, which works in most situations that is why we just teach one option So next, when he attacks me with a round attack you have to use the arm you can use the jacket as well, if you remember we showed it to you in another clip, but you can also his arm So what I do is I pull his arm and give him a head-butt change here into my cover, use my right elbow change again and use my left elbow then he attacks me from the other side, I use my cover and do the whole thing on the other side head-butt elbow and elbow and start over head-butt, here it is important, when I am using my elbow that I am also putting up my cover then he comes from the other side and I change my cover He attacks, I grab his arm and I use my head-butt elbow and elbow From the other side Once again he starts with his right arm I use my universal cover and grab his arm here I go to the face – boom – use my elbow once and then I give him another one head-butt, elbow, elbow universal cover – head-butt – elbow – elbow – cover – head-butt – elbow – elbow It’s very simple, you can train this without a partner and from the other side – grab the arm, head-but, elbow, elbow and switch the side so it’s a good thing you can always improve your skills I know it is not as easy to concentrate on the coordination But it is a simple technique for the in-fight so I hope you enjoyed this one and it is a good inspiration for your training and if you liked it you can leave us a thumbs up subscribe to our channel and if you have any ideas you can leave us a comment below thanks for watching and see you soon! bye-bye

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  1. Very nice pad work. I love head butts. They are very effective and devastating when done the right way at the right time.

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