94 Replies to “Pet sitter caught on doggie cam naked inside client’s home”

  1. LMAO. Let's hire a stranger of a stranger to take care of our most important possessions for pennies and trust we get first class service. Duh.

  2. That’s disgusting. She owes her a new couch. Come on. Who puts their butt crack on a couch that doesn’t belong to herself.

  3. Jon Snow kills The Dragon Queen and gets banished to the Wall again. Bran takes the Iron Throne!!!!!

  4. The BBB is crooked, so I wouldn't trust their ratings too much. Either way, that girl is nasty. Knows she's on camera, still gets naked, lays naked on a couch, and fucks in both bedrooms. Wags needs to offer some guarantees with their service, rather than just cleaning soiled products. That girl needs to be held civilly liable for that.

  5. u feel bad no you just feel bad because u got cought and the sad part is that what makes u think that shes ever gonna get hire again since this happen

  6. This is a so beyond filthy behavior for being at work in someone else’s HOME. No respect for anything. A spoiled brat downplaying it and stuff… she’d be buying me a new couch if that sleeze happened on my HARD working earned stuff. “ I was not having sex, she can believe what she wants” ( said with attitude) . Tell them what else was being done in the bedroom? Please…I’d have a lawyer all over that.

  7. Wow, confronted with evidence and still denies everything. All she did was bone with her boyfriend on the couch.
    At least he did it doggy style.

  8. Lmao now you can have fun rubbing your asshole on your own couch. I felt more sorry for the dogs that she called a bitch

  9. Wow what a dirty slag. Tell that heffer to buy you a new couch!! sue the s*** out of that company!!!

  10. 1) did she investigate this company & how they do business?! obviously not. i would NEVER let a stranger in my home with my animals while i was away. thats just plain common sense. unfortunately a trait that is being left out of the brains of most millennials, forget post millennials, you could sell them the brooklyn bridge. btw, that sitter is a pig & a liar. i would have to throw out all the furniture she contaminated with her naked body. bleech! not a sight you want to see again. so 2 idiots meet & this is what happens. grow a brain.

  11. She was walking around naked trying to turn the dogs on. Sounds like doggie molesting. Sick people.


  13. Wow what a pig im sure she's a liberal snowflake who blames everyone else for her actions 1:42 who the hell would think that some grown woman walking around naked in a strangers home is not having sex

  14. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh the is a California story…sucks to be her and there At least they meantion Louisisana…Wha…….and now back to NEW YORK…See!?!?!?!?! another menstion of a southern state it back to NORTHERN ADs and Billing…..

  15. BUSTED !!! TRY TO GET A NEW JOB in PORN INDUSTRY ! ( they might hook you up – you never know ) lol 😂

  16. If you use a dog walking app company for your dog, DEMAND the walker/sitter send you lots of pictures and videos of them with the dog(s) and secondly, DEMAND to meet the walker/sitter before you hire them for regular walks/sitting. This stupid bitch just made the other good dog walkers/sitters look really bad.

  17. Dear cunt ass cunty fuck faced Americans. Please I'd like to know how this is news that should be made public to the whole fucking world. Why expose her when this can be solved in literally 5 minutes?? Poor people seriously, I feel so bad for these cunts it ain't even funny how bad i feel for them

  18. When she was kissing and making out with her boyfriend she said down boy but she wasn't talking to the dogs

  19. Who in the fuck will order food or get a baby sitter 👶🏻 or pet sitter in those apps haha 🤣 stupid people

  20. I bet she got the dog style going on cause there's no other explanation expression is both tongues hanging out

  21. Wow, this is absolutely terrible. It's so sad that Wag and Rover get bad reviews from these unprofessional pet care providers.

    I do think these platforms could do more to show the pet care professionals experience. If you're looking for a pet sitter or dog walker, always do a meet n greet. Ask them about their experience. Ask them what they would do in certain situations with your dog and see how they respond. Don't simply rely on their profile. I have a Rover profile, but it doesn't allow a space to put my private pet care insurance and that I'm pet CPR certified or that I have my own private practice, so the typical customer won't know that until I state it. There are certainly pet care professionals that exist on these platforms that are legitimate and take walking and caring for your dog seriously. I'm so sorry if you're someone has had a bad experience. I might do a video about this on my channel. I feel like there is more to say 🤔

  22. And that's why people should hire a professional & reputable dog walking company and not someone from an app.

  23. As a pet and home sitter I find this very disturbing. You have to love pets and care for their needs first and foremost. Respect the client and their home! No visitors, per contract and other considerations that are just common sense. Give FULL play and outdoor time to pets. Be polite and professional to neighbors . How embarrassing for this young lady, I hope she doesn’t pet sit anymore. For the owner, I suggest steam clean your couch or sue her and buy another one 👍

  24. How shock could this be! 4 days hell I'd expect anyone to have some type of company? 4 days with some muts

  25. nothing to do with the video, a mean observation — the dog sitter just another overweight girl that pursues guys that are in shape and wonders why she cant keep a relationship..he will dump her in a few months for a girl that can wear a two piece at the beach as soon as he gets a better paying job…..to all girls who are slightly overweight — just because you have a vagina and youre willing to "please your man" doesnt mean you can get guys out of your league…if youre chubby….get a chubby guy…

  26. This sitter should be ASHAMED of herself for bringing off the contract 3rd parties to her place of work and using it for her personal and lust activities! And don't blame it on the dog, horny bitch! There is no excuse whatsoever for what you did, you shitty whore! You are worthless, unprofessional, irresponsible and disrespectful! You were not at that house to be screwed but to take care of the dogs! That's what you were paid for, trashy bitch! You are nothing but GARBAGE!!!

  27. This is fricking disgusting!! All her lame excuses for everything……..this bitch has NO respect for others at all!! People need to ALWAYS have cameras hidden in the homes! Don't trust anyone.. ……just cuz people smile & act nice? That really means nothing.

  28. Have we forgotten about boundaries in our society? She basically payed someone to take advantage- using her apartment as their own, not doing her job duties properly and even having sex in her bed and putting her naked butt on the pet parents couch. I would have asked for my money back and sued the company.

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