PC1555RKZ Alarm System – Diagnose Beeping System Light – Battery Replacement

PC1555RKZ Alarm System – Diagnose Beeping System Light – Battery Replacement

Today, I want to show you how to diagnose
a beeping system light and replace the backup battery in a security system with model number
PC1555RKZ. Note, that in my scenario I needed the Master Code at the end to set the system
date and time to make the System light go away. If you don’t have the master code
you may want to contact your alarm system service provider. Here you can see the system light is blinking
yellow. To diagnose the issue press *2 and then certain zone lights will light up red.
Here the first light (Zone 1) and the eighth light are red. Looking at the user manual,
zone 1 light is for Service required. This could mean the backup battery is bad. Also,
note light 8, this is for loss of time on the system clock. Alright, here’s the control box. In my case
there is a screw on the top and a screw on the bottom. You might have screws on the side.
So, first step is to take these screws out. Then we need to disconnect
the positive and negative terminals on the backup battery. I’ve got the battery here to test with my
multimeter. I’ve got it set on Battery Load Test and 12 Volts. This is a UB1250 battery.
Its rated 12 volts and 5 amp hours. We should be getting 12 volts if the battery is good.
So connect the red probe to the positive terminal and the black to the negative terminal. And
we are only getting about 9.45, 9.46 volts, so this battery is not good. Here we have the replacement battery. One
thing to make note of is there are two terminal sizes. One is 3/16” of an inch and is called
F1. The other is ¼” and is called F2. So measure yours and make sure you get the correct
size replacement. Mine here is 3/16”. So we should be getting around 12.5 volts
on this new battery. And…yep, looks good. To install the new battery just connect the
battery terminals and close up the panel. Finally, after I replaced the battery my system
light was still blinking. I believe this was because I unplugged the power when removing
the old battery. If you leave the power plugged in you may not have this problem. In order
to get the system light to stop blinking I discovered I needed to set the date and time.
To do this you need to enter STAR 6 following by your master code. Then hit 1. Now you can
enter the date and time. Enter the time in 24 hour format, 2 digits for hours, 2 for
minutes. Then enter the month, 2 digits, the date, 2 digits, and the year, 2 digits. The
system light will still be blinking so hit the number sign to confirm. Alright, I hope that helps anyone out who
has this alarm system or a similar model.

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  1. These alarms were always hell to work with. Great breakdown of a complex thing man! How would anyone know how to need to update the date/time, much less how to do it, without this video?

  2. Mine is NX-148E…I plugged in the new battery and the power indicator is still blinking. Do I have to reset the time or it's battery problem

  3. I have this system and I have a question. The panel said all zone ok with no LED on; but the window of my bedroom was opened. The panel should indicate red LED on zone 4; but the panel did not do that. I also tested other windows by opening them and the panel did turn LED red on zone 4. I did check the sensor on the malfunction window and it seemed ok. Do you know what is wrong? It must be a bad sensor right.

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