100 Replies to “Password Protection Problems”

  1. I guess I'll have too share it with myself, I am the forget full one, wait, what was I gonna say? 😂

  2. I always make my password 'incorrect'. That way if I ever try to put it in but forget it, my computer will remind me by saying 'the password is incorrect'

  3. I am the forgetful friend. I have a laptop (that's how I am watching this video ^3^) and I forgot the password for it because i changed the password non-stop. And so me and my dad had to go to Microsoft and have it reboot or something… IDK!!

  4. There were raccoons on our porch last night my brother heard them rattling the dog food and when my mom took the dogs outside the were sniffing every thing and she smelt them now my bunny is terrified and I’m worried to let my chicks out side

  5. Can you do a video where two people are watching a sport show and they are loosing but as soon as the person gets up they start winning and the friend has to keep them from sitting down

  6. I remember changing my password to 'incorrect' so when I forgot it, it would tell me: "the password is incorrect". Then I forgot and couldn't figure it out for like half an hour… Then the next day, I realised it was a meme… 😂

  7. I hate updates, does anyone else feel so annoyed when it is on 99 percent and take like an hour to finally load???

  8. Once i got a computer and I thought it would be smart to change the password to incorrect so that when I got it wrong it would say 'your password is incorrect '… Then I forgot the password and I also didn't realise that it kept telling me the answer… I was sat there for an hour… 😂

  9. I knew it was password XD
    Can we have a hollywood movie actually do this? Taking time during a stressful situation because the computer is a piece of rubbish? Updates, updates, restarts, restarts, loading and loading.

  10. This is easy mode. Whenever we want to get back to an online game we have to:

    1- try passwords and get locked out
    2- used hotmail so…. have to unlock email through another email;
    3- finally enter email and confirm THAT IM ME to unlock the account;
    4- ask for game account password reset email;
    5- have to log out and back in again in order to receive the email;
    6- log in and download game launcher;
    7- flash needs to update in order to use game launcher;
    8- Flash updates but asks to reboot pc;
    9- cant reboot without installing windows updates;
    10-Enter the game to find out you revovered the wrong account.
    11-repeat everything

    12- Get tired of forgetting your 8 character + symbol + uppercase + lowercase password…. give up and write everything down;
    13- Accounts get stolen anyway since writting them is the only way anyone can steal it;
    14- Security steps where useless against the thief but effective against you, the owner.
    15- Give up, buy a chess board and just play alone.

  11. I've gotten to the point where I just like the video before watching it. Also, 'Who's leg is this?' is just the best part of this sketch

  12. Lol that is like congress making a decision on where they are going to send support to our troops in the front line…

  13. They should do one on choosing a username. Must have at least 8 digits, a capital letter, lower case letters, a number, and certain extra symbols are allowed and others aren't, we don't allow spaces….. and they only tell you each rule with trial and error. Finally, you know what the requirement is, you type in your username….. "someone else already has this username", you try a different number…… "someone has already used this username", you try all your other usual names, same message, you try things you've never used before, same message appears, you invent words……..! "Someone has already used this username" HOW?!?!

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