Overfire Fire Alarm System on Hearthstove or Fireplace Insert | Flue Guru

Overfire Fire Alarm System on Hearthstove or Fireplace Insert | Flue Guru

So here’s an overfire alarm going on a, on a wood, hearthstove, You can see it alarms when it’s about 480 Fahrenheit. You can hear it on now, So what I’ve done to put the alarm off, is I’ve closed the air intake, and I’ve put on the, the front fan up to high. See, it stops at 480. It’s on the way down. It stops at 480. Yeah, the temp….
(Talking in background.) The temperature of a stove, or the chimney liners, typically can withstand a 2000 degree fahrenheit chimney fire, but 480 is about where you want to want to have your overfire alarm done, because you don’t get any more heat out of it, at 500. It’s just going to damage your equipment. That’s the overfire alarm that we have, and you can find a link to load, to buy it on our webpage, or on the youtube. So it’s for a chimney liner. You can see it’s attached inside of here, to the liner itself. That’s where the overfire is measured, right there. It’s particularly good for fireplace inserts. or hearth stoves, where you can’t use the magnetic thermometer as well. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]

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  3. Ummmm. Unfortunately, no authoritative reference describing WHY 480 degrees was selected as a maximum temperature. It's plausible, but I'm looking for real hard knowledge from manufacturers, engineers or those certifying stoves as to efficiency and safety when firing wood stoves.

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