“Our defence has to be the basis!” | Julian Brandt joins Matchday Magazine | SV Werder Bremen – BVB

“Our defence has to be the basis!” | Julian Brandt joins Matchday Magazine | SV Werder Bremen – BVB

After an exhilarating night against PSG,
BVB’s next assignment is in Bremen, where the Black & Yellows will
be looking for revenge. The Matchday Magazine has everything
you need to know ahead of the game. The games are coming thick and fast,
and next up is Werder Bremen. My guest today was born in Bremen – welcome,
Julian, it’s great to have you here. Hi! It’s great to be here. How are you? Is there a chance
you might play on Saturday? Well, apart from my foot I’m doing OK! What a great game
we saw a few days ago. My recovery is going well – I think it’s been
almost two weeks since the injury, and I’m making really good progress, I’ve recovered quickly,
and I’ve felt good during that time. We’ll have to see if I’m
ready for the weekend. That’s good to hear. Before we look ahead,
let’s take a quick look back at Tuesday. It really was a special game here in
this stadium – how was it for you? I was up in the stands with my
brother and a few friends. It was an incredible game. Obviously
I’m not exactly a neutral, but I was able to watch it as a spectator,
and it was an awesome game. Obviously it went our way in the end,
but it was wonderful to watch, and it was a fantastic performance from
the team – outstanding at times. You might find this interesting: I’ll show you
what I was doing during the game, if you haven’t already heard. These are the Netradio highlights. Gio Reyna moves forward…
he plays it to Haaland… GOAL! YES! 77th minute, 2-1! Haaland!
Haaland! Haaland! Haaland! Erling Haaland thunders the
ball in from Reyna’s pass. Now I’ll do the “Erling!”, Boris.
It had to be him! 78th minute, 2-1 to BVB. Goalscorer: number 17, Erling… HAALAND!
Erling… HAALAND! Erling… HAALAND! It’s cool when you have a choir
of 25,000 people doing that! It’s even more than that!
Yes, it’s cool. But you all love it when the name is
chanted like that, don’t you? It’s amazing to hear. I was sitting next to my brother,
and he was getting carried away like everyone else during the game. He tries to stay fairly neutral, though with me here
he always has his fingers crossed for us. He was moaning when things weren’t
working for us and so on, and when we made it 1-0 I just stood there for
about half a minute with his arms outstretched, so the people next to me
couldn’t see anything! I was so caught up in the moment,
we were so happy, and when we made it 2-1 we just
went even more mad. That was because it was such
a special atmosphere. I think in the Champions League… it was
particularly obvious in the first half that both teams were hoping for
the other to make a big mistake. PSG hardly created any chances, but suddenly Mbappé
broke through and they scored. That’s how quickly it can happen. You feel even more tense than
you do in the Bundesliga, so it’s amazing when we nearly
break the net in two like that. Our fans made sure
it was a special occasion – the choreography was
on another level, right? Yes, it was incredible. There must be so much preparation
involved for something like that. But when three of the four stands
put on a display like that… I think even the visitors were
blown away by that. We can be proud that
in such a short space of time we put on two
massive displays like that – our fans really are special. But now let’s talk about our game
against your hometown club. What will we have to do differently
from what happened in the cup game? We have to build on how we
played in the second half. Overall I don’t think we played
badly against Bremen, though obviously in the first half there were
too many elements missing from our game. We had lots of possession, but we let them hurt us
on the counter-attack, including one of their goals,
and we didn’t do enough up front. The second half was completely different,
and we played really well. But it’s always tough
when you’re 2-0 down in Bremen, and we should never have let that happen. Otherwise we just need to keep doing what
we’ve done in the last two games. We played really well here against Frankfurt,
and we did the same on Tuesday. It’s always hard after
playing in the Champions League, because it’s a completely
different situation. You’re the favourites, and you’re playing
a team whose backs are against the wall, despite their cup success. It’s important to keep showing no mercy and scoring goals,
and you have to play at 100%. Beating Bremen would be the cherry on top of
the cake after beating Frankfurt and PSG. Werder are in the thick of
a relegation dogfight, which they’re not exactly used to. They have quality in the
squad, no question, but they haven’t produced the performances
they would have wanted. How does something like that happen? Is it a kind of downward spiral
where you lose your confidence? I’ve experienced something
like that with Leverkusen. It wasn’t quite as bad as being in 17th or
18th position, but we really were worried, and it’s horrible to be
in that situation, because things that you could do without
thinking suddenly stop working. You no longer have any advantage
over any other team, even though you may have
more individual quality, and it becomes a battle
to get things working again, so it’s not easy to get out of it. I think that’s what Bremen
have to do. Obviously there have been other issues –
they’ve had so many injuries this year. I think they have a good team and a good
coach, and I’m sure they’ll be OK. Nonetheless, we want to win on Saturday,
and to do that we’ll need to score goals. And when it comes to scoring goals,
this season has gone unbelievably well. Let’s take a look. Boom, boom, Borussia. 63 goals in 22 matches: new club record Borussia turns on the heat
especially after the winter break 4.4 goals per game on average. And Dortmund have
plenty of firepower: 42 goals in the second half of games
is the best record in the league. The focus is now on Bremen
on Saturday. So Borussia’s attack is
extremely good. At the training camp I saw you were practising so many
moves, stopping them and starting them again. How many goals have come
about as a result of that? Or is it your instincts as top-class footballers to naturally
do the right thing when the ball is in open play? I think in football it has a lot to do with
individual quality when you’re attacking. The coach could say to us: “These are the moves we’ll use,
your patterns, try to score like that”, but ultimately, when you
watch the boys play… Take Jadon, for example – you don’t need
to tell him anything, he does it by instinct. Erling plays by instinct too, he does what he
was seemingly born to do and scores goals! I think in attack it’s often better to
simply let the boys get on with it. We are always extremely dangerous in front
of goal, and not just whoever’s up front – Axel has scored goals, I’ve scored goals,
Emre scored a beautiful goal on his debut. Exactly, and I loved the goal we
saw from Gio in that montage. He’s our youngest player, but his technique there made
you think “Wow, what an unbelievable talent!” Yes, and Rapha has scored three or four goals recently
even when playing on the left of defence. Achraf is another good
example of that. When you look at our defenders and see how dangerous
they are in front of goal, how they contribute with assists, you can see that we’re one of the
best attacking teams in Europe. But we should also ask how, given these
outstanding attacking displays, in the last two games in particular you’ve
managed to find the right defensive balance. Ultimately, you defend as a team. If you say “We have five defenders,
who are responsible for defending, and the other five players
do the attacking”, it’s never going to work
in modern football. Maybe it was a bit different in the past. It was a lot more technical in the
past, much more complex. Really? No. Now you have to make sure you get all ten
players behind the ball as far as possible, and do everything you possibly
can to avoid conceding a goal. And we definitely did
that against PSG. We all know about their attack,
but we did a fantastic job. We also did really well against Frankfurt, although
they didn’t really cause us many problems. But that was down to how we played as well,
because they also have good players too. An opposing team can only play
as well as you let them play. Yes, and I think that has to be
the basis for every game – if you don’t concede, you can’t lose. You won’t always manage it, but if
we stick to that principle, we know that even if we concede one goal, we have the quality to score
two or three at the other end. But obviously we’ve conceded too
many goals this season. Now you need to show your mettle, because
it’s about to get a whole lot tougher. It’s Nobby v Julian in
Goal or No Goal. Three, two, one… Put it in, Otto, please! I’m bringing him in for
training tomorrow. This is difficult! It’s hard to tell – it looks like it won’t go in,
as the goalie will gather the ball. But then they wouldn’t have
chosen this clip. That’s what I thought too. It’s tricky. Three… two… one… and… Have you already…? There we go. You were quicker. We are definitely not inviting Julian
on the show anymore. Yes, but… Don’t you remember
all these goals? No! Do you know how long
I’ve been at this club? That’s why I asked?
-How old are you? 23 23… I’ve been at this
club since 1986. I thought maybe it would be somewhere deep
in your memory. I’ve never seen that clip. No, I don’t have a photographic memory.
But ask Fritz Lünschermann, and he’ll tell you “That was in the 69th minute, but he
scored seven and a half minutes later”, or something. Here’s the third clip, which is
sent in by the fans. So, quickly: three, two, one… There you go. 2-1. I’ve made up for some of
my teammates, right? Alright, Mr Big Mouth,
you weren’t that good. I was 2-0 up. Well, if you were 2-0 up… A lightning KO Before Julian completely
loses his nerve… Look how I’m spreading
out on the couch! What did you just call it?
A lightning…? -KO A “lightning KO”?
Unbelievable. It’s 34-34. You win 2-1, congratulations.
-Thank you! Now this is our picture from
last week with Emre, and the latest picture with
Julian is great too. You can bid for these
pictures online. We have a new sponsor, as you know because
you’ve already filmed something for them. It’s 1&1 – let’s take a look at what
the boys have been up to. 1&1 1&1 1&1 Sounds good. 1&1 1&1 1&1… but wait – not
in blue, right? No way. Welcome to the team, 1&1. Welcome, 1&1. Welcome to the team, 1&1. That’s so good, isn’t it?
-It’s great! That sign is so cool. I thought the bit with Roman
was really good. Yeah, two Romans! The number 1, you know? And then another
one. Because it’s two goalkeepers. Great! We’ve all understood that. Our media team have
produced a bit of magic. They’re brilliant. So, that’s all
from the Matchday Magazine. Keep your fingers crossed for the boys
for tomorrow’s game in Bremen. All the best, Julian – thanks for coming,
and I’m glad you’ll be back fit soon. We need you on the pitch, and not on the
couch, where you keep beating me. Bye for now from Nobby and Julian.

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