Oregon Man Refuses To Leave School | Active Self Protection

Oregon Man Refuses To Leave School | Active Self Protection

Four police officers responding to domestic Incidents is often the most dangerous thing They face Today’s video is brought to you by the generosity of new bold targets new bold targets are self sealing Reactive polymer targets that act like steel targets for training and practice but are safer than steel They allow bullets to pass completely through the target without Ricochet or lead splatter check out their links in the description and thank them for bringing us today’s video Welcome to today’s active self protection lesson. I’m your host John Correa today. We have a lesson an Officer-involved incident that involves some custody issues of a child and escalates and gets out of hand in a hurry Make sure to read the news stories on this one This one starts as a custody issue that this man and his ex-wife are having problems with the kids His ex-wife is the one who gets to decide where the kids are enrolled in school He decided to enroll one of his daughters in this school without her permission And so the principal asked these officers the school resource officers to be there while they figured everything out that was going on Well, the officers finally asked him to leave and he does not want to leave we have audio in a little bit But he decides that these officers don’t have any authority over him when they actually do now He’s an anti-fog activist has really known to be incredibly anti police officers So they decided to hook him up for trespassing and disorderly conduct when a fight starts Now what you’re gonna see here is the first officers body cam We’re not really going to be able to see anything from here But on the second officers body cam we have audio and we’ll get to see what’s going on So we’re gonna listen in this second time hear what goes on from the second perspective Then we’ll come back and think about some significant lessons out of this one I Think this lesson is a sad one, but I’m awful glad that the officers came out on top out of today’s video I do want to think about some significant lessons including entangled gun fighting skills Working together as partners and about working from an initiative deficit to protect your life So from officer John’s body Camera here what we want to see first of all is the fact that these guys do have to work together as partners and one of the things you got to be Aware of is you’ve got to be aware that the eyes are the windows to the soul But the hands are the windows to the intent and notice that around police officers This guy’s got his hand in his right pocket now we know later that this guy has a gun on his right hip and my guess is he’s using this handed pocket to just Kind of check that that gun is in its right spots and a holster on his hip not in the pocket But he’s using that to keep checking that in to protect the gun when you got a hand, that’s not Visible to you in any kind of verbal Confrontation, you have to pay attention to the hands and recognize that when they are checking like this This can be a sign that something is definitely amiss now again notice the fact that these officers are being very professional They’re trying very kindly to interact with this guy and go look man. The paperwork says what it says But this guy is virulent Lee anti-cop. If you read his shirt his shirt says smash the patriarchy and chill So obviously he is Signaling his intent with that kind of shirt before these officers and they’re still trying to be intent and and to use verbal de-escalation and verbal judo and they’re working pretty well as partners notice that they have him in an L here once facing him head-on once to his side So they’re trying to stay away from him keep them in a tactically advantageous position but you would rather have an advantage from the perspective of Attitude first rather than tactics now when they go here, we’re gonna go to the other, you know It’s officer Tim’s body camera here want to pay attention to them working as a team because that’s an incredibly important part of this video Is if you have a partner whether that’s a law enforcement partner Whether that’s your your significant other whether that’s your best bud who you always hang out Knowing how to work together as a team If you were to have a problem Incredibly important here and they are keeping him one’s got his attention while the other ones paying its Mention to what he’s doing and then they’re able to act somewhat in concert here. You notice officers gonna put this the paperwork away So they can get after him now There’s going to be a question here about whether they had justification clearly at this point They have justification to arrest this guy for disorderly conduct and trespassing they told him several times to leave He’d been asked to leave several times that was entirely right to do he refused to do so That’s trespassing and then he started cursing in those things. So now he’s acting in a disorderly way So clearly the officers had justification to arrest him for disorderly conduct and trespassing now, of course He doesn’t like that because you know for a number of reasons But it was eminently reasonable what they did Now what’s gonna happen here is he’s got has a firearm on school campus Which is legal in Oregon for CCW holders now notice here. He’s going for the gun You can see that with his right hand which is why we always say in the 5d s plus-1 you have to deflect and dominate Man, you got to watch the hands and you’ve got to work together as partners to get that hand Especially the dominant hand if you leave an arm out there in space in a weaponized environment, which this is, you know It’s a it’s a public environment. Now, you got to recognize that can be dangerous now If you go read the news stories that I’ve linked in the description this guy is a firearms instructor and as Particularly, his focus is on firearms instruction among people of color and LGBTQ community But you recognize that that you leave that arm open to somebody who knows what they’re doing They can use it to do you harm in this case? Unfortunately that person is you know, not meaning well and notice that the officer has a hold of neck and one arm But when you leave that second arm out and he’s digging that gun out He finally is going to get it out But also notice that as he’s pulling that gun out that the officer is trying to get a hold of that arm What he’s got here is a Taurus nine-millimeter It’s obviously a you know A clone of a Beretta 92 and he has an extended magazine on that 20 plus one in the gun I don’t care if he only has three in the gun This is a deadly threat the guy has pulled a gun on them in the lawful performance of their duties And this is clearly a deadly threat to both Officers and what we’re gonna see is how fast they have to respond when they do get to see the gun notice right here He has this gun pointed at officer Tim. So this guy’s not just brandishing a firearm He is using it to attempt to murder a police officer and notice that it’s gonna come back on him here And this is the place where we see the shots fired that you see Shots fired from this guy’s gun and thankfully both of them miss to the officer but think about how close proximity they are here that Those bullets passed right by the officers body Now the officer didn’t have to wait for the guy to fire Upon seeing that gun that guy drawn a gun trying to resist arrest. That’s a deadly threat however in this instance Even easier justifiable and you got to recognize you only have split seconds here in order to get to an advantageous position Officer Tim did that got around to the backside here drew his firearm something interesting that I want to see on the right hand side You can see the officer there is gun in the lower right hand quadrant And notice that he is falling down which makes sense in the tangle but notice that he has good trigger finger discipline here, very important because when we talk about drilling that trigger finger discipline That will keep you from having a negligent discharge or an accidental discharge when you fall down have a sympathetic, you know Neuromuscular reflex there. He didn’t good discipline and instead gets back in the fight takes a first shot and misses But look at how close the officer is to our perp here is he’s very close You gotta have marksmanship skills here and get that shot on target now These officers were working from an initiative deficit from the giddyup but they got back ahead of the game and Thankfully officer Tim put the second shot that he fired on target and ended the threat all things considered an incredibly difficult situation To be in never want to see custody disputes like this escalate. Thankfully the officers were ready though. They covered their ass

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  1. Surprised he's not a SovCit. They're not the sharpest tools in the shed. Pity he got himself killed in front of his young child.

  2. What’s sad is he brought a fckn gun to his child’s school so a children’s school this guy brought a piece to a fucking school come the fuck on

  3. Sorry John, no sympathy for Antifa.Hope he took the room temperature challenge.Just glad no children or LEOs were injured

  4. Its so sad to see someone you grew up with Nd went to school with turn out to be this kind of person. He was nothing like this back in the day its so sad

  5. Sad, but probably another situation instigated by an angry, selfish female and an overly accommodating system to one and not the other. Now the child has no father and a twisted mother. Cycle:continued.

  6. Why do women fuck dudes like this. Literally this entire situation coulda been avoided if his ex-wife hadn't let this cunt put his dick where it didn't belong. It baffles me that someone would think it's a good idea to have any form of relationship with this fucker.

  7. LOL at smash the patriarchy and chill. You are a MALE. Why do you want women in power. What a dumbass.

    Fucking liberal pussies. LOL @ owning a POS Taurus.

  8. Why the fuck is it censored? You say we're gonna listen to what happens but then the whole thing is bleeped out…..

  9. As a member of the LGBT community, I think this guy deserved everything he got. No sympathy for him and nothing about antifa aligns with LGBT

  10. Pretty tragic all around. But the larger tragedy is reflected by the Civil Liberties Defense Center attempting to paint this as a "Police murder person of color" narrative.

  11. As much as I wish all the antifa members would disappear from the planet, id say the cops were out of line here. Coulda just let him go. Just about every other video on this channel ive watched has been justified but idk about this one. Hes antifa thouh so F him

  12. Typical weirdo, wearing a down with patriarchy shirt in a school with a guns and ammo…….
    Glad the officers are ok dealing with scumbags like this.

  13. I’m not usually like this but I’ll be fucked if I feel bad about a radical antifa Brownshirt being killed justifiably. It’s unattractive socially awkward losers like this that keep getting attracted to this terrorist organization since for the first time in their lives they are praised and accepted as long as the prerequisite beliefs are held no matter how shitty the person might be. I saw a few weeks ago that antifa made a call for its members to “arm” up so law enforcement and ordinary citizens who don’t partake in the oppression olympics need to be careful out there

  14. Why don’t they just fit big bulletproof doors to classrooms? If somebody hits the alarm, they all lock.

  15. I wonder what your takes is on having to defend yourself and your life against a police officer that is being out of line and a danger to your life unjustly?

  16. Is this guy a Trump fan? If so, he is an ugly American and all that Christianity endorsing language is just flimflam.

  17. The only sad thing about this is the guys poor daughter was there. He WAS a known domestic terrorist around her, AKA Antifa. Good riddance.

  18. A good time to point out that all firearms instructors are NOT the same, do your research and find a good one!

  19. Antifa members think they're above the law, they are only a terrorist group that goes around trying to blow up government buildings with propane tanks.

  20. How does his shirt have anything to do with it… This guy is an idiot. Slick shit like that would get his ass smacked. Fat ass can't defend that.

  21. Whats wrong with the presenters of this channel?

    They always talk about having spiritual fitness but also often say(often times in the same video)that "that guy took the room temperature challenge" The room temperature CHALLENGE?" How horrible and two faced is that? I know I know,..its real horrible and very two faced. Excellent grades mister but I digress, it seems(well actually is)the case that a lot of USA'eins think its ok to kill someone if they come onto your property and break in etc etc and toddle off to church the next day. Not to mention capital punishment.

    You know pretty much the whole world looks up to the states and pretty much anything American will sell well in other countries(especially food for some reason)but certain things sure ain't right over there,on a mass level …capital punishment,long prison terms for kids let alone adults,but where it really matters is with the individual and what they think and how they act and as I said its just so two faced being that way.

  22. Antifa… The Democrats Last Line of Defense.
    El Paso, Texas…
    Dayton, Ohio…
    When the Narrative Needs to Change, The Democrats Strike back with Antifa.

  23. The brothers in blue stopped another mass school shooting and never even were recognized for it amen and may the lord watch over you all 🙏🏽🔵

  24. I understand about Custody, it’s a tough situation to be in Sir, there’s a time and a place to deal with this, this School that’s filled with Kids is not that place and this is not the proper time, let me help you work it out. In this instance, I want you to walk out of here as a man that has his pride intact, let’s step outside and talk about things…..Deescalate the situation, don’t let the power and ego speak down to the Frustrated Dad. Hire smarter Coos that are skilled in communication and less in bullying and intimidation. Any thug can order someone around, a real pro can talk things out to a safe solution.

  25. Yes also hands often used palms up passively before a strike. And also be aware of on hand fling something in face for distraction

  26. Lmao, I've seen this video before but never noticed his shirt 😂😂😂 I'm a democrat day in and day out, but this guy was fucking INSANE! antifa is stupid, this guy is stupid, and the fact that he would try to murder these two cops for such a small thing is also STUPID.

  27. Surprised nobody else is pointing out the irony of his shirt as his stated business at the school is to take control of his daughter away from her mother. The cops just followed his instructions.

  28. Let's just get one thing straight he wasn't just some strange man at some school with a gun he was there to pick up his kid.

  29. Thank you officer one less antifa this people should be eradicated they are part of the demonrats party this how the demonrats do their dirty work they hire tugs and gang member.

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