Open Password Protected Zip Files Without Password

Open Password Protected Zip Files Without Password

Hello guys! Welcome back!
Today I am going to show you how to open password protected zip files without password. Before
jumping onto the tutorial I would like to show you a quick demo of the complexity in
this password retrieval process. For that visit elpassword (link will be in description).
Let’s set the password length to 7 characters and let me set the numbers and upper& lower
cases option checked. You can see that there is a huge number of possible combinations
with the given inputs. SO finding the right password would be a hard process. Please note
that there is no one step solution to unlock your zip file password. This is the best chance
you have got! So lets get started. First download the software from the link given in the description.
Once it’s installed launch the application. Now open your zip file by clicking on the
browse button. Open the zip file and you can se that there are several methods for the
search. I would recommend you to run the dictionary search attack first. What this is is it tries
to open your zip files with passwords from a list. These words would usually be prounounceble
/ readable words. let me check the mixed words option.Click start. Make sure to go through
all the options and make appropriate choices. You can see that that the password has been
detected. Click on copy. Click ok and let me show it to you.You can successfully unlock
it. Let me show you the next demo where the password is a little more difficult with some
symbols, lower & upper cases together. Let me browse the next zip. Click open and let
me choose the brute force attack. If you know nothing about the password make sure to select
the brute force attack. Check the appropriate choices. Click on digits, upper cases,underscores.
Seperators are the special characters are the exclamation marks, slashes and other special
characters. Make sure to check them too.Set the password length. Let me set it to 10 characters
starting from 1. You can set the option to save the search progress and it could be a
very handy tool. Click on start. You can see the progress of the search right below the
dialog. So now we have over 2% completed. This process may take a while. Please be patient.
Now the password has been successfully detected. Let’s copy it.Click ok and paste it.Remove
the file name which is automatically being copied . Hit ok. Viola! You can see that it
has been successully unlocked the zip file. Let’s recap. If you got a password protected
zip file you should first try the dictionary attack. If it fails you can proceed with the
brute force attack. Make sure to include all information you know about password in the
software. That’s pretty much it! Hit the subscribe button if you think this video helped you,
leave a like and Thank You!

100 Replies to “Open Password Protected Zip Files Without Password”

  1. Yeah it's sad that it's always random password generator programs that are being used to crack these..
    wouldn't it be possible at all to have a way of copying the RAR where the copy wouldn't have the password..?
    that would be alot less time consuming…

  2. Is there a way you can send me the software via email. When I open the link, download the file, and open up the exe. file, my virus program keeps blocking a trojan worm. I am NOT trying to give you a bad review, I just want to be able to open the stupid files I have that have a password I don't remember from 11 years ago.

  3. Is it working for Zipped Video files? i cant see my file when i tried to open it from the software you suggested.

  4. Hey Men Mine Is Inside The Winrar And I Cant Open Get It It Requires Password Even I Extracted It
    ,it is an exe file

  5. total virus alert. files do not install and take over administrative privileges. bogus downloads. don't corrupt your system. be warned!!!!!

  6. Free trail version has 0/56 detected viruses and crack has 2/56 detected. (using One of the antiviruses marks the crack file as "Tool.PassSteel.1125" I rather did not install the crack file, however I used the trail version. I went for Password wizard (search method in the program) and used the date of the file to recover the password (2016 – because i knew the year of the file was encrypted). I really don't know how it worked. I was expecting a non working 5 hour search. This took like 10 seconds and it actually got me the password first try. I tried it on 3 other .zip files with password encrpytion and it worked on all of them. For your own safety don't download any other "password unlockers". This is probably the most legit looking one I could find. Good luck everyone! 🙂

  7. I am use this software but didn't get success !! Plz help me to extract password protected zip file , I have a zip file which is contain multiple zipped file and this file is locked by password , I don't have the password . I was use many software to solve this problem but didn't get success so plz plz plz help to sortout this problem.   if any one have a trick to extract the multiple password protected zip file so plz replay me 🙂

  8. Thanks a lot. It worked for me.

    For those having challenges here's how it works.

    Download the file, there are 3 items inside the zipped folder:
    1 = Crack folder
    2 = Instruction(txt)
    3 = RAR Password unlocker (exe)

    Run the exe file (number 3 above) to install.

    When it has finished installing go back to the file you downloaded.
    Open the Crack Folder (number 1 above)
    Inside you will find another RAR Password unlocker (exe) just like 3 above.

    Copy this and use it to replace the one you already downloaded.
    The one you already downloaded would be on your computer – Usually in the following location:
    PC > C: > Program files (x86) > RAR Password Unlocker

    When you replace the original exe with the cracked exe, you'll have the full version.

    Hope this helps.

  9. you said open password protected zip files WITHOUT PASSWORD!!! but your a cracking a password to open it nicely done.

  10. Thanks Shan, I've still haven't been able to crack the code it's been runing for a day now, but I understand it might be a complex one.
    Do you or anyone there has a decompiler to decompile ex4 to mq4 plsssssss

  11. when i click start it shows me this massage can anyone help me please…Unable to read the file. the file may be use by another application or the virtual memory size is low.

  12. hi.tanks for can broken password winrar with 14 character pass word.this software broken 1 character pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sorry I can't find me file. I could find other zip files but I can't find the specific file I wanted to unlock, maybe the file was encrypted to be hidden. Please Tell me what to do man

  14. when i click start it shows me this massage can anyone help me please…Unable to read the file. the file may be use by another application or the virtual memory size is low.

  15. This video would be more useful if the program wasn't behind a survey wall that tries to install malware or never loads…but nice effort. Is there another link to the program besides this one?

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